18 Things

Hi there!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was both exhausting and fun— there was a sleepover, waffles, delicious dinner, a dance show (last one EVER), and I turned 18 somewhere in there.


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So here are 18 things about my weekend during which I became a legal adult:

1. Moves

After school on Friday, I headed to the gym (there are 3 days left in my membership!) for a workout.

5 min. arc trainer + supersets:

  • 10-12 pistols each leg + 15-20 Bulgarian split squats each leg
  • 20 hamstring ball roll-ins + 30 Bosu lunge hops
  • 20 lunge pulses + 20 single leg bridge pulses each leg

Plus core work!

2. Dance company dinner

At my favorite Japanese restaurant! I got the roll combo with eel avocado, yellowtail, and tuna rolls. They’re all my absolute favorites, so you better believe I finished that whole plate. No sushi left behind.

photo 1 photo 2

3. Dance company sleepover

‘Twas a crazy night with 14 girls sleeping over, but it was a blast. We signed T-shirts, screamed Frozen songs at the top of our lungs, and played Cards Against Humanity. Successful sleepover indeed!


4. Epic breakfast

Waking up at 9 AM after going to bed at 3 AM was not ideal on my birthday, but making breakfast (best meal of the DAY) for my best gals was worth it. My super-mom did most of the work though. We have enough waffles and cereal for the rest of the year I think.

DSC_8204 DSC_8205

The only thing I really did— gluten free banana pancakes.


Approximately 1/5 of all the waffles we made. {We froze all the leftovers.}


Part of my breakfast: pancakes with Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and maple syrup added later. Heavennnnn.

Thanks so much, mom and pop, for being such generous hosts to all my dance friends!!! It has been requested that you start a hotel service…but I think you’re already there.

5. A nice nap

‘Nough said.

6. Beautiful weather all weekend

Like, perfect.

7. Wonderful Mass with my family

It’s the last week of the Easter season!

8. Awesome birthday texts from my friends

9. Phone call with the brother

So happy that I got to talk with Mr. Penguino.

10. Eighteen burpees

…ya know. I ♥ burpees, so it just seemed appropriate.

11. Amazing birthday dinner

I chose to go to a Latin restaurant called Sonora that my parents had raved about in the past, and it was the BOMB. We all shared a few tapas, a couple entrees, and of course a couple desserts.

DSC_8207 DSC_8211 DSC_8213

Salmon ceviche


Quinoa, goat cheese, roasted eggplant empanadas with a chocolate molé sauce. WHOA.


Dad’s halibut with quinoa gnocchi (!!!)


Mom’s stuffed chicken with some sort of green potato mash


Pork tacos


Cheesecake with dulce de leche ice cream and guava sauce


Chocolate jalapeño bread pudding with dulce de leche ice cream. This was awesome.

12. The waiters sang happy birthday to me really quietly

I was kinda hoping they would have fireworks and a mariachi band though.

13. Best birthday presents ever from Daliza


Cutest collage ever.

photo 3

Uhhh how cool is this?! She drew the little mascot on there and everything!


The goodies in the box.

Daliza is one of my best friends ever, and this gift meant the absolute world to me. I swear it’s not just because she gave me sunflower seed butter. 😉 I can tell that she put so much effort and thought into it and I appreciate it from the depths of my nut-butter-loving heart. Thank you so much, Daliza!

14. Woke up automatically at 7 AM yesterday morning

My internal clock hates me -_-

15. Watched CrossFit Games while eating breakfast instead of trying to go back to sleep

Bad idea. I was so tired for the rest of the day.

16. Last dance show with my dance school EVER

That sounds more emotional than it was. Yesterday was the show for the younger dance classes in our dance school, so we did perform shortly, but we mostly just helped out backstage. It was a long day.

photo 4

Alison + Allison. Sons.

17. Ate a snickerdoodle 

Thanks to my friend Rachel who brought a bunch for us to eat yesterday! Snickerdoodles are my fave.

18. Thanked God

For this weekend and every single person that made it so dang special.

Hello, adulthood! I’m {sorta} ready for you!

So tell me:

What is the best birthday gift you ever received?

Three things you did this weekend!


34 thoughts on “18 Things

  1. That is one sleepover I would’ve loved to crash! A crowd of 14 must be epic 😀 !
    For a savage peach-eating hyena who conveniently forgot her birthday; you celebrated well 😉 .
    WHOA is right for that roasted eggplant concoction.

  2. Sounds like you had a great birthday! Pillow fight! haha.
    All the food looks so good! Now that you’re 18, act responsibly! Trust me on that.
    My birthday is later this month. I won’t be in my teens anymore (number-wise, that is). 20!

  3. Happy belated Birthday, Allison! Lack of sleep aside it looks like you had the best birthday weekend ever. Plus Daliza’s gifts are just awesome. The best gifts I got so far also weren’t the ones that were most expensive but those homemade ones that came from the heart.
    Now I want to have a sleepover. With waffles. And Disney movies. Actually, can I come over for your next birthday party?? Never mind that at 23 I’m probably ‘too old’ for sleepovers because I just decided you’re never too old for them.

  4. What a great birthday weekend! Can I get an invite to your next sleepover?! I just invited myself🙈 #noshame lol I’ll bring scategories and my snuggie😜🙆💁🙋👯
    Anyways, that gift from your bestie is awesome🙌🙌🙌What a great friend😊
    Hope your weekend means that your 18th year is going to be just as fabulous!😘😘😘😘😘

  5. Ladyyyyyyy! What a freaking amazing weekend! But you deserve no less 🙂 My only complaint is that you didn’t invite me over for that epic breakfast! I guess I can let it slide, though, seeing as peanut butter was in attendance and we don’t get along very well. But in all seriousness, I’m super happy that you’re constantly being showered with so much love (and good food 😉 ) — you’re such a sweetheart and I hope 18 is an amazing year for you.

  6. Happy [belated] birthday!!! My best-girl-friend-since-forever just turned 18 last month so I can imagine how excited you must be. 😉
    I’m actually major jealous of that sushi – it’s been foreeeeeeeeverrrr since I’ve been to a proper Japanese restaurant and had the pleasure of indulging. Enjoy being 18, girl! 😀

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