WIAW: Fluffy and Peachy


I honestly could not think of a better title for this post, but fluffy things sound nice and peachy things sound cheerful, right? It’s also WIAW, which means food, which means awesomeness.


Awesomeness brought to you by Jenn!

I came up with the two adjectives, fluffy and peachy, when thinking about the wicked breakfast I had a week ago. When you’re in a family that loves eating at restaurants, you tend to describe foods as if you’re trying to advertise them on a menu. Thus, here’s what I ate last Wednesday, along with some {hopefully appealing} adjectives to describe my eats! Don’t worry, I didn’t say moist…Except for just now.

I also finally took pictures of all my eats from one full day!


Fluffy and peachy:


Peach oatmeal smoothie (with peanut butter blended in) + PB puffins on top

This thing is so fluffy I could die. When it comes straight out of the blender, there’s still a lot of air so it’s like a mousse. It might just be my favorite summer breakfast! Eaten with a spoon of course.

Snack #1

Crunchy and sweet:

photo 1

Oat and honey bar

I didn’t really need captions for this one did I?


Savory and spicy:

photo 2

Pork, cheese, spinach, and spicy mustard sandwich

Love that spicy brown mustard! It seriously MAKES the sandwich.

Snack #2

Crunchy and charred:


Spicy brown rice crackers.

These things make my taste buds party, but my mom threw out the box at the store (such a space-saver), so I don’t know what the brand is!


Leftover grilled veggies with sun dried tomato hummus

Any vegetable in the fridge is doomed to the fiery pit of hummus. Dooooomed.

Snack #3

Classic and…that’s it.


Banana with pepita sunseed butter

Tchu know.


Fresh and nutty:


Fish and mango spring rolls (a la madre) with peanut sauce

Gosh, I loved this dinner. Although, in this picture the peanut sauce looks like baby food. I had to warm it up in the microwave to get is a little less carrot-mash-y.


Sweet and tangy:



The usual. Dried figs with Greek yogurt {recycled photos}.

This reminds me— I haven’t had dried figs and Greek yogurt since last Wednesday I think! I’ll change that right now 😀

Can we just reflect on the fact that there are 4 more days of high school left for me?? I’m currently in the very giddy, excited stage of the process, since all our senior events are coming up soon. But I’ll hit the emotional stage sometime this month, don’t you worry. Oh and I also had my last dance class EVER yesterday. What?!

Also, I want to wish my dad a very happy birthday! You’re the best, pop. I love you so much! ♥


Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

So tell me:

Describe your favorite meal from yesterday.

What do you like to eat with hummus? 


20 thoughts on “WIAW: Fluffy and Peachy

  1. How sad is it that I actually had to go read my own WIAW to remember what I ate yesterday? 😆 I tell ya — getting old is no joke. But I’m going to go withhhh… sweet and creamy… for the ice cream sandwich I had to finish off the day 😀 As for hummus, I think carrots would probably be my favourite. I tried dipping Popchips into hummus the other day, but it was a little too much for me. I prefer carrots in my hummus, and avocado on my Popchips.

  2. Oh my goodness, soak up those last four days! Spend as much time with your friends as you can, because (unfortunately) it gets harder and harder to get everyone together once people go off on their separate paths. Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been two years since I graduated high school–time really flies!

    I absolutely LOVE the look of those roasted veggies, so delicious 🙂 And my goodness, I actually had a lot of delicious meals yesterday! I had smoothie waffles for breakfast and a Thai peanut vegetable stew for dinner…so good. So good 🙂

    Have a lovely rest of your day, Alison! xoxo

  3. Yummm I’m getting hungry again reading this!!🙈 ok let’s get down to business!😉
    Cucumbers and carrots and turkey with hummus for me!!
    My overnight oats were chewy and thick!
    Happy birthday to yor dad!!!!
    And enjoy these last days of high school! Defiantly a roller coaster of emotions but in the end it’s a good ride!👍👍😊
    have a great day Alison!

  4. Yesterday was my baby brother’s birthday; my favorite meal is a tie between the spaghetti and garlic bread we had for dinner, and the cake and ice cream we had afterwards. What to eat with hummus? ev.er.y.thing… Ry Krisp sesame crackers are divine with garlic hummus, if you’re wanting a specific opinion.
    Also, I don’t think I’ve ever had spring rolls. I’ve been wanting to try them but I have yet to get around to buying the supplies. Procrastination will be the death of me. 😉

  5. Your smoothie looks like perfection!! Did you add a frozen banana and frozen peach or fresh? it looks so fluffy! 🙂 And I LOVE those figs!!! Seriously, you have to try it with almond butter mmmm

  6. I only have one day!! I’m intrigued – do your seniors not get out early? The seniors at my school got our 2 weeks ago! And they don’t have to take exams!

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