WIAW: Yesterday


After answering my own Spill It Sunday questions yesterday, I got crap from my friends for pretending to be Hannah Montana in my past life. GUATEVER, that was seven years ago…I’m still a rockstar though.

Another late night last night results in another late post today, but hopefully this won’t be a regular thing. I like getting my posts up early! Anyway, today I’m showing you what I ate yesterday, along with all the fun post-high-school activities that happened!


Joining the party with the world’s best avocado picker, Jenn!

6 AM— Wake up. Go to the bathroom. Consider going down for breakfast before thinking: Why the heck am I up right now? Go back to sleep.

9 AM— Wake up take two. Muuuuuch better.

9:30 AM— Breakfast, blogging, and Food Network watching!


English muffin with almond butter and pepita sunseed butter + Greek yogurt with honey, chia, hemp, and half a banana


A juicy peach

10:30 AM— Laundry, bathroom cleaning, dishes, and some burpees and handstands thrown in there for good measure.

12:30 AM— Rehearse singing the alma mater and star spangled banner with the other seniors in chorus at school in preparation for graduation. It already felt weird walking back into that building. Just thinking: I will never take classes here again. 

1:15 PM— A delicious but insanely messy lunch. I would never eat this thing in public, or else I would be judged as a barbarian. Eggs, tomatoes, and avocado pieces were rolling everywhere.


Whole wheat tortilla, spinach, avocado, tomato, and parmesan scrambled egg wrap + unpictured sugar snap peas


Plus a few dried pineapple rings

2 PM— Shopping with Daliza! We found our outfits for the senior awards ceremony last night, blasted Young the Giant in her car, and sang more Frozen duets.

photo 1

Super smiles

5 PM— Snack time. I finished my tomato and sugar snap peas from lunch with some hummus.



Plus some of these spiced crackers

6:30 PM— I tried out the 100 air squat challenge for time that I saw on Fitfluential‘s Instagram.

photo 2

7:30 PM— Snacked on some salt and pepper pistachios before the senior awards ceremony.

8:45 PM— Awards ceremony finishes and guess what!

I’m valedictorian. Meep. Madre was crying! :’)

photo 3

One of my best friends, Sam, is salutatorian! Congratulations, girl!

We were tenths of a point away from each other! Now I have to write my speech…stat.

9:45 PM— Went out with some friends after the ceremony to get snacks, but I needed dinner, so I got a yummy chicken gyro that satisfied my hunger very well.

photo 4

10:30 PM— Sam, Jeannine, Michael, and I went to Veronica’s house to play a game that Veronica introduced to us— Loaded Questions. That game is easily one of the funnest things of all time. We laughed so hard the whole time!

2 AM— Hit the hay.

There ya have it! Everything I did and ate yesterday. So many fantastic things for which to be thankful!

So tell me:

Do you have trouble eating homemade wraps too?

Which meal has recently hit the spot for you?

Two fun things you did yesterday!


29 thoughts on “WIAW: Yesterday

  1. Omg! Congratulations on being valedictorian. It’s such an honor! I remember the speech the valedictorian gave my year. It was all about bacon! haha. I still remember it after two years.
    And, it looks like you had good eats. =) That whole wheat wrap thing looks so good.

  2. Hi Alsion! I love all your meals! Breakfast – Greek yogurt is like the American version of quark which is popular in Europe (or rather Central and Nothern Europe). It’s so good, I love it with nuts, fruit, seeds…just like your breakfast! That wrap looks absolutely perfect! I would have overstuffed it as well – I always do (and therefore wouldn’t ever eat that in publec either 😉 ) I always feel like I have to balance out the carb-protein ratio of that wrap, so tend to overstuff it with proteins…and veggies! I love messy eating though, it’s fun! Your dinner reminds me of Döner which I will have on Saturday! Yay! Looking forward to it already, haha 😀
    As for what meal hit the spot lately… My cheese and spinach omelette for Tuesday’s breakfast was pretty darn delicious, as always!
    Love your blog, see you on your next post!

  3. Omg valedictorian!!!!! That’s so so awesome!!!!!!! Congrats girl👏👏👏😊way proud of you!
    Wraps +me=not pretty
    I had turkey burger and put some roasted sweet potato wedges and lots of ketchup on it and man it hit the spot👍
    Anywho, looks like a delicious Wednesday! Have a great day Alison!!

  4. Oh my gosh, CONGRATS on valedictorian!! That’s amazing! Super yummy eats, per usual. Although I don’t know how you can eat dinner at 9:45!! I usually eat at 5, lol!

  5. Congrats on valedictorian! That’s such a huge honor! I’m pretty sure every preteen girl wished they were Hannah Montana at some point in their life and I’m sure your friends were among those people (even if they don’t want to admit it).

  6. This seems like such a great (albeit long, but still great!) day! Congratulations on the valedictorian! I’m not too sure what that is… but I’m going to guess it’s graduation? LOL so Australian, so uncultured. And yes, I eat like a barbarian too, so I feel ya. Half the time i don’t even use cutlery and eat with hands #notsorry (unless it’s like rice or something!).
    Oh, and so you know, I used to pretend to be Hannah Montana too (; now everytime that show comes on I have a minute silence for the old Miley.

  7. Omigosh! HUGE congrats on being valedictorian!! Totally deserved, might I add… You’re wonderful 🙂 And is it horrible if I admit that what hit the spot for me lately wasn’t a meal, but dessert? After not having ice cream all weekend, that’s basically all I wanted when I got home!

  8. all those eats look amazing as usual! && girl CONGRATS on valedictorian i know how much work you had to do to get there– so proud of you! enjoy celebrating graduating, it’s a fun time (:

  9. Congrats on becoming valedictorian! A far-fetched dream of mine is to graduate with academic honors; not sure if that’s possible with home-schooling though.
    Two fun things I did this weekend? Hang out with my dance friends, and perform on stage. I can’t say waiting in between rehearsals was enjoyable, but all else was fun. I love watching the littlest girls on stage. 🙂
    I always have trouble eating wraps. Even if it’s something simple like turkey and cheese, it always always always falls apart. Agh. Hummus is a good sticking agent, though.

  10. Valedictorian? Man, brains, beauty, delicious looking eats, what DON’T you have going for you? I’m in love with the fact that I’m not the only one who does waking up in multiple takes.

    Okay, lately banana smoothies have been my go to meal (summer laziness at it’s finest), and yesterday I went to cross country, (which most people would think is torture, but I assure you it’s pleasurable torture) and to a world cup party (I live literally minutes from Mexico so copa munda fiestas as we call them are super popular here! No complaints from me!)

  11. So crazy freakin’ awesome that you are valedictorian! Ah! That is AMAZING – and congrats. By the way…my stomach rumbled TWICE while reading this post. Guess it’s time for dinner?!

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