WIAW: The Best Bite

Hi there!

Tuesday’s are always my days of sheer exhaustion. I skipped ballet class last night because I desperately needed a nap after an awards ceremony I attended, and I ended up sleeping until ballet class actually started. Whoops. I called in and told them I couldn’t make it because a) I would have been late; b) I was still exhausted. I’ll make up classes next week! If I didn’t have to eat dinner and do homework, I would have tried to sleep until the morning.

Other than my sleepiness, yesterday was lovely. And today is also lovely because I’m joining Jenn’s WIAW party!


I don’t know about you, but I eat my food sort of meticulously. Not in a pick-apart-my-food way, but in an I-wanna-get-that-perfect-bite way. I’ve talked about food ratio problems before, and this WIAW digs into similar details. There are always those bites that just have the perfect amount of everything and the perfect textures. Anyone else agree??

Thus, here are some of my recent eats + descriptions of the perfect bite from each!



Hot banana oats and Greek yogurt with sunflower seed butter

Best bite: The end of the bowl when there is a lot of sunflower seed butter left (since I save the best for last), a little bit of yogurt, and the oats are cooled and doughy.


Oatmeal cookie dough smoothie (with spinach added) + Greek yogurt for dipping {recycled photo}

Best bite: The first one when the smoothie and Greek yogurt are still cold.


Corn English muffin with sunflower seed butter and pepita sunseed butter + Greek yogurt with banana and honey

Best bite: Spoonful of yogurt with a banana slice, followed by a bite of the spot on the crispy English muffin that has an unusually thick layer of nut butter.


photo 2

Green Machine Naked juice….I guess you can’t bite this.


Romaine leaves + spiced (paprika?) brown rice crackers + hummus

Best bite: The crispy, cold romaine stem with hummus, followed by a bite of a cracker.


Greek yogurt + half banana + peanut butter

Best bite: Small spoonful of yogurt, smidge of peanut butter, and one banana slice.


(From the weekend)


Purple sticky rice (no coconut milk in this batch), Laotian sausage, scrambled eggs + green beans. Eaten the Laotian way: with your fingers 🙂

Best bite: Little bit o’ rice with a bite of that fatty, amazing sausage, followed by a crunchy green bean.


Almond butter and jelly on an English muffin + spinach salad with a HB egg (x2) and a simple dressing (olive oil, S+P, honey— my new favorite dressing!)

Best bite: A spot on the AB&J that had a lot of AB and a lot jelly.



Barley and curry chicken + spinach salad with the same dressing

Best bite: A piece of creamy curry chicken with a spoonful of the fluffy barley.


Smoked salmon on toast with this honey mustard yogurt dill sauce + same salad

Best bite: Bite of the salmon toast followed by a bite of the salad. There’s not much else to this meal.


Some kind of fish my mom got from a Chinese buffet + a crapton of spinach (I had other things along with this)

Best bite: Small pice of the fish (it was so salty!) with a LOT of spinach.



Mom’s coconut sticky rice with mango

Best bite: Perfect ratio of the creamy rice with the sweet mango.


Peanut butter banana soft serve with cereal for crunch

Best bite: ….The whole dang thing. Except the last bite.


Dried figs with Greek yogurt {recycled photo}

Best bite: What you see above— lots of Greek yogurt and a nibble of the dried fig.

Describing all these perfect bites is making my mouth water.

Happy Wednesday!

So tell me:

What is your perfect bite?

How do you feel about Tuesday’s?


25 thoughts on “WIAW: The Best Bite

  1. The best bite…is ALWAYS the one with the nut butter to maybe, a teeny bit of oats. Always. And the best bit of protein! I know that fish- I forget what it’s called but damn you do need a ton of spinach with it- it makes smoked salmon seem bland!

  2. Heck yes to having every bite down to science; without it even feeling that way..its like second nature! That said, the first bite is my favorite. I think its to do with my hunger being at its height, so my taste buds immediatly do ballet 😉 . With my oatmeal: I’ll grab a little bit of every aspect for each mouthful..no extra nut butter at the end for me.
    How do nap in the day!? Rather, do you sleep well at night these days?

    • You know it’s a good bite when your taste buds start dancing!
      I’ve just been going to bed too late! Technically, I didn’t have time to nap yesterday, but that’s why I had to sacrifice my ballet class. I’m making up the class next week though!

  3. The best bite is BY FAR the last one where the middle of the bowl is the perfect nest for a little munch of gooey oats and a spoonful of warm peanut butter. Gah, can we rewind about 2 hours so I can eat breakfast again?!

    The smoked salmon toast looks incredible – truly. I bet it would be awesome as a summer sandwich too…! Love everything you eat. Urrthang.

  4. I am exactly the same – always leave the best until last. And that last bite has to be perfection – the perfect spoon/ forkful with the exact combo I want. Gosh I’m a bit OCD with my food I think! :-S

  5. I’m laughing right now because my brain works in the same way when it comes to food only I’ve never articulated it aloud!!!
    Best bite is a soft gooey chocolate chip cookie where you get tons of chocolate chips! Or the part of the English muffin that is perfectly doughy and soft and just a little crispt on the bottom! Now I’m starving! Lol🙈
    Not a fan of Tuesdays at allll! I personally think they are worse than Monday!😭
    Happy Wednesday Alison!

  6. I need to try dipping my smoothies into Greek yogurt! I used to do that with my oats before I started dumping the yogurt right into them, and I loved the contrast of texture and taste. So yup… I’m super particular about my bites and food pairings, especially when it comes to my oats. The best bite is always the one that has a little bit of oats, a little bit of honey, and a lot of AB 😀

  7. OMG ARE WE THE SAME PERSON? I mean really, I always, always wait for the best spoonful of oatmeal with a big dollop of PB still left, and that one bite of yogurt with the banana and peanut butter. Gah. All of your food always looks amaazziinngg I can’t even pick a favorite. Have a wonderful day!!

  8. OH MY GOSH. Yes to the best bite. That is me everyday. I used to be really and and only savor the last bite but I’m getting better at enjoying the whole meal! Also, always save all the nut butter for the last bite in breakfast. So. Freaking. Delish.

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