I Hurt Myself Doing Burpees

True story.

I have a whole weekend/orientation recap post ready for tomorrow, but I thought this story needed it’s own post. It’s just another one under my “I think I’m cool but I’m really not” experiences.



I went on a walk with Michael earlier today, and of course, I had to do some burpees while we were at the park! First I used a bench to do some decline burpees, which was fun stuff. I also tried to teach Michael how to do pistol squats, for which he probably despised me.

Then we kept walking and I found a rock ledge that would be great for some “box jump” burpees. I’ll give myself a tiny bit of credit for at least doing a trial jump to make sure I could actually jump the height of the ledge. After doing that, I made it to 6 burpee box jumps. On the seventh one, I didn’t make it. My shin hit the ledge, which hurt of course, but I was too busy laughing at myself.

When I looked down at my shin, I saw a scrape…and a small hole. Like, a deep one. I may have used some colorful language.

Mike: “Oh man! That’s deep!”

Me: “…yeah….let’s go.”

The blood started comin’ so I took off both of my socks, tied them together, and then tied them around the wound. I felt like MacGyver!

Luckily, there was a festival going on at the park today, so a lot of ambulances were around to monitor the event. It was a quick hop/limp to the nearest one. A kind EMT got my shin all cleaned and wrapped, and my socks subsequently went in the trash.


Me: “This is exciting.” // “At least my prom dress is long!” // “I still love burpees.”

Needless to say, we just walked the rest of the time. I also decided to be obnoxiously cheerful by waving to every car that passed us. I got some judge-y stares, some ignorance, but still lots of reciprocated waves, and I saw some of our friends drive by!

It’s kinda funny because before I left the house, my mom unusually warned me: “Ok…just be careful. Don’t hurt yourself and don’t run too fast.” I was confused because she was being vague, and she never says those kinds of things when I go out for a simple run at the park, but I just said, “Alllllright…I will be!”

And of course I had to hurt myself the day she warns me. Motherly instinct is a scary thing sometimes. When I told her about my injury, she yelled, “I TOLD YOU! I knew something was going to happen!”




The mother in Tangled is the reason I can’t watch that movie. She gives me nightmares.

I guess God just really wants me to calm down with the burpees.

The end.

So tell me:

Have you hurt yourself exercising before? 




22 thoughts on “I Hurt Myself Doing Burpees

  1. Ouch! That must have hurt. You’re lucky the ambulance was there or else you’d probably have to hop all the way home! I hope it heals fast!
    And, I agree. Motherly instincts are scary sometimes!

  2. Haha yes! I’ve definitely banged my shin on boxes a few times, and I’ve fallen while snowboarding more times than I can count. My worst fall was actually the stupidest one I’ve ever had–I fell in the chairlift line! Totally knocked the wind out of me. Really embarrassing too (at least when you fall on the slopes, you’re actually moving!!).

    Anyways, I hope your shin heals up soon! Yikes, I shiver just thinking about hitting my shin–no fun!

  3. Aw man I’m just glad you’re ok! Moms’ intuition is always right on! Kind of endearing but kind of creepy😯
    Have a great rest of the weekend and here’s to healing up quick!👍😊

  4. oh i’m glad you’re still going to prom! when you mentioned your friend going last week i thought it meant you had decided against it 🙂

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  6. Good heavens! I always knew burpees were deadly..I did not however see this coming. If I was you I’d swear them off for a year at least 😉 . But then you wouldn’t be “Alison” without burpees.
    Hope you bounce back soon..in the meantime – enjoy resting 🙂 .

  7. See? SEE?? I have a verrrrry valid excuse for never doing burpees. 😉
    I’ve hurt myself stretching before, believe it or not. (Strained muscles are no fun, lemme tell ya)

  8. Hahahaha oh my gosh! Sorry I’m laughing, but it is a little bit funny 🙂 I was playing capture the flag one time a few years ago around the block and I fell on the sidewalk and scraped my knee absolutely terrible. Now I have a scar a square inch sized!

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