So Many Emotions

Hello there!

Sorry for disappearing on Friday— I had my fascinating links and everything, and I was trying to type up a post in school, but there just wasn’t enough time. Thursday night was also a whirlwind, which you’ll see in a moment.

I’ve cried {good tears} THREE times in the past four days, so I’ve just been on an emotional roller coaster this weekend. Maybe I’m just hormonal??


Linking up with Katie’s MIMM, because being emotional is marvelous 😉


Feeling sad yet thankful at our last school concert. I’ve been involved in the music program at my school for 6 years now, so I’ve developed a great relationship with not only my peers in the music program, but my teachers as well. They’re some of the coolest people I know.

photo 1

Annual concert selfie with Daliza

My friend Daliza was bawling on stage (love you, lady), and the rest of us teared up a little bit too for our last song, “I Will” by the Beatles. Nope, this doesn’t usually happen to seniors at their last concert. We’re just a special breed.


Daliza, Apaula, and I with our super awesome vocal teacher {what da freak is up with my arm?!}


We ate our feelings at the diner with our music teachers and all the seniors that performed.

photo 3

Shared banana pancakes with Daliza

“Banana pancakes” just like Jack Johnson!


Feeling stunned that my friend Michael bought me not one, but TWO jars of no-salt, organic peanut butter. As if his prom-posal wasn’t awesome enough!! He says it’s a gift for all the times I’ve given him a ride and the one time I made him a strawberry banana smoothie, but uh…other than that, I didn’t do anything for these!


Kid knows what he’s doing. Thanks so much, Michael! I’m set for a month now. Maybe. 😉

Feeling just pain emotional while listening to this heart-tugging original song:

Like, sobbing in my bedroom by myself.

Feeling disappointed that the avocado for which I had been patiently waiting to ripen turned out to be a dud. I cut it as usual, and when I twisted it open, the skin just came off by itself…


I tried to salvage the avocado by cutting around the pit, but it was actually still really hard despite being on the counter to ripen for several days. When I tasted it, I could tell that there was something funky about it, so I chucked it. *sigh*


Feeling blessed to see some of my third grade religion students receive their First Communion on such a glorious day!

photo 3

Little angels

Feeling like a bro driving with my window down and sun roof open. Heh.

Feeling energized after a nap and some awesome moves outside. I’m gettin’ a little better at those double unders! The most I strung together was 20. I also got some unassisted pistol squats in there! (I guess eating more helps you become stronger or something ;))

Feeling blissful eating peanut butter banana soft serve again (aka the most ingenious dessert known to mankind).


Feeling inspired while watching the Crossfit Games Regionals online. They are all INSANE athletes. (<— Feeling guilty because I totally used this as procrastination from my economics paper…whoops.)


Feeling touched by the support and love for our pastor at church who is retiring this year. I teared up when one of the other priests sang a song for our departing pastor at the end of our big thanksgiving Mass for him.

Feeling proud that I am Asian…Because I have a mother that can make things like coconut sticky rice with sweet, ripe mangoes.


Mom: “It’s like a five-star restaurant!” 

Indeed, ma!

Feeling confused because our power went out for about 15 minutes, even though the weather was perfect yesterday.

Feeling in awe of my superhero dad. He was serving others non-stop yesterday—giving out report cards at Sunday School, serving Mass, talking to people in the church, going to a pro-life rally, doing political campaigning, and mowing the lawn. Not a peep of a complaint came out of him.



Feeling triumphant finishing my economics paper and presentation!!! I deserve a superman cape too.

And that, my friends, is the palette of my colorful emotions this weekend. Hope you all have a great Monday!

So tell me:

________ made you happy/sad/excited/disappointed/confused this weekend.

What is your favorite ethnic dessert?

Have you ever had an avocado that did what mine did?!



25 thoughts on “So Many Emotions

  1. Join the club, I’m grouped under “50 moods in one day” every day 😉 . energy sapping is it to feel so much hey!?
    That’s some good arm-muscle definition talking there girl!
    Hmmm..I’m: feeling sad that I cannot tolerate the taste of the batch of gingerbread brownies I -just- baked; the texture has me swooning though 😦 …
    Uhhh I am totally ignorant on ethnic desserts ..but the bread pudding my Mum whips up on a weekly basis is well-loved :p

  2. WHEW! Agree on the emotional roller coaster! Wow. I love the picture of the sticky rice. Have a great week.

  3. Nothing worse than finding out your avocado is a dud, nothing!
    I watched the regionals all weekend too! I love watching the athletes they are incredible – but it also makes me feel awesome knowing I do the same thing at Crossfit! Well maybe not as heavy a weight 😉

  4. That sticky rice looks really good! I never really do “ethnic” food in my house so its always really fun to see what other cultures eat compared to me.

  5. O man! So many feels🙈🙆 🎢 overall though a lot of good stuff happening!😊
    My favorite ethnic dessert is my grandma’s montecado cookies from Spain! I don’t exactly know how she makes them but they are straight up crack cookies with a few sesame seeds on top and taste like nothing I’ve ever had!!!
    Actually here they are in case you’re bored or intrigued!!
    Have a great day girl😘

  6. I don’t even know what to start commenting on, so I’m just going to say that I’m so, so happy for you, love! A life lived with tonnes of emotion is a good life indeed. Especially when it includes your favourite nut butter and special foods from your momma 😀 Now excuse me while I go bug mine for some chocolate muffin action…

  7. Coconut sticky rice sounds amazing – I just know I’d love it. When can I come over for dinner? Can I stay forever? 🙂

    I haven’t made banana soft serve in ages – have you tried it with frozen mango?!

  8. Must. Try. Sticky. Rice. heart eye emoji. I know exactly what ya mean about a whirlwind of emotions. Me everyday. I swear I’m bipolar haha 🙂 Also, that girl… amazing. Just spent like 10 minutes creeping on her youtube lol

  9. Ahh buddy, embrace it- these final weeks are without a doubt the best memories you’d make and entice a roller coaster of emotions!

    You’re parents sound more and more cool, when I visit, it will be to hang with them. Sorry.

  10. All these emotions are what I’ll be experiencing next year, so now I’m sitting here as an emotional wreck trying to figure out where time goes to. On the other hand, your parents seem insanely awesome. That dessert looks off da charts.

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