Behind the Scenes #22: Lame High School Seniors


Being random with Amanda today!

1) Why are the seniors still going to school? We have three days left and we do n-o-t-h-i-n-g in our classes. As my friend Kristi said, my phone battery runs out faster by the end of the day because we have to entertain ourselves with social media. The only motivation for me at this point is my Italian final.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.14.26 PM

All day, every day

2) My gym membership ends today, which is both good and bad. Good because I can work out outdoors more often (and focus on things like yoga and pilates), bad because I don’t get to use the TRX bands anymore. Those things rock.

3) I fell for it. I fell for the “I’ll like a bunch of your pictures so you can notice my amazing pictures and follow me” on Instagram. Someone decided to like 10 of my photos without following me, so of course I had to check out who this person was. When I found her Instagram, I saw beautiful food pictures and fancy French captions. I didn’t want to do it, but I followed her. I feel defeated.



4) Speaking of Instagram, Gina from Running to the Kitchen posted several photos from her hike through the gorgeous Zion National Park yesterday, and I died. I want to go there so badly now.

5) The best part about making way too many pancakes and waffles for a sleepover breakfast? LEFTOVERS.


Banana pancakes with 2% Greek yogurt, sunflowers seed butter, and maple syrup. Glass o’ milk on the side!

Confession: I took my super sweet time eating this and was fashionably late to school. Whoops.

6) All the music students at my school are having a huge cook-off tomorrow, and the teams are divided by grade. Seniors are gonna kill it. My contribution will be chicken fried rice, and I think we’re also gonna try to sing and perform for the judges to complete the experience. It’s Iron Chef meets America’s Got Talent.

7) Obsessed:

Riptide by Vance Joy

8) We tried to a senior prank of sorts today called the “senior snuggle.” Basically, all the seniors were supposed to lie down in the hall and just chill there in between class periods. However, a lot of people chose not to do it, so it was a classic failure.

photo 2


9) I’m trying this overnight hair-curling technique where you just twist your hair, tie it, and sleep on it. In the morning, I hope to have nice, wavy curls, but there’s no guarantee. It has worked beautifully for my friend, Kristi, so fingers crossed that my hair cooperates as well as hers!

photo 4

I’ve tried overnight hair curling techniques before, and let’s just say that I never thought my hair could morph into an afro. But it’s possible.

10) I have a question for you all: Do you like my Fascinating Friday Links posts? I didn’t do one last week, and I’m just not sure if I want to do one every week from now on. I’ve gotten feedback before that they’re not the most interesting posts (ironic), but I’ve also gotten positive feedback for the links. How do you all feel about it?

Hope you all have a fantastic day! Smile a lot 😀

So tell me:

Have you ever fallen for the like-for-follow on Instagram?

Any cool senior pranks you know about?

Have you ever tried heatless curls before?


19 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #22: Lame High School Seniors

  1. That song….get off my radio. It was #1 in Australia’s triple J top 100 (a huge accolade) and they would not stop playing it.

    Please tell me you ate those pancakes cold. Also, let me ask Niki about her heatless curl technique- she suffers Asian hair syndrome (e.g. dead straight) and never uses a hot curler iron!

    • That just goes to show how much better Australia’s taste in music is than America’s. We have remixes of John Legend’s All of Me on repeat. As if I wasn’t sick of the original version.
      I warmed up the pancakes…just cuz the brown rice flour made them a little tougher than usual. Surri.
      Yes, report back on Niki! Straight-haired Asians know what’s up.

  2. I HAVE fallen for the Instagram trick. I’ve played it on other people too (shame, shame) but nowadays I don’t even try to get followers because I know it’s just not gonna happen. :p
    I heard of a school whose seniors paid a mariachi band to follow their principal around for an hour… if that’s not cool I don’t know what is!
    I used to curl my hair all the time when I was younger and my hair was considerably shorter. I literally looked like Shirley Temple afterwards, which was cute at age five, but at age fifteen I’m not so sure. I’m afraid to try.

  3. I fall for the Instagram likes all the time. I have no idea what my school is planning for senior prank, I hope it’s something good. Usually my school is pretty lame.

  4. I hope your final three days of school turn out to be at least slightly productive! Even though I’ve never personally been to public school, my younger siblings usually tell me that the last few days of school are essentially pointless unless there are finals being done on those days. Those pictures of Zion National Park are gorgeous; I would love to visit there someday! Since I don’t have an Instagram account (only Facebook for me), I obviously haven’t gotten into the whole like-for-follow thing. However, sometimes I do feel tempted to follow blogs just because they followed or commented on mine, even if their content isn’t particularly fascinating to me. I actually do enjoy your Fascinating Friday Links posts, since I have come across many interesting articles that way, but I completely understand if you don’t want to share them each week. It is 100% up to you, as always, but I am a supporter of them 😉 I hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Is it terrible of me to be rocking with laughter at the lameness of that prank? But I mean that in the best way possible; its so awesomely lame – it’s funny 😀 !
    You managed to acquire an afro!? I’ve never tried DIY curls..with my fine hair, the best luck I’ve had was at the salon. Gosh it was brilliant!
    Aaah I haven’t had pancakes in way too long..way to make me crave ’em. This weekend- gotta happen.
    I actually always enjoyed your Friday links; if its an issue of time however, please don’t push yourself to have it up 🙂 .

  6. I’ve fallen for that one many a times!🙈 (that picture is perfect lol)
    I’ve tried the heat less curls before and it usuall works pretty good! The trick is to put gel or mousse in your hair after you take it out of the braid so it stays longer👍👍
    And I love the fascinating Friday posts. Lots of interesting stuff from all over😊
    Have a great day Alison!

  7. Really? I love the fascinating Friday posts. Most bloggers (at least the bloggers that I read) don’t usually post interesting things on Friday and your blog is a nice deviation from that.

  8. I can’t stand that IG trick! If someone does that to me I won’t even look at their profile. #sorrynotsorry lol !
    I’ve tried sleeping in a sock bun and then you’re supposed to wake up with beautiful ringlets. More like an afro for me 🙂
    I love fascinating Friday links! I’d like to post a link love every week but it seems like too much work, so I like reading yours!

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