Behind the Scenes #24: Becoming Nocturnal


With the cool kid, Amanda!

1) I’m slowly becoming nocturnal {as I start typing this blog post at 12:40 AM}. Summer is getting the best of me…in the best way possible.

2) Being nocturnal means waking up at noon and being super hungry for “breakfast.” Sorry I’m not sorry. Yesterday, I had a giant breakfast of three stacks of leftover green silver dollar pancakes, a glass o’ milk (only half— it was sour-ish), and a nectarine to finish it all off.


Whenever I have a big breakfast, I’m usually not as hungry for the rest of the day. So besides some veggies as a snack, I didn’t eat “lunch” until 6 PM. LOL at my eating schedule.

3) My mom is just #winning in life hacks all the time. Yesterday, a couple was trying to pay for parking at one of those fancy machines, and their change— a $5 bill— was stuck in the machine. There was plastic cover in front of the dispenser, so no one could reach his/her hand in there to retrieve the bill. So mom whips out a plastic fork from her food court lunch box, sticks it in there (wow those two things sound so dirty), and rescues the $5 bill. A bystander told me, “Your mom is cool!” I agreed. 🙂



Slow, ascending claps for mother

4) I was trying on dresses at Marshall’s yesterday and realized that I am no longer petite. I am totally cool with that, but this girl cannot fit into extra smalls anymore without feeling like she might rip the dresses. It’s just weird to me because I always thought I was the smallest of small people. Now, even though I’m still short, I have MEAT on my bones, and I couldn’t be happier about that!

5) Mom and I shopped for over six hours yesterday. Hard core.

6) More evidence that I’m nocturnal: I did Pilates at 11 PM last night. It was refreshing/semi-torturous for my abs.

7) Even more evidence that I’m nocturnal: I baked at midnight. I made Amanda’s blueberry banana breakfast muffins!


It was fun! I listened to some music, didn’t worry about others judging me when I struggled to coat blueberries in flour, and of course, I got to eat a muffin fresh out of the oven.


Hot out of the oven with a shmear of almond butter. Perfect.

8) Obsessed with this Tori Kelly + Passion cover of Stop This Train:

I’m definitely gonna listen to this on the way to Boston University and start sobbing.

9) Fourth of July fireworks are happening tonight in our town! I’m pumped, but I’m also praying that it doesn’t get rained out. 80% chance of precipitation right now…Think we’ll be alright??

10) When Michael and Sam came over to my house a couple nights ago, we watched our old 5th grade yearbook video and discovered that my voice was THAT OF A CHIPMUNK. Seriously, it was not a human voice. The end.

Have a great day, everyone!

So tell me:

Do you ever go through “nocturnal” phases?

Have you done Pilates before?  


20 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #24: Becoming Nocturnal

  1. Pilates is fun! I do it once in a while. I have been into BUTI Yoga lately. It combines tribal dance and yoga. I like the twist from traditional yoga. You should try it!
    And, I so can’t do the nocturnal thing. I wake up early for my runs and I need the sleep. lol.

  2. Nope… I can not do nocturnal! Those days are over for me, haha! I went to bed at 9:07 last night. No shame. And ahhh now I’m craving blueberry muffins. Hope you get to have your fireworks tonight! Mine are tomorrow 🙂

  3. My summer schedule is so off too! I’ll be finishing my breakfast at like 11:30 and see people on Instagram having their afternoon snacks. 😳 and dinner lately has been at like 8….ish!
    That story with your mom is hysterical!😂 and that Conan pic is cracking me up. We used to do the slow ascending claps I high school and the teachers would go crazy! Lol
    Love me some Pilates! I’m convinced that of I keep doing it I’ll stretch myself to a good 5’4″😊
    Have a great day!!!

  4. I used to be totally nocturnal when I was younger, and over the years I somehow did a complete 180 and ended up as an early bird. Lately I’ve been finding that I’m staying up way later though, so maybe I’m making the shift back? Who knows. All I know is that there’s nothing wrong with a little baking at midnight 😀

  5. Welcome to the dark side aka: life [starting] after 9 PM aka: my life 😉 . I’m not too proud of it when it comes to early appointments the next morning [classes starting at 8 AM were the bane of my existence]. Missing out on the beauty of early morning sunshine is a pity, too. Then again spontaneous baking at midnight – yes, I did that before, too – is fun as are Skype dates with blends overseas [cue 8-hour time difference]. Plus I’m a night owl by genes – my dad’s fault.
    #4 is awesome. Having some curves and actually filling out those dresses is true beauty. I’ll admit I’m still working on getting there but I know that’s where I want to get.
    Random but the time I’m commenting at is proof of my nght owl status again.

  6. My sleep schedule is not to be admired. Sometimes I’m an insomniac and sometimes I sleep like a baby. It’s probably because I work from bed all day but when you CAN work from bed why wouldn’t you amIright?! Also have not stepped foot in the petite section since I was 12 so yeahhhh.

  7. Your mum does sound rad – i swear being a mum gives you superpowers. I am the polar opposite of you, i wake up super early and i’m useless by 9 pm. I have done pilates, but i wasn’t into the ab torture aspect of it – wimpy yoga is much more my style.

  8. I go through phases where I can stay up till 1am then phases where I’m dead at 8. All depends. But it keeps things interesting.

  9. Baking at midnight? Love it.

    I used to be the BIGGEST night owl (standard bed time was 2-3am) but then when I turned 22 I turned into a grandma. Niki, though, she stays up until 2-3am these days, makes ramen noodles then wakes up at 2pm the next day.

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