WIAW: A Poem

Every Wednesday there’s this fun party

About bloggers’ eats, both junk and healthy.

It’s hosted by a cool chick named Jenn,

Whose spunk will never run out ’til God knows when.


Some people call it WIAW (wee-aw), because it’s “What I Ate Wednesday,”

But since I’m such a huge a rebel, I’m showing what I ate on Monday.

Just like Maria, we’ll start from the very beginning, a very good place to start.

Cookie dough cereal with bananas and sunflower seed butter; adding blueberries was also quite smart.


I believe I also had half a nectarine,

But the photo is nowhere to be seen.

My midday meal happened late in the afternoon,

Since I woke up super late and a normal lunchtime would be too soon.

So after some yoga and chores, I ate a delicious meal,

With simple ingredients, supah fresh, and supah real.

{Except the ketchup I added to the eggs afterwards.}


A monster spring mix salad, in a bowl the size of my head,

And a toasty wheat roll with avocado and perfect scrambled eggs.

Since I always need cheese in life, I also had some brie

Atop my favorite crackers, Wheat Thins, slightly sweet and so crispy.


I had quite a few— too many to count

Later on, the same thing happened with these peanuts

I had three times this amount.


{Sweet and Salty Valencia Peanuts from Costco!}

I took a walk and visited Daliza

Because I always like to see her (say that in a British accent so it rhymes with Daliza).

Despite a late lunch and lots of snacking,

I was hungry for dinner pretty early, and my food’s flavor was not lacking.


I had leftover pasta salad with extra parmesan cheese

Plus a couple ravioli Mom cooked up, which made me quite pleased.

I used to be afraid of all these carbohydrates. I thought it would make me fat in my sleep.

How foolish that conception was, for without pasta today, I would weep.

Some veggies were thrown in there for nutrients and fun

Hey look, I could still take a picture at night by the light of the sun!


After going on a lovely evening walk with mom and dad,

I was ready for a sweet treat that’s tasty and rad


It was peanut butter banana soft serve, cool and creamy.

It’s incredibly easy to make, and it always tastes so dreamy.

I ate it with a side of Greek yogurt, because would you expect anything else?

It added a lovely tanginess, plus some extra protein for myself.

Since I’m basically nocturnal and I stay up pretty late,

I needed a little something to satisfy and satiate.

Of course, I turned to a trusty ol’ classic that never fails me:

Dried figs and Greek yogurt, the best snack that ever could be.

dried figs and greek yogurt

{recycled photo}

That concludes my day of yummy eats. I hope you enjoyed!

My poetry skills are terrible, and my brain is starting to become void.

So tell me:

Are you a good poet?

Fun fact: I won a national pro-life poetry contest in 8th grade (those skills were not reflected here today…), so I got to go to Washington D.C. to be honored for it. I met Dr. Alveda King, who is Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece!

What has been your favorite snack recently?


22 thoughts on “WIAW: A Poem

  1. I like this poem, it’s fun! I guess I wouldn’t even be able to write such a good one 😉 I hate poetry… I kinda don’t get it. DOesn’t strike me or anything. (I like song lyrics though which is poetry in some way!?)
    On Sunday evening I went for a walk with my mum too, it was so nice 🙂 I was so sad to leave home again (so I stayed one more night and skipped the first class one Monday, whoops)
    I liked to snack on those paleo cookie dough bites (my version of Arman’s recipe) over the last few days but they’re gone now, so I have to snack on veggies again as I always do. Cucumber, tomatoes, carrot sticks. Love it!

  2. Whoa you have some serious poet skills !! 💁 I’m pretty sure it would take me a year to write something like this🙈 side note:you’d probably make an excellent rapper with those poetry skills 😜
    That pasta salad looks so good…actually everything looks so good😉
    I’ve been snack on lots of Greek yogurt, peaches with almond butter and cinnamon, and graham crackers. How’s that for random?!
    Have a great day Alison!

  3. What a fun way to present your day of eats. Plus, I love everything Sound of Music so I’m digging the reference. Congrats on winning the poetry contest, that’s wonderful. I think we have similar taste buds, I go through Greek yogurt at an alarming rate.
    My recent snack obsession has been adding avocado to my smoothies. So, so good! I love avocados but wasn’t sold on the idea of avocado in a smoothie. I was missing out. I t adds a delightful “ice cream” feel to the smoothie.

  4. OH. MY. GOSH. You are great. hahahaha. I actually don’t mind writing poems- well, rhyming ones. I can’t for the life of me write a poem that actually has meaning and a bigger picture behind it.
    Great eats too 🙂 🙂

  5. I enjoyed reading this! I remember when I would write poems as class assignments, or in cards for my loved ones. This definitely inspired me to start writing poems again! (mine are real silly and somewhat lame but it’s fun to do!) Good job there 😉

    I’ve been snacking on fruits and bread these days!

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