My Questions For the World

Well, we’re done with high school.

Should I be crying? Because I’m actually so ecstatic that it’s over! I’m gonna miss my friends and teachers of course, but let’s be real…we’re DONE!

I guess you could say we ended our year with a bang, but our dysfunctional grade also almost messed things up again. Some people tried to have a balloon fight in school in an effort to squeeze in a senior prank, but that fell through when the principal found out first thing in the morning. Bravo, children.

We did have the water balloon  fight after school in the lot, which was {legal} and kinda fun. More fun was this big ice cream mess in business calculus! I’ve told you time and again— that class is about food more than anything.

photo 1 photo 2

I had this ice cream at 10:30 AM, and I was off the walls. Insanely hyper.

Anyway, I got to sleep in today, which was wonderful in every way. So now I’m gonna answer some wild and crazy survey questions created by yours truly! Arman kindly asked me (yes, kindly can you believe it?) to come up with this week’s Spill It Sunday questions, so of course I said yes. I love me some survey questions! I also like Arman when he isn’t threatening to chuck things at me.


I’m answering these on Tuesday, but the link up will be Sunday! Obvi.

1) What is your happy place?

The summit of a hike. I haven’t even gone anywhere that amazing, but nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment and peace.


2) What are you wearing right now?

A t-shirt and shorts (aka my pajamas).
What a color combo, eh?

3) Cookies or cake?

Why did I ask this question?! This is a toughie. I feel like I eat cake more often, but I prefer cookies. Favorites include oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodles, and peanut butter (betcha didn’t guess that last one).
Like Kylie’s Almond Butter Oatmeal Raisin Cookies…I could go for some right now.

4) Which chore/errand do you despise the most?

Vacuuming. Even though dad does it most of the time, I’m not a fan of it when I do vacuum. Moving all the furniture, the loud noise, lugging the thing up and down the stairs, maneuvering around the wire… On the bright side, it definitely counts as some daily moves!

5) What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

I haven’t done anything super crazy, but the one thing that comes to mind is when I went Peppercorn helmet diving in Bermuda.
Bermuda Helmet Diving
The helmet dive was different from scuba diving in that you didn’t wear a suit and you basically just walked on the ocean floor (we were in a fairly shallow part of the ocean). Air was pushed into the helmet at however many miles per hour to keep the water out, and the heavy helmet just sat on your shoulders. I, being maybe 10 years old at the time, was FREAKED OUT when the guide first took me down. I started screaming in my helmet so he took me back up to the boat until I was ready to not be a chicken anymore. I wish I could find the pictures because my face is the picture of terror.

6) Brag and tell us one thing you love about yourself!

I love my public speaking ability. I definitely give credit to my dad for teaching me the tricks of the trade.

7) Now tell us one embarrassing fact about yourself.

I used to pretend to be Hannah Montana all the time. I would film myself singing her songs, pretend to be giving out autographs, try to write original songs, and make my brother take pictures of me dressed like Miley Cyrus (of the past). I don’t know why, I really don’t.

8) Name three things on your nightstand.

My prayer book, a squishy stress ball brain, and a container of cocoa butter (body butter).

9) You can ask a famous person one (and only one) question. Who is it and what is your question?

 Mother Teresa: Who was the most influential person in your life?

10) Would you rather live in the breathtaking mountains or on a gorgeous tropical beach?

As much as I love a tropical beach, I would have to say I’d rather live in the mountains (hello, happy place!). To be honest, I’m thinking of Jo right now. I wanna live where she lives, because it looks like this:



Yes, please.

Have a great day, friends! If you have a blog, try out these questions and link up with Arman on Sunday! If you do not have a blog, answer some of the questions in the comments below!

So tell me:

Cookies or cake?

Beach or mountains?

Your answer to any of the other questions!


32 thoughts on “My Questions For the World

  1. I’m a cake and beach girl all the way! My love water sports and warmth definitely outweigh the breath taking beauty of the mountains.

  2. Love these! You always find out the most random but fascinating facts about people:)
    Cookies (oatmeal raisin or chocolate chunk -thick and soft!!!) or ice cream cake…or brownies (even though that wasn’t an option😉)
    Mountains for me but preferably near a body of ocean!!
    And I used to pretend I was the kid from home alone when I was little and would watch the movie every day🙈
    I know that explains everything lol
    Have a great day of freedom grad🙌😘

  3. Um CONGRATS ON FINISHING HIGH SCHOOL! I know it’s terrible to wish your time away, but I could handle graduating already! And I love these Spill it Sunday questions! These are gold girl! Okay anyways, cookies 4 lyfe and mountains (I live SUPER close to the beach, so a change of scenery could be fun!) Most daring thing I’ve done? I swam with sharks in the Bahamas. It was INSANE. Have a lovely Tuesday x

  4. Thank heavens you’re out of the Hannah Montana phase! Honestly though, she wasn’t a bad creature in her funny days.
    I squealed out embarrassingly loud upon viewing your fabulous face as the questioner come Sunday…fingers crossed I can join the partayyy. Argh, I cannot believe you choose cookies over cake!!
    Oh and those pj’s rock 🙂 . The blue compliments the peachy-pink hue perfecto. Matchy-matchy is so 1950’s.

  5. We had a huge water fight in the park on the last day of high school — such good times. But there are plenty more good times to be had and good memories to be made 🙂 And I’m TOTALLY with you on picking mountains over beaches. There’s probably nowhere I feel more at peace than up in the mountains, which is why I’m totally jealous and plan to pull a Jo one day and move to Banff. It’s going to happen! Also… oatmeal raisin cookies are the love of my life. I actually prefer them over chocolate chip oatmeal 😯

  6. Congratulations for finishing school! I’ll be celebrating for you! I’m SO happy your doing Spill it Sundays this week, I can’t wait to fill in your questions, they look great. Okay I’m not a cookies or cake girl, but a biscuit girl. However not the US type of biscuit, which we call a scone, but like a cookie but hard and pretty plain. Hard to explain and I don’t know if you have a term for it! And I love the mountains – beautiful views, great hikes and fresh air!

  7. Congrats on finishing high school!! 🙂

    I would have to say I prefer cake over cookies. I also love laying out on a beautiful beach. I’m from Seattle so the mountains aren’t that far away but we don’t have any beaches- only man-made ones! lol

  8. Those mountains are stunning! I’m definitely vacationing there someday. I can’t remember a time when I’ve ever been in any real mountains, outside the hills of Tennessee.
    I’m suuuuuuch a cookie person. I don’t even have a favorite; cookies in general, if they’re tasty, are my loves. I actually don’t like cake all that much (except the frosting. I always go for the frosting).

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  10. Hahahaha I think everyone 18 or younger had a Hannah Montana wig and pretended to be her. I know I did 😉 not to mention the dance parties with all of my friends! Those were the days 🙂

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