My Random Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is over. School should also be over. Memorial day weekend always makes me feel like we’re on summer break, but here we are with two weeks of school left. There isn’t much to complain about though— all but one of my final exams are over, it’s senior year, and I like my schoolmates…most of the time.

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day, remembering our troops and spending time with family and friends! Mine started off pretty late since I decided to go to bed unreasonably late on Sunday night. Once I was up, I realized my mom was already starting the grill prep for our Memorial Day BBQ!


Summer bounty in the raw

I felt so under-accomplished when I saw that she had already gone shopping, prepped some of the vegetables, started cooking the pork, and was dressed so nicely. My dad was also up and ready to do a load of yard work. Meanwhile, I rolled out of bed in my pajamas at 11 AM.

I helped her season the veggies if that counts for anything. I also tried to fix our wi-fi connection to no avail (I’m connected directly to our modem right now via cord).

Well, daughter of the year here snacked on mom’s amazing grilled feast throughout the afternoon:

DSC_8184 DSC_8185


DSC_8188 DSC_8189

Evidently, we like the char.

Everything was incredible. Tip: Season your vegetables with sesame oil and black pepper before grilling— simple yet so flavorful! My mom grilled enough to feed an army, so we have leftovers for DAYS. Thanks, ma! And thanks, pa, for making our yard look pretty 🙂

After I digested, I took my moves outdoors because…it was Memorial Day! Outdoor fun is practically a necessity. I did some jump roping, handstands, and then a short circuit workout from Purely Twins. It was a hot one out there yesterday!

photo 1

I’m growing a mane apparently. Also, I feel like I’m wearing that shirt whenever I take a workout selfie. I promise I wash it.

Then I walked over to see my friend Daliza who was working. I also got ice cream because that’s the perfect post-workout snack, right?

photo 2

Cookies and cream + cherries jubilee

I’ve had ice cream for the past three days, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m getting sick of it. I’ll fall for it again soon enough though, I’m sure. Ice cream and I are tight like that.

I hung out with Daliza for a couple hours (apparently I like to watch her scoop ice cream and sweep floors for that long) before coming home to do some homework, read blogs, and eat dinner.


More grilled goodies + quinoa/rice + more unpictured grilled mackerel and tofu

Now I’m sitting here, smelling of sweat and sunscreen because I still haven’t showered yet. TMI?

Have a terrific Tuesday, friends!

So tell me:

What is a highlight of your Memorial Day?

What is your favorite grilled food? 


11 thoughts on “My Random Memorial Day

  1. Carcinogens or not I like my grilled food nice and charred like that👆👌😊
    My favorite grilled foods are zucchini/squash, fish, skinny spiral Italian sausage, even burgers taste better on the grill!
    And yes I feel like school should be over already! At least I’m in vacation mode in my head😉😏 lol
    Have a good one Alison!

  2. Tired of ice cream?!?!? Nevaaaahhhhhh!!!! Hopefully I don’t get sick of coffee/ice cream because of my work….I shudder at the thought.

    Your grill-feast is drool worthy, and we love the char too. Also, your workout selfies are always so cute! How? I hate workout selfies because I can never look decent, haha!

    Have a wonderful day!!!!

  3. um oh my gosh all the food. It makes my bbq from yesterday seem pathetic lol! We have tons of leftovers too – but I’m okay with that. Already prepped food that I only have to microwave? yes please 🙂

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