“I’m Making Friends!”

Well hi there!

If you missed my epic story about how I hurt myself doing burpees yesterday, you can read about that here. It was a fun time.

In other news, I went to university orientation and had a great weekend to follow! Here’s what was going on in the noggin during the excitement…


Orientation + weekend = marvelous! Thanks for hosting, Katie!

Orientation Thoughts:

“People at this train station are hardcore judging my overnight oats in a jar.”


“I hope I don’t sleep through my stop while napping on the train to Boston.”

“Hooray, I’m in Boston!”

“Take the T (subway) or walk 2.6 miles with my bags to campus?…The weather is nice, so I’ll walk!”

“This is a lovely walk through Boston. Look, ma, I’m independent!”


“It’s getting pretty hot out here. Gettin’ a little sweaty.”

“Wow, I’m a sweaty pig right now. I smell.”

“I made it! I need a nap.”



“Wait, I want food first.”


{Sweet Chick burger @ UBurger}

“Hey, I have some pretty cool roommates for orientation!”

“I’m making FRIENDS!”

“Showering in the dorm bathrooms is stressing me out. Is it socially acceptable to walk around in a towel on the first day of orientation?”

“My actual roommate for this coming year is THE BOMB.”


“This is so much fun!”


“Don’t fall asleep during the long info sessions.”

“I ♥ the omelette station.”


“Where’s the peanut butter at in this dining hall?”

“Chemistry has separate classes for pre-lab, lab, lecture, and discussion. What?”

“Wow, they give us so many cookies here.”

“It’s fuel for all our walking on campus.”




“I’m so tired that I’m not tired anymore. Runnin’ on pure adrenaline here.”

“But seriously, where’s the peanut butter in the dining hall?”



“We have matching backpack sweat stains, bro.”

“This is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.”


{Ben and I split ‘The Double Awesome” and “The Gabby” scallion pancake sandwiches. Incredible. }

“I have the best brother in the world.”

“I had a blast! But I’m ready for my own shower and bed again. And nut butter.”

Saturday Thoughts:

“9 hours of sleep!!!”

“What a gorgeous day for Jen’s grad party.”


“I love her Italian family.”

“I also love Italian food.”

“Oooo cake!”

“I can’t NOT take weird selfies with Kristi.”


Sunday Thoughts:

“Prom is in two days!!”

“I’ve missed you, peanut butter.”


“Another gorgeous day for the Corpus Christi Mass.”

Davida’s e-cookbook came out!!! YES.”


“LOL at my burpee wound.”

“Mom’s making chili and cornbread for the World Cup game? I’m down.”


{Eaten with a side of spinach + another huge, unpictured hunk of cornbread}

“I have never been so into a soccer game before. PORTUGAL LITERALLY SCORED IN THE LAST 30 SECONDS!!!”

And this ends the tour of Alison’s brain during the past five days.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

So tell me:

What are some highlights of your weekend?

What’s the best thing you ate this weekend?

Have you been watching the World Cup?


26 thoughts on ““I’m Making Friends!”

  1. Awesome little weekend! This weekend was the first in a LONG time that I had both days off, so it was glorious! Spent some time packing (we are moving in a week to a new apartment), had plenty of coffee and tea, and watched a few movies! Best thing I ate this weekend? Probably our paleo chicken we made on Saturday!

    • Thanks, Lucy! You can link up to MIMM by first including the MIMM picture and a link to Katie’s blog somewhere in your post. Then when she posts her MIMM, you can link up at the bottom of her post! There should be a button that says “add your link.” 🙂

  2. Sounds like a super fun weekend!
    I’ve been at a wedding on Saturday worth A LOT of food. I was carrying a beautiful food baby around with me the whole day (and night) lol. Best thing(s) I’ve eaten there: almond crusted chicken, uber tender lamb chops, real croatian tzaziki, cake pops, wedding cake, croatian cookies, cakes and other baked goods… It was a blast!
    Didn’t watch the world cup due to the even though Germany was playing. But on Thursday in going to watch it for sure! Go Germans!

  3. I love this post, Alison! I can’t believe that they don’t have nutter butter in the dining hall! I would totally miss it! The dining halls I’ve been to, there’s nutter butter.
    It looks like you’ll have a great time in college though. =)

  4. This was very entertaining 😊👏👏 I’m glad you had a great weekend and made back from Boston in one piece!
    I only watched the World Cup yesterday to see what all the hub bub (is that the right word?! Def not🙈) was about and to show some American pride👍
    Best thing I ate this weekend was fro yo and my moms pasta with cauliflower and crumbs…best monomeal ever!!
    Have a great day Alison!

  5. Wow this all looks so exciting! The highlight of my weekend was doing absolutely nothing before this semester starts and everything gets super busy. I forgot what the best thing i ate was as soon as i saw ‘scallion pancake sandwich’ and now i’m plotting how i can get my hands on one of those.

  6. A very large part of me wishes you were going to school in Toronto and you could just live with me and I could pretend to be 18 again. Stop being so freaking adorable. Hope you’re having fun at prom!!! Thanks for your amazing support with the cookbook. You. are. bomb.com

  7. Two of my best friends are going to Boston, so it would be absolutely crazy if you one day met them! And girl, if eating OOIAJ is wrong, then you don’t want to be right! Let those people judge because they are missing out 🙂 I wouldn’t mind hearing more of your thoughts seeing as you are hilarious girl! I hope your orientation was lovely! I can’t wait to hear all about college.

  8. I cannot explain how excited I am for college blog posts 😀 Congratulations (again)!
    I NEED Davida’s cookbook in my life – especially considering it’s breakfast we’re talking about here!

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