To My Hero


You’re my hero because…

…you’ve gone sledding with Ben and me, which was one of the funnest things ever when we were kids.

…you give me big hugs. 

…you are so patient.

…you are a wicked mathematician, and I wouldn’t have gotten through physics or calculus without you.

…you’ve helped me be more competent.

…you are a faithful servant of God.

…you admit your failures.

…you know what anxiety is like.

…you are tough on me.

…yet you are gentle.

…you’ve taught me how to be a better public speaker.

…you do a lot of housework, including vacuuming, which I don’t enjoy.

…you fight tirelessly for the life of all human beings.

…you learned Spanish by yourself. Nice job, Geraldo!

…you’ve shown me how a man should treat his wife.

…you enjoy food as much as I do.

…you are humble.

photo 1

I think I was admiring those glasses of yours.

Jokes. I’m always looking up to you, Dad.

Happy Father’s Day, Pop!

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9 thoughts on “To My Hero

  1. You’re Dad sounds like an absolutely incredible man, and he’s so lucky to have such an intelligent and beautiful daughter like yourself! Have a fabulous Father’s Day and give your Dad an extra hug from me! (That’s not weird.. Right?) P.S., baby you rocks the bowl cut hair (;

  2. That’s a wonderful, marvellous, absolutely awesome tribute you have given your dad, Alison……and I can attest to your every word!…….Grandma Nancy Happy Father’s Day, pa pa Gerald!

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  4. Stopppppp your bowl cut is the greatest thing ever!!! Your dad sounds awesome. Mine is my best friend and greatest supporter. Love my maj very much but she is cray. My dad is surprisingly level-headed for marrying a nut-job and I need his sanity in my life!

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