Too Much Fun

Holy moly.

What a weekend! From Friday afternoon to last night, I have done approximately 16,784 things, but all of it has been so FUN. Except the time I bumped my leg into something and got a very swollen, green bruise. That’s trivial though.


Recappin’ this marvelous weekend with Katie!

This is gonna be a huge photo dump, so I’m going to try to keep the words to a minimum! We’ll see how that works out.


Like I said last week, the music students at my school had a HUGE cook off. It was so legit. The teams were divided by grade, and we were judged on taste, presentation, and overall experience. Seniors won best main dish (my mom’s fried rice and my friend’s samosas) and best overall!


Our theme: World Cup (aka international cuisine)

DSC_8247 DSC_8253

We had some of our guys be waiters and everything. Think we went hard? The sophomores built a gondola. A GONDOLA. Freshmen also made creme brûlée and deviled eggs, no big deal.

In the evening, I watched Frozen for the second time with Daliza, but this time Michael joined us since he had always wanted to watch it (and was jealous that we watched it without him the first time). Daliza and I were obnoxious and sang all the songs out loud during the movie. Heh heh.


I spent the whole morning in the kitchen cooking things like this sad excuse for a steak and potato hash:


I failed to get the potatoes crispy. Disappointing.

Later, I headed outside for some fun moves: I did four rounds of a jog around my cul de sac, 5 burpees, 15 split squats each leg, 20 double unders, 20 triceps dips, and 5 burpees. I did NOT do this for time whatsoever. I took multiple breaks to snapchat Davida and change the music on my computer.

Then I came inside and did some YOGA! I hadn’t done these poses in a while, but I surprisingly improved since last year! Or at least I think I did…

DSC_4059 DSC_8273

{Right} June 2013 v. {left} June 2014

DSC_4073 DSC_8268

DSC_4125 DSC_8280

DSC_8283 DSC_8281

Trying some new things…



After church that night, we went out for my dad’s {belated} birthday dinner at Tequila Sunrise!


Tableside guac.


Fish tacos.


Can we just look at that waiter perfectly photo-bombing this? He’s looking straight at the camera.


Birthday sombrero!

PS— we were all wearing red because at church we celebrated Pentecost. Basically, the red is reppin’ the fire of the Holy Spirit!


*Arman‘s (the frenemy) birthday!!!*

I went on a run/walk with Michael at noon, which was fun, but also draining because it was blazing out there! I sweat so much that I had to restrain myself from putting my mouth under the water faucet when I got home. bobesponja-seco


I also made Michael do pushups with me because I’m annoying a great friend!

Lastly (promise!) was the final dance company picnic. *Tear* All I’ll say is that there was amazing food, wonderful company (literally), and the best hugs ever. I love my girls.

DSC_8328 DSC_8345 DSC_8354  DSC_8362DSC_8365 DSC_8379

Passing on the officer positions!


Proud to pass on the vice presidency to Livv!




Calves of steel.

That’s. a. wrap.

I understand if you’re annoyed at me for this aimless, overwhelming weekend recap. But if you are, you probably haven’t made it this far.

Anyway, this was an absolute blast of a weekend, and I thank God for being able to spend some quality time with my friends as high school comes to an end. TODAY IS OUR LAST DAY!

Have a great Monday, everyone!

So tell me:

Do you like yoga?

Did you do anything outdoors this weekend?

Three fun things you did this weekend!


25 thoughts on “Too Much Fun

  1. Okay you just reached a whole new level of respect from me – crow pose is my all time favourite yoga pose! You can hold some great poses! If only you could teach me! I’m still new to snap chat, I feel so behind on the times! What’s your username? I can always do with more people to bug with cute pics of my dog!
    This morning I ventured outside with my dad for a beautiful walk! It’s so cold outside now but so refreshing!

  2. …..This is bizarre but I had a tequila sunrise on Saturday night!!! (The drink, not the restaurant!). That photobomb is classic- and I can relate to the failed hash- the key is to cook the potatoes until crispy and just mix with the steak. Cheaters way 😉

    I need to redo this whole snapchat thing…please tell me you got Davida’s kale fanning one.

    • We’re kin, so I’m not surprised. And I did mix in the steak last (it was leftovers that I microwaved— really cheating), but I was just too impatient to let the potatoes get crispy.
      I think I may have gotten that kale fanning one. She’s living the good life there.

  3. Huge applause to you for those yoga moves! I can’t for the life of me do any poses besides downward dog and maybe a couple other basics.
    This weekend, I spent some time outdoors, but I’m either in the process of catching a nasty cold, or I’ve got allergies again (blegh). I’m trying to rest up before my dance recital this week; I went on a leisurely walk with my dad yesterday, however. 🙂
    3 fun things I did? 1. went to a girls-only campout with my ladies, 2. baked some healthy chocolate chip cookies, and 3. went to two open houses for people I barely know. heh.

  4. I still haven’t watched Frozen yet! OMG. I have to watch it! I would totally sing along with the songs too! haha.
    And, nice. You hold awesome yoga poses! I have total respect for you. I tried holding crow pose for years now and I still can’t do it.

  5. Um….can I like come stay with you, because your weekends are always awesome.

    That is SO COOL that your school had a cook-off!! My school never does anything fun like that! Also, all of your outfits are perfect. You are a beauty! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day chica!!!!!!!

  6. I love your weekend posts!! You make me laugh too!
    And man that crow pose😳👏👏
    I love yoga but my moves and grooves are still pretty basic😉
    That cooking competition looked like fun!!! Fried rice>gondola 😊
    This weekend I tagged along with my brother and his friends on a hike…and gotten eaten alive by bugs…all part of the experience huh?!🙈
    Anyways have a fantastic last day of high school everrrrrrr🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 love ya girl 😘

  7. Daaaang girl you can hold a yoga pose! But that restaurant with the homemade guac. OMG. Basically just everything about this weekend is awesome! Hope your LAST DAY went well!!

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