Fascinating Friday Links #38


Yesterday was the senior picnic— one of the special events that we receive as the big shots of the school. We did all those gushy things like signing every person’s yearbook (even those of the people we’ve never talked to before— loooook we’re breaking barriers, how sweet). Then there were other fun things like frisbee, soccer, volleyball, and eating burgers and dogs.


Je’lyn, Veronica, and Jeannine ♥ 

photo 1

Cheeseburger {cheese is on the bottom} with ketchup and mustard art.

photo 2

Daliza! 😀

Although the weather was kinda gross, it was a fun time! Let’s be honest though, the cheeseburger was the best part of the day.


And now here are this week’s Fascinating Friday Links. Enjoy!

fascinating friday links

Health and Fitness

[Most of us have done it] How To Stop Comparing Your Food Choices to Other People’s via The Real Life RD + Well-Intentioned

[Never too early to care for your heart health] Best Foods For Your Heart And Why 20-Somethings Should Care via Greatist

[Hooray for fish!] 5 Reasons Athletes Should Eat Fish via Cotter Crunch

[I did only half of this workout and ooooof] HIIT Fusion Workout via Purely Twins

[You don’t just have to run outdoors] Outdoor Workout via Blonde Ponytail

Food for Thought

[Happiness is worth some discomfort and sacrifice] 20 Hard Things You Need to Do to Be Happy via Marc and Angel Hack Life

[Live life too] Balancing Blogging and the “Real World” via The Big Man’s World

[Holla] Eff the Thigh Gap via Healthy Diva Eats

Food for Belly

[All the stone fruits!] Grilled Apricot Quinoa Parfaits via Fit Foodie Lee + Roasted Peach Crumble Bars via Yeah…Imma Eat That + Grilled Peach BBQ Sauce with Grilled Polenta via Edible Perspective

[Thailand meets North America. I dig.] Thai Turkey Sliders with Peanut Sauce via The Healthy Maven

[I’m into these s’mores variations] Red, White, and Blue Berry S’mores via Family Fresh Cooking

[Looks like it] Addictively Good Chicken Wings via Kitchy Kitchen

[Awesome] Vegan Caprese Sandwiches with Garlic Cashew Cheese via Oh My Veggies

[Yessss] Healthy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies via The Lean Green Bean

Miscellaneous Fun

[Learn] The Unspoken Rules of Blogging Etiquette via Running with Ollie

[Mind is BLOWN] 20 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Frozen’ via Your Tango

[I’ll do this the next time I’m in the city] This Random Guy Pretends to Be a Celebrity…And All of New York Falls For It via Slightly Viral

It was a shorter list today, but I guess that can be a good thing!

My friend Susie is coming over this morning so that I can do her makeup for prom! I don’t really know why she’s coming to me…I’m not that amazing at makeup, but hopefully I can work some magic. Just pray that I don’t screw up one of the biggest nights of her high school life, cool? Then I’m off to my school’s senior luncheon, which is a fancier event at a country club…ooo la la. I ♥ dressing up.

Happy Friday, everyone!

So tell me:

Burgers or hot dogs?

What are you doing today?

Do you like dressing up?


14 thoughts on “Fascinating Friday Links #38

  1. Lol, the cheeseburger would’ve been the best part for me too. Why does food excite me so much? Why don’t I have a life?

    I like hot dogs better. Um, Costco hot dogs. I don’t even care how disgusting or non-food like they are. Ha!

    After work, I’m helping my girlfran move into my condo. Then who knows what. Its Friday the 13th should I should probably stay in.

  2. Okay, how many times does your school get together for a meal? lolol! I’ve never really liked hot dogs and I’m not a huge fans of hamburgers – although I will happily eat one if it’s got lotsa toppings! Happy Friday! 🙂

  3. I know most people think hot dogs are gross but i love them with saurkraut and mustard! Although burgers are always good too!
    Loved robins “how to stop comparing your food choices to other people’s”
    And that frozen link!! I spent a good fifteen minutes reading that one!;)
    Have a great time at your luncheon and a great weekend as well! Hopefully this crumby rainy muggy weather is on it’s way out! My hair is in permanent frizz out mode😭💂

  4. Lovely looking links lady! Ohh yesss to dressing up; when attending an event we love to put our best [well heeled] foot forward 😉 . So.much.fun! I’m sure you rocked your role as a make-up artist!? Please bombard us with the photos 😀 !
    Oh and burgers are good stuff.. I specifically favour one with chicken fillet, cheese and pineapple with a spicy sauce.

    • I didn’t get any photos of her, except for snap chats, but luckily she’s likes simple, so a little eyeshadow, winged liner, and mascara➔ good to go! I am doing my own makeup for prom, so hopefully that works out well too 😉
      That burger sounds epic. I want one!

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