WIAW: Day in the Life Take Two

Hello, friends!

Yesterday wore me out, but definitely for good reasons! I also finally took pictures of {nearly} all the food I ate so that I could compile a cohesive WIAW post for you today.


Linking up with my veggie-love inspiration, Jenn at Peas and Crayons!

I did a “day in the life” post for WIAW back in January, but I thought I’d do another one since they’re my favorite kinds of posts, every day is different, and last semester senior high schoolers start getting super lazy about everything, so it’s a different perspective. I guess we get excited for the end of the year too, but we’re still a little too far from there to start celebrating. Anyway, here’s what my life and eats looked like yesterday!

6:55 AM

Wake up (definitely NOT feelin’ like P-Diddy), freshen up, say morning prayer, change, put on makeup.

7:05 AM

Paint my toe nails super duper quickly so that I can wear open-toe shoes and not have ogre feet.

7:20 AM

Eat my favorite breakfast while packing lunch and reading blogs in between bites.


Overnight oats with sunflower seed butter, banana, and berries + cereal for crunch!

7:45 AM

I’M LATE! Leave home and drive to school.

8:03 AM

Wee bit late to AP Calc, but we’re not doing much anyway since the AP exam is over!

*In class doing work…ish*

10:30 AM

Snack time in business calculus per usual. I forgot to take a picture, but I had a bag of mixed nuts.

*In class {not really} doing work*

11:45 AM


photo 1

Chicken, sauteed onion, cheese, and green bean sandwich a la madre (so good, ma!) + sugar snap peas

1:00 PM

Physical education was the highlight of my school day because we just got to walk around the track and the weather was beautiful! I got more of a workout from laughing with my friends than walking.

2:27 PM

Last bell rings. I go to a quick meeting with my English teacher before driving home.

3:15 PM

Snack time and some work.


2% Greek yogurt (incredible— so much creamier and more satisfying than 0%), half banana, pepita sunseed butter

4:45 PM

Go to Haagen Dazs for free cone day with my friends Susie and Charli from dance company!

photo 2 photo 3

Cookies and cream!

photo 4

5:00 PM

Pick up some nut butters from Trader Joe’s next door. We peruse other stores in the plaza, including Best Buy:

photo 5

I left this beautiful snapshot on one of the laptops. You’re welcome, whoever finds this.

6:00 PM

Ballet starts and I feel dead. My lack of quality sleep the night before plus the Haagen Dazs sugar crash made ballet class look VERY unappealing. Ballet is usually my faveeee.

7:00 PM

“Wow I really want this to be over.”

7:30 PM

Still have pointe class. Strongly consider going home, but I stay. It went well.

8:10 PM

Get home and dig into some FOOD!


Mom made a fresh, cold shrimp salad that was ready to eat, so I thankfully ate that with some sriracha.

DSC_8082 DSC_8085

Dried figs and Greek yogurt to cool down my mouth from the spice. And just because I love this duo.

Type this blog post!

9:20 PM

Shower, brush teeth, say evening prayer, and go to bed.

I can study for business calculus tomorrow morning 😀 (No really, I have a study hall, don’t worry!)

I promise I’m not slacking. We’re really just not doing much in school, and everyone’s energy is shifting towards summer. I can literally SMELL summer in my house. Does anyone else ever notice that things start smelling distinctly different when seasons change? And it’s not B.O.

Happy Wednesday!

So tell me:

What did your day look like yesterday?

Did you get free ice cream from Haagen Dazs?

What did you have for lunch yesterday?

Does it smell like summer/winter (depending on your hemisphere)?


23 thoughts on “WIAW: Day in the Life Take Two

  1. I’ll have you know, not only do I NOT get free Haagen Dazs..I don’t get Haagen Dazs. Period. It’s an unfair world we live in tsk, tsk! I clearly recall getting a scoop of Cookies & Cream on my last holiday in the Cape; the exorbitant price was totally worth it 🙂 .
    Multi-tasking while breakfasting :shock:?..gosh, I’d probably kill someone if I couldn’t chill in bed with my bowl of oatmeal. But then again that’s -only- because the rest of the day rolls out to be crazy hectic 🙂 .
    It does smell like winter here! The air has a crispy tinge to it, cold enough to burn your lungs..and the kitchen always smells like toast and herbal teas hah!

  2. It smells so much like summer here it’s ridiculous. We have been having nice weather and it makes being in school so painful

  3. Why was I not imformed about free cone day!? Ahh lol 😉
    I can definitely smell summer and man does it smell goooood! (Minus the fact that i cant really smell because of some nasty allergies!! Ha its all good though:)
    anywho I love these posts!!! Hope you have a great day alison!!!♡♥♡

  4. I have been wanting to do one of these types of posts forever!!! I’ve even photographed the whole day before, but never find time to get it up. Before the school year ends!!

    Anywho, your yogurt bowl=gorgeous. Is that weird to say? Hehe. And I can’t believe I missed free cone day!!! The nearest Haagen Daz is like 45 minutes away from me!

    Have an awesome day, chica – you’re almost done!!!!!! 🙂

  5. You know what stuck out the most to me in this post? The fact that you somehow manage to paint your nails in the morning! Omg if I tried to do that I’d get polish on EVERYTHING. One time I tried to sit down on the couch after painting my nails and I somehow managed to get polish on the WHITE LEATHER when I swung my feet up. That was a fun day 😯

    • Oh I’ve NEVER painted my nails in the morning before, but I had been putting it off for so long. Plus, painting my toe nails takes significantly less time than painting my finger nails (since they don’t have to be quite as neat). Then they just dried while I ate breakfast 😀

  6. So I tried greek yogurt + banana + peanut butter after school, and to be honest I wasn’t diggin’ it! I really don’t like greek yogurt as the main component, rather as a topping or something. Maybe I’m not eating the right brand?! I do have nonfat so maybe I need to try 2%. Annyyyways, loving the other meals!!

  7. Free Haagen Daaz? America truly is the gift that keeps on giving. We probably have to pay 10000000 to get a damn haagen daaz here.

    Man, I suffered a sugar crash today..my friend gave me macaroons before breakfast! It smells like gross Winter here.

  8. I noticed such a difference in going from 0% fat to full fat Greek yoghurt – so much nicer and it’s full of good, healthy fats! Don’t know why everyone is scared of it!

    Hehe love the idea of the smell of summer – that, for me, comes in the form of freshly cut grass. Never gets that warm in the UK but we make the most of what we get given!

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