Behind the Scenes #25: Burgers, Fries, and Ice Cream


with one of the coolest Canadians, Amanda

1) I feel like I don’t have much to do these days, yet I still end up filling my days with things. Chores, yoga/walking, seeing friends, making appointments, getting college stuff ready, blogging, reading, watching the World Cup. None of it is really urgent and I never feel busy, but I end the day thinking, “What did I even do today and how is it already 1 AM?!”



2) If all THAT isn’t thrilling enough, Daliza, my family, and I are kicking it up a notch (or a hundred notches) starting Sunday. We’re going to Florida! My parents have a lovely vacation home down there, so we’ll be chillin’ there for a whopping THREE WEEKS. Daliza’s excited for Disney. I’m excited for Publix— the supermarket of the South. Typical.


Last year in Florida when I made fish tacos and started the blog. Nostalgia.

3) I’m getting closer to holding my handstand! Right now, I get really excited when I hold it for a solid four seconds. I’m basically Shawn Johnson.

4) There’s nothing quite like a classic burger. Pickles, ketchup, mustard, cheese. Mmm. Lilly, Pam, and I went to Bareburger yesterday, and I had just that. We also shared sweet potato fries, because…sweet potato fries. Self-explanatory.

photo 2

The only thing that made this a little non-classic was the fact that it was a turkey burger instead of a beef burger.

photo 1 copy

Sweet potato fries with their three sauces— curry ketchup, ranch, and “special sauce.” It was wonderful.

5) The fact that my friends and I are all going to college next month has not hit me AT ALL yet. Lilly is moving back to California tomorrow for college, and it’s just not emotionally occurring to me that she’s going so far away for such a long time. I’m just gonna start bawling out of nowhere in a few weeks when I’m listening to a sad song or something.

photo 3

♥ I’ll miss you so much, Lilly!!!

6) The “core four” got together last night at the local creamery for some catch-up conversation and ice cream!  I love hanging out with those girls.

photo 4 copy

Apple pie ice cream = heavenly. 

7) I bought coconut flour yesterday just to make Amanda’s banana bread mug cake. I’m dreaming about it already.

8) I haven’t been carrying out my teenage duties of sleeping a lot over the summer. I don’t know why, but my internal clock wakes me up after about 7-8 hours of sleep every morning. That’s a perfect amount of sleep for me, but I can’t help but feel like I should be sleeping in even longer while I have that luxury.

9) As I’ve been doing more yoga recently, I’ve learned that I am so NOT flexible anymore. Well, I am and I’m not. I can still do the splits on each leg, but my shoulders are getting so tight that it’s getting difficult to clasp my hands behind my back. No bueno. If I’m gonna be a physical therapist, I better drink some of my own medicine and stretch more!

10) I hope you all have a fabulous day! I’ll leave you off with words from the coolest book around 😉



So tell me:

Do you like burgers?

How long does your internal clock let you sleep?


23 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #25: Burgers, Fries, and Ice Cream

  1. Do you like burgers? What a silly silly question. And shut the front door…florida? Harry potter world please.

    Speaking of coconut flour… Hello. Breakfast cookie dough and pancake recipes. CAKE BATTER OATMEAL. oh yeah, and the mug cake.

  2. I love those verses!! They were my senior quote!! And I’m sorry that your friend is leaving for college 😦 That’s sad…but you guys can Skype!! 🙂 Also, that ice cream looks delicious! And I’m not really a burger person… but yours looks delicious!!

  3. Florida?! Lucky girls!!! Hope you have a great time and Rememeber to say hi to Mickey and Minnie for me😉🙋
    And yes! Publix is the best! When I spent time in Florida a few years back I spent way too much money there on a daiy basis🙈 The subs are the best!
    And I love burgers! Beef, turkey, veggie…I don’t discrimate😊
    Since it gets dark so late now I’ve been going to bed much later but the latest I can sleep in is like 10. Not too shabby but I wish I could do better😜
    Have a great day Alison!

  4. At least your internal clock is allowing for 7-8 hours..mine has been insisting on 6 on off days *facepalm* . Think its just because deep inside my soul; I really want to NEED an extra mug of coffee!?
    Oh and burgers: I had thee best [mini] burger fancy trimmings, but the bun was homemade by Mum and the burger by my Sis ❤ – heavenly you, and I don't even like beef burgers that much.
    Squeee, a Florida vacay 😀 ! Enjoy girl 🙂 .

  5. my internal clock is iffy since it depends how late I fall asleep. Some days it lets me sleep in but others it gets me up at 7 in the morning and I’m just like “Why…?” And omg, Apple Pie Ice Cream? That sounds heavenly!

  6. So once the Florida heat gets to you, why don’t you head north all the way up to visit THE coolest Canadian you know. I better have made the top bracket. Also try the bison burger from bareburger! So good. The elk is pretty good too 🙂

  7. My internal clock is super annoying – no matter what time i go to bed, i’m awake at six am on the dot. I’m glad someone else gets excited to check out new supermarkets on vacation haha. Have so much fun in Florida!

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  9. Florida?!?! So jealous! Although honestly it’s a bit too hot there for me. I love Publix! It’s one of the few markets besides Walmart that I’ve actually been to 😉 The apple pie ice cream sounds fantastic!

  10. I think I’ve had 17 burgers in the past week alone. On Friday night, I had a kobe beef burger topped with lobster and crab. OH YES. Yeah. It was good. Except they burnt the beef.

    My internal clock let me sleep for 11 hours on Friday night. I think I was tired?

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  12. I’m certain my internal clock is completely out of whack right now, but it usually gives me 6.5-7 hours…I want more! =) I definitely need to make Amanda’s mug cake soon – sounds heavenly! And I love being productive at unimportant things…like catching up on blogs!

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