WIAW: Day in the Life Take Two

Hello, friends!

Yesterday wore me out, but definitely for good reasons! I also finally took pictures of {nearly} all the food I ate so that I could compile a cohesive WIAW post for you today.


Linking up with my veggie-love inspiration, Jenn at Peas and Crayons!

I did a “day in the life” post for WIAW back in January, but I thought I’d do another one since they’re my favorite kinds of posts, every day is different, and last semester senior high schoolers start getting super lazy about everything, so it’s a different perspective. I guess we get excited for the end of the year too, but we’re still a little too far from there to start celebrating. Anyway, here’s what my life and eats looked like yesterday!

6:55 AM

Wake up (definitely NOT feelin’ like P-Diddy), freshen up, say morning prayer, change, put on makeup.

7:05 AM

Paint my toe nails super duper quickly so that I can wear open-toe shoes and not have ogre feet.

7:20 AM

Eat my favorite breakfast while packing lunch and reading blogs in between bites.


Overnight oats with sunflower seed butter, banana, and berries + cereal for crunch!

7:45 AM

I’M LATE! Leave home and drive to school.

8:03 AM

Wee bit late to AP Calc, but we’re not doing much anyway since the AP exam is over!

*In class doing work…ish*

10:30 AM

Snack time in business calculus per usual. I forgot to take a picture, but I had a bag of mixed nuts.

*In class {not really} doing work*

11:45 AM


photo 1

Chicken, sauteed onion, cheese, and green bean sandwich a la madre (so good, ma!) + sugar snap peas

1:00 PM

Physical education was the highlight of my school day because we just got to walk around the track and the weather was beautiful! I got more of a workout from laughing with my friends than walking.

2:27 PM

Last bell rings. I go to a quick meeting with my English teacher before driving home.

3:15 PM

Snack time and some work.


2% Greek yogurt (incredible— so much creamier and more satisfying than 0%), half banana, pepita sunseed butter

4:45 PM

Go to Haagen Dazs for free cone day with my friends Susie and Charli from dance company!

photo 2 photo 3

Cookies and cream!

photo 4

5:00 PM

Pick up some nut butters from Trader Joe’s next door. We peruse other stores in the plaza, including Best Buy:

photo 5

I left this beautiful snapshot on one of the laptops. You’re welcome, whoever finds this.

6:00 PM

Ballet starts and I feel dead. My lack of quality sleep the night before plus the Haagen Dazs sugar crash made ballet class look VERY unappealing. Ballet is usually my faveeee.

7:00 PM

“Wow I really want this to be over.”

7:30 PM

Still have pointe class. Strongly consider going home, but I stay. It went well.

8:10 PM

Get home and dig into some FOOD!


Mom made a fresh, cold shrimp salad that was ready to eat, so I thankfully ate that with some sriracha.

DSC_8082 DSC_8085

Dried figs and Greek yogurt to cool down my mouth from the spice. And just because I love this duo.

Type this blog post!

9:20 PM

Shower, brush teeth, say evening prayer, and go to bed.

I can study for business calculus tomorrow morning 😀 (No really, I have a study hall, don’t worry!)

I promise I’m not slacking. We’re really just not doing much in school, and everyone’s energy is shifting towards summer. I can literally SMELL summer in my house. Does anyone else ever notice that things start smelling distinctly different when seasons change? And it’s not B.O.

Happy Wednesday!

So tell me:

What did your day look like yesterday?

Did you get free ice cream from Haagen Dazs?

What did you have for lunch yesterday?

Does it smell like summer/winter (depending on your hemisphere)?