Behind the Scenes #21: Current Banes of Existence


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1. It has been a really WEIRD week of sleep for me.

Sunday night: a little bit of insomnia ➔ Monday: long nap

Monday night: could not fall asleep right away, woke up a couple times in the middle of the night ➔ Tuesday: exhausted

Tuesday night: could not seem to get comfortable at night, woke up a couple times ➔ Wednesday: nap

Last night: woke up once (probably my best night’s sleep of the week)

Thanks to the naps, I’m not super sleep deprived or anything, but everything is just wonky.

2. On Monday and Tuesday I was also a sneezing machine due to allergens. I just told my friends not to say “Bless you” to me anymore. Also, I was driving home on Monday and I sneezed at least TEN times— I got scared every time that I would crash or something…Don’t sneeze and drive.

Me in class:

Except not as cute.

3. Another downside of the summer weather approaching? Warm water. We leave water bottles in the car for emergency thirst (what?), so when I drank one the other day, it was warm and nasty. When I’m desperate for water, I just chug it down, but ice cold— or at least cool— water is the way to go. Warm water makes me cringe.

4. Well that’s enough complaining now, isn’t it?! In other news, I think I might become a 2% Greek yogurt convert. Actually, I would have become one a long time ago, but my mom buys yogurt in bulk from Sam’s Club or Costco usually, and they only sell 0%, so that’s what I usually eat. But ever since my dad bought some 2% from Stop and Shop, I’ve finished a whole container of it in 3 days by myself I can’t stop thinking about how creamy and amazing it is.

5. Tonight is our last school concert ever. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about that.

6. It’s shorts season but my legs are covered in bruises from dance. I don’t mind the bruises, because they kinda make me feel badass (not really), but I don’t want people to think I get abused or anything. Or that I’m a klutz…even if I am.

7. I ate cookie dough cereal this morning with bananas, pepita sunseed butter, and soy milk, and it was so fantastic. The soy milk somehow makes it taste like vanilla and coconut, which makes my taste buds do a hula dance. I think this cereal might take second place to overnight oats on my list of favorite breakfasts, and that’s saying A LOT.

cookie dough cereal

{recycled photo, but it looked exactly the same}

8. I’m typing this in AP Calc right now. See? Senior year is downhill from here.

9. Just kidding, AP Bio exam is next Friday and I feel like I know nothing. Quick! Someone quiz me!

10. Random #tbt to when I was a kangaroo for Halloween:


I wish it was socially acceptable to walk/jump around in that costume any day of the year.

Have a fabulous Thursday, everyone!

So tell me:

Have you had weird nights of sleep lately?

What are your top two favorite breakfasts?

Any current banes of existence?


15 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #21: Current Banes of Existence

  1. Current bane of existence: Theatre History. My exam is in a couple hours, and then I’m done with my junior year.
    That breakfast looks delish! Sunseed butter is my absolute fave! I have to order it inline if I was it though, so I don’t get to enjoy it all that often.

  2. I’ve been experiencing some wonky sleep lately, but I totally blame that on the fact that there was a full moon yesterday… As crazy as it sounds, my sleep ALWAYS goes wonky around the full moon, and I either can’t fall asleep or I wake up super early. And I think I really need to start experimenting with my breakfasts a little bit more. I’ve been eating stovetop oats forever now, so I really have no idea what my favourite is 😯

  3. Yum!! Cookie dough cereal! Gotta try that ASAP! I’m loving overnight oats these days👍👍
    Don’t get me started on allergies and sneezing! And gotta love when only one nostril gets stuffed😭😭😭
    Panda video -day made!😊☺️☺️☺️☺️
    Love the kangaroo throwback! Classic😂😂😂🙌
    Have a great day and here’s to hoping for better nights sleep for you! Oo and good luck on the exam!😊💗

  4. I have been switching from either oatmeal or scrambled eggs for breakfast. They are just too good not to have. Good luck on your AP Bio exam. I took that AP test my sophomore year and completely failed it. Basically all the sophomores failed it that year. And now your not allowed to take AP Bio as a sophomore. Ooopsies :0

    • I’ve said before that I might try throwing some savory items into my breakfast rotation, but I still haven’t done that yet! I’m still just so comfortable with my sweet breakfasts 🙂
      Haha I have a feeling the seniors might have the same outcome this year….. yikes.

  5. Are you describing my exact sleeping schedule?! I haven’t been able to sleep at night at all lately. Although I haven’t gotten to take any naps! I really should try that cookie dough cereal. I just like my overnight oats too much 🙂

  6. I just finished all my AP tests, but I think it’s safe to say that they’ve been the bane of my existence for months now! And the warm water situation has been a major issue in my life for years. I’m glad someone else shares this struggle. It makes me feel slightly better 🙂

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