Things I Learned Yesterday

Yep, it feels like summer.

I usually look around and realize how much I have to do, but yesterday I looked around and realized how much I DON’T have to do. In one sense, that was liberating, but in another sense, that made me anxious. I like to be productive (or at least feel like I’m being productive), so this threw me for a loop.

It was a relaxing day, but I did find some fun + not-as-fun things to keep me occupied. Idleness ain’t cool. So this is what I learned yesterday as I found things to do:

I’ve lost so much flexibility.

I did this 60 minute yoga video, and some stretches that used to feel awesome felt…not so awesome anymore. I mean, I still got a nice stretch, but man was it humbling! I guess it’s a gentle/painful reminder to keep stretching.



I can do a headstand {against a wall}! 

Then I try to get my toes off the wall and I’m down in three seconds, yay! But hey, at least I know my noggin can handle the weight.

My burpee wound is finally healed enough for me to not wear a bandage. 

It’s ugly and scary though.

Nectarines are naked peaches. 


I always thought there was a slight difference in flavor between the two, but nope! They taste exactly the same. Peaches just have the fuzz.

I can do a dead hang pull-up!

It has to be at the right time, and it sorta looks like I’m fighting to not fall off a cliff, but I finally got it!

I still don’t like to vacuum.

I vacuumed yesterday so I could be useful around the house. It was fine, but it’s still my least favorite chore. It’s really the mile-long cord that’s the biggest obstacle.

There are dragonflies outside my house that could be mistaken for mini dinosaurs.

What the heck.

Brie + jam sandwich ➔ “where have you been all my life?”


Do it if you haven’t yet. Do it if you already have.

June is over.

That’s not even possible. So many awesome things have happened this month, but it’s been such a whirlwind that I haven’t noticed that the calendar days keep flipping.

I have so much to read this summer!

Mostly books related to faith/meditation, but books nonetheless! I’m actually excited to read those kinds of books. I might throw some fiction in there for spice and everything nice (I’m usually more of a memoir person). The Rosie Project, Paper Towns (recommended by Jeannine!), and Hungry look interesting! Oh, and maybe I’ll finally finish Catching Fire… but chances are slim.

Hope you all have a lovely day!

So tell me:

Do you work on flexibility often?

Any recent fitness goals reached?

Brie and jam?!

What’s on your summer reading list?




13 thoughts on “Things I Learned Yesterday

  1. Hi Alison! I definitively have to stretch more often. I used to do gymnastics years ago (for basically my whole “youth” – I’m not old yet, haha) but now I’m kinda stiff. I do homeworkouts with youtube videos and some include a cool down and stretch at the end which is great. But I don’t stretch regularly… On Sunday I did a yoga for beginners video for the first time and I think I will stick with it! I want to become as flexible again as back then!
    Brie and jam is a rather common combination in Europe/Northern Europe I think, especially baked brie! It’s not one of my favourites but it’s good 😉

  2. I am probably one of the least flexible people you will meet. I blame my height, but after doing hot yoga for a whole ice noticed some improvement. Maybe one day I will be able to touch my toes.

  3. yay for the headstand and pull-up! rockin’ it, girl! let me know if you read anything good (faith/meditation related or otherwise) – i’m looking for some new good reads this summer.

  4. Nectarines=naked peaches!🙌🙌🙌😂 I cannot tell you how many times I’ve thought this but just never vocalized! These are things I think about!🙈
    I stretch a lot and work on flexibility and find that it really relaxed and energizes me (don’t ask lol) but as far as headstands and pull-ups go…that’s a whole different ball game that cannot play in! Lol
    Have a great day and happy July! Before you know it the summer will be gone so let’s enjoy it😊😘

  5. Congrats on the headstand & pull up! I used to practise yoga for 2 and a half years, and I didn’t realise how flexible I was, until I lost some of it (shucks). I occasionally do headstands and stretches after my jogs… one thing I have yet to conquer is handstands (gulps)!

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