Egg-Celent Weekend

I had to.

I know you’re cringing at the pun “egg-celent,” but it’s quite an accurate adjective to describe my weekend. Lots of great company, delicious food (including EGGS of course), and lots of my weird antics per usual.


‘Twas marvelous! Linking up with the fabulous Katie 🙂


I successfully did Susie’s prom makeup in the morning! It took a few tries, but she looked gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

We had our senior picnic on Thursday, and next up was our fancy shmancy senior luncheon. We ate good food and signed each other’s “Class of 2014” pennants (those flag thingies), which was fun just because you felt like a celebrity signing your autograph 100 times. There was also a chocolate fountain, so that was a hit…for the people that actually really like chocolate.


Who uses that “inside the plate rim” rule anyway? I cleaned that plate right up.


“Core Four”


Chorus buds




Stunning Sam (aka salutatorian!)


The fountain of youth


I wasn’t feelin’ that chocolate though. Except for the brownie.

Since my principal wanted my commencement speech draft sent to him by Saturday, I spent most of my afternoon and evening (after a nice, long nap) finishing that sucker. I grooved so hard when I practiced it and found that it was not too long and not too short. Hallelujah!

My moves were little bursts of 20 air squats, 20 pushups, 20 sit-ups, and 10 burpees (5 rounds total for the 100 challenge) every time I needed a mental break from speech-writing.


Woke up late, moves were a ton of handstands, cleaned, went to church, and babysat all night!

I did have a killer lunch that day:


English muffin with avocado and sunny eggs + sriracha. PARTY IN MY MOUTH!

This made me sad though:


Not even because it got on my laptop (we already know that’s a usual occurrence), but because I wasn’t able to dip my bread in the yolky goodness since it didn’t land on my plate.

Judge me.

Oh, and when I babysat, one of the boys asked me to read this book to him twice:

photo 2


It’s a Spanish dialect called Catalan. It’s like Latin + French + Spanish all in one. I did my best, but let’s just say it’s a good thing they were not harsh critics. I feel like I may have accidentally cursed in a different language, considering the way I was trying to pronounce some of those words.


Father’s Day!

I woke up bright and early to make dad a special breakfast: DSC_8592

Kale, onion, mushroom, swiss frittata. More eggs!


I sorta winged it with the frittata, using some online recipes for guidelines, but it was super tasty! I’ll probably post the recipe later.

I totally scraped off and ate all the crispy, flavorful bits from the bottom of the cast iron skillet after mom put the rest of the frittata away. She asked me: “Are your eating the charcoal?” Yes, ma, I’m eating charcoal.

Moves: Jess’ Lean Legs workout. I haven’t done this in forever, but I remembered how much I love it. Love to hate it, that is.

Apparently my quads were starving afterwards, because I housed a Hugh Jass lunch (even with a big breakfast and pre-workout snack).


Sautéed kale, mushroom, chicken with garlic and some leftover steak+potato hash

This was only ⅔ of it. I finished the other ⅓ when my plate wasn’t so full. I think I satisfied my protein intake for the next two days with this meal.

Then I had a lovely catch-up session with my good friend, Anushka! We chatted over some vanilla ice cream 🙂

Dad decided that he wanted to go to Bareburger for dinner, so we went there for a late dinner and final Father’s Day celebration. I got a lighter meal since my lunch consisted of a whole farm.


Walnut apple salad with applewood-smoked bacon and goat cheese (mmmm) + quinoa veggie burger

It was delicious! I also had a bite of my mom’s classic beef burger, which was awesome.

WOW that was a jam-packed weekend, now that I’m blogging about it. This was a random, long post again….sorry. Tomorrow I have a short post with a VLOG though! 😀

Have a marvelous Monday, friends!

So tell me:

What was the last thing you ate that was a party in your mouth?

What is your favorite way to eat eggs?

What did you do yesterday?


15 thoughts on “Egg-Celent Weekend

  1. Okay woah, your weekends put mine to shame! I’m so happy you have a vlog tomorrow! I want to hear your accent! I had an egg with lunch today, and this is going to sound like a weird combo, but I am the queen of weird combos after all. Okay so I had some raisin bread (which isn’t sweet at all, it just has some raisins in it), one slice had salsa, other slice avocado, then a fried egg in the middle (well cooked because I’m that one weirdo that actually hates egg yolks, but I gotta get in those fats!). Mmm it was perfection. I hope we might get a little glimpse of your speech? (:

  2. I would have been more worried about getting my laptop dirty than not having the egg yolk! lol. It looks like you had a great weekend. And, they speak Catalan in Barcelona. I’ve been wanting to go there since…forever! haha. At least 4 years. I plan on studying abroad in Spain next year..hopefully.

  3. Squeeee! You gorgeous gals rocked it 🙂 ! Hahaa I love reading up on your novel weekends; while reading I have SO MUCH I want to comment on… at the last few words I’m suddenly BLANK! Bummer.
    Cursing -unintentionally- in another language is the safest way to do it, in my opinion 😉 .
    Oh today’s lunch stroked all the right spots on my tongue: sweet potato fries dunked in a hummus/tuna/pepper dip with a side of cooked broccoli.

  4. I don’t even know which to comment on first! So. Much. Good. Food. I had bread topped with guac, green onion, feta, and a fried egg for lunch. Partay. That quinoa veggie burger looks so yummy!! And so does the frittata! I have a cast iron skillet but I’m scared to use it. They are so cool though.

  5. “Since my lunch consisted of the whole farm”😂 lol
    What a great weekend and you looked so pretty rocking that side braid😊👍👌
    Yesterday I just putzed around with my dad going to all his(our) favorite places Barnes and noble, by the water, Starbucks, and then we came home and grilled out with the family:)
    Have a great day Alison!!! 😘

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