Behind the Scenes #23: Prom

Well, hello, world! I have so much to tell you about this week, so it’s perfect that today is Thursday because…


with the wonderful Amanda!

1) Prom. It happened on Tuesday-Wednesday. And it was awesome.

2) Except for the fact that I had to go to two hair salons. Long story short: at the first salon, the lady that was supposed to do my hair was not there, so the lady that usually does nails did my hair instead…and it didn’t turn out quite as envisioned. I was getting flustered and dramatic about it, but mom was cool as a cucumber and took me to a more trusted salon to get it fixed. Yes, we should have gone to the more trusted salon first, but we thought we would dabble with the cheaper salon. Hmm.

3) My mom hosted this snazzy pre-pre-prom party at our house so we could take some of the standard prom pictures. Per usual, she made a plethora of food, which was a huge hit.


Yes, my mom put those balloons up herself just for the occasion.


I put on the boutonniere incorrectly apparently. At least I didn’t poke Michael!

DSC_8722 DSC_8795 DSC_8848 DSC_8869

Charlie’s Angels? Eh.


4) Everyone looked INCREDIBLE. Like, my school’s got some style.

5) ‘Twas a windy night, but the weather was perfect. If it were any warmer, we all would have been sweaty and nasty.


5) Dance, eat, chat, eat, repeat! The food was really good at prom, and the make-your-own ice cream sundae station at the end made me pretty happy. 😀


Photo boothin’

I still need a foot massage from dancing in heels all night.

6) At 11 PM, when prom ended, I was BEAT. I could not fathom the fact that Daliza, Jordan (her date), Michael, and I were going to NYC for another 6 hours afterwards. I kinda wished we could just sleep and go to after-prom the day later, but that would not complete the prom experience…whatever the heck that is anyway.

7) A majority of our classmates went on a boat around NYC, but we opted to (*ahem* stay sober) have our own adventure on land in Times Square.

After-prom on St. Patrick’s Cathedral steps #TURNUP

8) No, seriously, our little foursome had a blast. We played hide ‘n’ seek in Times Square!!! Rules: Between 42nd and 45th street, only on 7th ave, only outside. Fun times!

9) We also ate halal food from THE famous Halal Guys on 6th and 53rd as fuel for the next 5 hours. And I totally got a second wind, so I actually wasn’t tired in NYC!


10) We got back to my house at around 7 AM (yah, I know), and then we took naps and watched High School Musical 3. Party animals.

11) I’m graduating today!!! I have a speech to deliver?…Meep.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

So tell me:

Did you go to prom in high school?

When was the latest you’ve stayed up?

What would you do for after prom?


41 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #23: Prom

  1. This is amazing. Can’t believe prom was over 4 years ago for me! Ahh! Somehow wish I could find somewhere to wear my dress…by the way, EVERYONE looked stunning in their gowns. Yours definitely reminded me of GossipGirl. =)

  2. Oh my gosh that dress is georgous! Sounds like you guys had an awesome time and prom and after. Good luck at your speech today. Your ganna rock it!

  3. Awwr lady! You look(ed) gorgeous, and it’s so great to hear that you had such a good time! Also,, thank you for sending me on a trip down memory lane and thinking back to my own prom. Was good times 😀 But it does keep getting better from here too!

  4. Alison!!! You look absolutely stunning! The hair, the makeup, the dress🙌 everything! You’re date is kinda sorta very cute too😉
    Man I don’t know if I would lasted all night. For my prom we went to a comedy club in the city and then had a sleepover (girls only!) since my parents were not on board with going out to the hamptons and shacking up overnight with boys. Gotta keep room for the Holy Spirit right!?!😳😜 anyways hope you have a great graduation!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats and am so proud of you😘😘😘😘

  5. You look gorgeous! I love the dress. You look great in it. And, it looks like you guys had fun.
    I remember mine. We called it Senior Ball. I didn’t stay out late though. I was home by 1 am. xD

  6. That dress. The cut, the colour, lace (!), everything – it’s perfect and it looked perfect on you.
    All that graduation talk admittedly makes me jealous. Because our kind of ‘graduation’ over here doesn’t even closely compare. Either way, I’m glad yours was an all-around blast. And playing hide & seek in Times Square?! Want. The kind of activity to add to my life bucket list, haha.

  7. You look gorgeous and it sounds like an excellent night! After our formal my friend hosted an after-party for our entire grade. She made a bonfire and we all burnt our school books. Not so environmentally friendly, but it sure was cathartic. Congrats on graduating and good luck with the speech!

  8. Hey there! You look super sweet in the dress 🙂 I have been a reader for a couple of months, but never actually commented. I just wanna say I adore your blog. It’s refreshing, cute and lively. What I love most is actually your smile! I hope you post the video of you delivering the speech because I’m excited to watch it!

  9. Yesss you guys got some style – beautiful! And I totally need to hijack that sequined emerald green number..
    Your party around NY is totally something I’d be on board for; hide and seek = the best kind of fun 😀 .
    When it comes to hair situations; best not to mess around huh? Oh heavens, I would be having a hernia too..experienced Mum to the rescue 😉 .

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  11. Ahhhh you looked so beautiful!!! I’m so glad you had such a fun time! It’s so weird you have prom the week before you graduate – ours was back in April! (or May? I don’t remember. lol) How cool that you went to NYC! I really, really want to go back there again. They have so much to offer!

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