Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down


I might post some Fascinating Friday Links later today, but I thought I’d first share with you some life happenings from the past couple of days! Here are the pros (thumbs up) and cons (thumbs down)…aka the two things that make up this wonderful cocktail of life.

Yesterday was a long day because the music students at my school had a field trip to Lake Compounce (an amusement park) for a music festival where we critiqued and judged.

Thumbs up 👍: Being on roller coasters with my best friends instead of being at school.

Thumbs down 👎: Getting whiplash and nearly crapping myself on some of the rides.

photo 3

The moment at which I thought I was going to die. Then again, I probably make this face at school too.

Thumbs up: Chorus got “Superior” ranking for our performance. That’s right.

photo 4

Thumbs up (or is it thumbs down?): It also took me a whopping two days to stop being sick of ice cream. I know, the long break was just what I needed. 😉


Thumbs down: This soft serve was icy and not that good and it was $4!

Thumbs down: My friend Jeannine and I were going to go on a run together on Wednesday, but my exhaustion caused me to bail and skip out on the run. She’s not friends with me anymore.

Jokes. I think.

Thumbs down: I went home to take a nap that day, but I laid in bed my over-tired insomnia for an hour and a half.

Thumbs up: I slept better last night!

Thumbs up: I still got in some moves on Wednesday right in my bedroom. I worked on tons of handstands (which are getting better!), pushups, tricep dips, and I did an ab tabata.

Thumbs up: I’m hosting a HUGE sleepover tonight for all of dance company. That would be 15 girls total in my basement. It’s the seniors’ last one ever (maybe I shouldn’t have said that), but I’m so excited!!! My parents have been so generous in getting everything for snacks and breakfast tomorrow, so I hope these girls have an appetite tomorrow morning! My mom runs this place like a hotel, as you might know.

Thumbs up: Peaches are in season!!!


Cookie dough cereal with peaches and bananas


Peach banana peanut butter oatmeal smoothie (using this recipe + pb)

Thumbs down: It’s nearly impossible to look decent eating good peaches in public since the juice starts running down my arm and getting all over my face. I look like a savage hyena.

Thumbs up: Tomorrow is my birthday!

Thumbs down: I almost forgot about it.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

So tell me:

What are some of your recent thumbs up/thumbs down moments?

Do you like peaches?

21 thoughts on “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

  1. Who forgets about their birthday?!? Savage peach-eating hyenas apparently :p . Happy (early) Birthday then Alison 🙂 !!
    Mine is in June, squeee. I’m turning 2 :straight face: .
    Ahhahaa I always get whiplash on hectic roller coasters..your face is still fairly decent over there; it can get awfully embarassing at times. A major thumbs up moment was on Wednesday: my Dad getting me a laptab. Yeahhh, I may be going on about it every chance I get 😀 .

  2. Your face on the roller coaster is priceless!😜🙌
    Love peaches so much!!
    Thumbs up for being almost done with the semester 👍
    Thumbs down for trying to figure out y schedule for next semester 😭👎
    That’s all I got today!
    Happy early birthday birthday girl and hope you have a awesome sleepover!😘💕

  3. I love peaches! They don’t really get good around these parts until mid to end of July, unfortunately.
    Thumbs up moment: Finally establishing a regular sleep schedule! Thumbs down: Working two shifts today. Haha.
    Happy almost birthday! 😀

  4. I miss sleepovers! Have an absolute blast, girl! And your birthday tomorrow? Eeee! That calls for special birthday pancakes for breakfast 😀 Also… Bad ice cream needs to be illegal, especially at that price. The crazy thing is that sometimes the cheapest ice cream tastes so darn good! Like the $1 cones from McDs? YUM!

  5. I love it when peach juice starts to run down your face because you know your got a really good one. Not because you look like an idiot with peach juice everywhere 🙂

  6. Happy (belated) birthday, girly!! Hope the sleepover went well! My mom never let me have tons of girls over haha..but I did go to plenty of sleepovers!

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