WIAW: Downtown Disney


I’m popping in quickly today to show you all what we did and ate yesterday! We visited Downtown Disney as our first attraction of the trip and did some shopping later in the day. The weather was typical Florida— smoking hot and sunny at one moment, pouring rain the next. It was a fun time though!


Hosted by the fabulous Jenn!

The day started with strawberry banana overnight oats:


Daliza tried overnight oats and she’s a fan! I always believed in that nasty-looking, yet delicious breakfast.


Moves: 8 minutes of abs and house cleaning. Whatever works!

After Daliza arose from her slumber at noon, we headed to Downtown Disney (the free part of Disney) for lunch at Earl of Sandwich. 

I ate some perfect strawberries before we left the house.


DSC_9416 DSC_9418 DSC_9432 DSC_9433

Mom and I shared the Asian salad and Full Montagu Sandwich (roast beef, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mustard sauce [we opted for no turkey and swiss]).

The perfectly toasted bread was fantastic.

When we finished eating, a huge bolt of lightning flashed outside and a loud boom of thunder immediately followed. Cue Daliza and I rushing outside to film it. We ♥ thunderstorms.


We waited out the rain for a little bit and did some shopping at Marshall’s, Super Target, an Asian store, and Publix again ( 😀 ). I bought more underwear during that time. I’m all set now.

By the time we finished shopping, it was 7 PM and I was hungry. Simple, quick dinner to the rescue!


Avocado toast, scrambled eggs with ketchup, carrots and hummus

Then we broke into our new Publix ice cream— “Once Upon a Cookie.” It’s quite sweet, but also quite amazing. It’s cinnamon ice cream with cinnamon cookie chunks and cinnamon caramel swirl. Mmmmmm.


One of the biggest reasons I wanted to go to Publix— the awesome ice cream flavors.

We stayed up late to pick up my cousins from California at the airport, so a midnight snack was necessary. I ate some cucumbers and hummus, followed by a classic:


Half banana with peanut butter

And now I need to shower and sleep to prepare myself for more shopping tomorrow. What an athlete.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

So tell me:

Do you like sandwiches?

Have you ever been to Downtown Disney?

What was your pre-bed snack last night if you had one?


15 thoughts on “WIAW: Downtown Disney

  1. That sandwich sounds so good & like you said, the bread does look quite perfect! I’ve never heard of this ice cream before, but it’s won me over just by having cinnamon cookie mixed it. What a genius idea!

    Hope you continue having fun in FL 🙂

  2. I personally think overnight oats are quite beautiful. 🙂 Although my loved ones may not agree! Maybe I’ll get one of them to try them one day.

    I have never been to Downtown Disney, I need to add that to my bucket list!

    Is Publix not amazing?! I live 5 minutes from one, and it’s the only grocery store that we frequently go to…seriously, the employees know us by name. I NEED that ice cream. NOW.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful time, love!!

  3. I’ve never been to Downtown Disney in Florida, but I’ve hit up the one in Cali a few times and really love it there. SO much fun. And I’m going to have to go ahead and agree that a banana and nut butter are the perfect snack, but I’m a big fan of tossing some yogurt, cereal, and chocolate in the mix as well 😉

  4. Um how are you eating so well on vacation?!?! It’s just as good as at home! Everything looks so yummy. And that ice cream flavor, ohemgee. My night snack last night was banana with sunbutter and greek yogurt… typical 😉

  5. Mmm overnight oats😍😍 to “normal people” they probably look awful but theyve just never tasted them💁
    I wish I were in Disney right now😭 I’ll live vicariously through your pics ok?
    Ok now let’s get down to business…love sandwiches, ive been to downtown Disney but I like the actual (incredibly expensive 😭) parks a bit more, bedtime snack was quest bar and milk:)
    Have a great day!!!!! Send me a postcard or a plane ticket 😉😘

  6. That sandwhich shop looks awesome! I went to downtown Disney when I was in Florida a few years ago. It was a pretty cool place.

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