Weekend Confessions III

Hey there!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends, whether you were celebrating the red, white, and blue or catching up on rest and relaxation! My weekend was very relaxing, but I also had a blast with my friends and family. So blessed!


Joining Katie‘s marvelous Monday!

I have so much to say about my weekend, so I’m gonna do it confession style {third edition}:

Confession #1:

On the night when we were supposed to have fireworks(the night before 4th of July), Daliza and I wanted soft serve ice cream so badly, but the nasty thunderstorm was preventing us from going to get some. So we pouted and nearly cried like 4-year-olds…

 photo 2

…until it stopped raining.

photo 3

photo copy


We’re adults, I promise.

Confession #2:

I spend a good 20+ minutes each day working on my handstand. I shall stick the dang thing. Right, Amanda?

Confession #3:

My moves have been walking, Pilates, and yoga recently. Because slower workouts just need to happen right now.

Confession #4:

I left Ben at home on 4th of July to go to a graduation party. He had just arrived from Boston for the holiday weekend, so I picked him up, brought him home, and left him there. I made him pasta salad and he napped, so he was alright. He also went over to his friend’s house, so it’s not like I completely abandoned him. 😉


Confession #5:

Italian families are so FUN. Michael had his graduation/his mom’s birthday party on the 4th, and it was a blast. Not only was the food amazing (*ahem* an Oreo+Reese’s ice cream cake— holla), but the company was even better. We played Loaded Questions of course (thanks for lending it to us, Veronica!).

photo 1

Also, watching the World Cup with his family was craaaaazy. In a good way!

Confession #6:

I was so hyper on sugar when I got home from the graduation party (ice cream + cookies=Alison is off the walls). It was too dark to walk outside and I wasn’t really feeling yoga, so I literally walked up and down my stairs for a good 20 minutes. I prayed while I was at it, because…I’m insane for walking up and down my stairs at 11 PM why not?

Confession #7:

This weekend was the first time I went to the pool this summer. I went because the kids I babysit wanted me to join them and their parents. My skin doesn’t like chlorine, so I didn’t want to go at first, but I caved (their little faces!!!) and went. It was fun! And COLD. Next time, I won’t go when the sun is setting.

photo 4

I just didn’t put my head underwater because a) I would have been extra cold; b) I still had makeup on— don’t wanna scare people looking like a raccoon.

Confession #8:

My parents are like teenagers updating their social media pages. 


It’s okay, they needed to post real time updates for their anniversary celebration!

Confession #9:

The food at the restaurant we went to for their anniversary was pretty terrible. My gargantuan crab cake had lots of fillers and no flavor. Dad’s “blood orange mascarpone cheesecake” was rubbery. Mom’s “panna cotta” was curdled. The food was clearly not fresh, which was a bummer.


Blood orange mascarpone cheesecake was actually just a funky rainbow sherbet sponge


Oh well. Ya win some, ya lose some.

Confession #10:

I turned into a huge sports fan this weekend. All the World Cup and Wimbledon excitement has me yelling at the television like my dad. I do usually like watching tennis, but this is a once-every-four-years occurrence when it comes to soccer.

I know, I’m a fake fan.


I definitely have so many more confessions, but I think ten is quite enough, huh? So despite the gnarly food at that restaurant, this weekend was absolutely splendid!

Hope you all have a marvelous day!

So tell me:

How did you celebrate 4th of July?

Have you gone swimming this summer?

Have you ever eaten food at a restaurant that was just nasty?






21 thoughts on “Weekend Confessions III

  1. Did mother DMAG use a groupon for that restaurant?

    Seriously, Italian parties are the best….especially if you have to be rolled home. I celebrated the 4th of July in a bad bad mood. Car breakdown, failed lease signing = not happy Jan. (Youtube that…trust me)

    • No this time she did not! They had a positive experience there for dinner, but brunch was a whole different story…..We were the only ones in the restaurant if that says anything.
      Oh no! So sorry to hear that, Arman 😦 I just watched the commercial. I can so see you yelling that.

  2. Yayyyy for walking! It’s the best. I really want to get into yoga or Pilates, but I just have not found my mojo for those yet! Any suggestions??

    Oh, and missing out on ice cream is ALWAYS something to be upset about. At work I get free ice cream, but there’s nothing like getting it fresh. 😀

    Have a wonderful day!!

  3. Your parents are social media savvy?!? My parents are hopeless when it comes to all things internet related. They only barely grasp the whole blogging thing since I’ve been doing it for so long, but when it comes to Twitter and Facebook? Yeah no. And headstands have seriously become the bane of my existence. When I first started, I had a headache for like two days, but I’m determined to make it happen…. and not break my neck in the process 😆

    • Oh yes. Oh yes they are. My brother and I will be sitting at the restaurant with them, and they will turn into the teens, posting pictures of their food on Facebook right away. “Hey Alison, can I tag you in this?” — Dad.
      We WILL get that handstand by the end of summer!

      • Lol Sometimes we will be out to eat and my mom will be on her phone and I’ll be like ” ok all phones in the middle of the table kids”
        Ugh adults these days😭😉

  4. My parents are the same! Mum is always on Facebook and dad on his iPad! And they say we are bad!!
    I am trying really hard with my handstands but only want to do it when David is around – you know, just in case I break my neck! I will master them one day – I am determined!!!

  5. Awesome weekend!! Oo your dad friended me on Facebook! Of course I accepted but considering the fact that my dad hardly understands Facebook, 👍👍 two thumbs up for your dad😊
    This Fourth of July we grilled out and saw some local fireworks then headed inside for the macys fireworks and then back outside for sparklers (when I almost burned the house down🙈😳) I’m not allowed to use matches anymore😂
    And yesterday I went to the pool for the first time too but it was way to cold so I just dunked my toes in it😊
    Have a great Monday Alison! Next time you gals get soft serve come pick me up🙋🙋 lol #iwish😭

  6. Um.. I hope you will be posting that pasta salad recipe?! It looks amazing! That’s too bad about the restaurant. But I guess it’s just balancing out ALL of the awesome meals you always have!!

  7. I wish I had a sister like you (or any sibling for that matter #onlychildproblems #thatsrightihashtaggedinacomment) to make me pasta! Your parents look like mine – I swear my parents spend more time on Instagram and Facebook than me! (although I’ve been finding, over here anyway, it’s not older people that use Facebook and young people are more into IG, Snapchat – which I still don’t really understand, etc.). It sucks that your meal wasn’t that great, but at least you know not to go back there!

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