Behind the Scenes #20: iDance


One of my favorite times of the week, hosted by Amanda!

1) Thank you all for the well-wishes on my AP Calc exam yesterday! After the test was over, I did the following:

  • Yell, “Hallelujah!!!” in my head.
  • Run to the bathroom.
  • Stretch my hip flexors because we had been sitting for 3 hours and 20 minutes (not straight through, but still).
  • Think I might have done a decent job on the exam.
  • Listen to what my friends answered on some of the questions.
  • Second guess my initial reaction to the exam.

2) At least I had my breakfast yesterday morning.


Overnight oats in a peanut butter jar. The REAL reason I got up yesterday morning.

3) My AP Calc class also celebrated the end of such a painful test our hard work and achievement at lunch after the exam! We decided to go to the restaurant owned by our AP Calc teacher’s family…naturally 🙂


“Big Bird” sandwich with chicken, caramelized onions, swiss cheese, and honey dijon sauce. So good! Enough to bring home for mom to have lunch too.


I was trying to decide on a non-awkward sitting position for this picture. I don’t think I decided well.

4) I found this gem of a video on my phone from ballet class earlier this year. One of my friends (I think Livv?) thought it would be a funny idea if we all took selfie videos while we were dancing. (The topic came up because a lot of us were filming arts supplements for college applications.) Thus, we have…iDance.

If you’re wondering why my head is making a weird spastic motion, it’s because I’m spotting while I’m turning. If you think it looks bizarre, that’s okay, because I think we all look like freaks. Joyful dancing freaks though! 😀

4) It took me over 2 hours to finish my dinner last night. I don’t know why I was just NOT hungry. It was a delicious dinner too!


Avocado toast with smoked salmon + spinach salad with sautéed onions

I took a break from homework to make this dinner because I was hungry at first, but then I ate some fruit while I was waiting for the bread to toast, and before you know it, I felt full. So I chipped away at dinner over the course of two hours, in the style of the cool and casual Europeans who are still conversing over dinner by 10 PM (is that a stereotype?).

5) You wanna know which exercise makes me SO sore? You probably wouldn’t guess.

I did 50 reps of this simple little side jump lunge exercise as a warmup on Sunday, and my derrière was hurting for two days. It’s happened before with this exercise only, and it just boggles my mind how sore it makes me every time! Foam rolling was a bleepity bleep.

6) Currently grooving to (like, literally dancing to it while I’m typing this):

Sing by Ed Sheeran. Loveeee it.

7) Is it greedy of me to want to buy maybe two bunches of bananas just so they can ripen and I can freeze them for smoothies? Or use them for baking. Ripe bananas are my best friends.

8) I’m out of thoughts. Either that or I’m just brain dead. At least first period AP Calc is just gonna be a big party from now on 😉

Hope you all have a nice Thursday!

So tell me:

What are some of your post-exam celebratory measures?

Thoughts on iDance? 😉

Which exercise almost always makes you sore?

What do you like to do with ripe bananas?



15 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #20: iDance

  1. I slept for 3 days after my AP euro exam (I still remember it!). It was our grad night the night before (also called “hell night” lol) and well we partied A LOT and then I had a red eye from starbucks and wrote the AP euro exam. It was brutal but I still managed to pull off a 4….I don’t know how but it meant one less college class!

    • AP Euro was definitely hell. I’m kinda bitter that you got a 4 after all that action the night before the exam!! I forget what I was doing the night before the exam, but I do remember all the super late nights I spent studying throughout that course…and I still got a 3. -_-

  2. I’m European and I’m usually in bed by 10 😆 But maybe that would be a little different if I actually lived in Europe among other Europeans. And I’ve been overstocking on bananas just so that I’ll have more ripe ones for freezing and banana bread making too. I actually try to buy them at different stages of ripeness when I’m at the store so that I don’t have them all hitting the right point at the same time. Yes… I put a lot of thought into my bananas 😉

  3. Love the idance!!! You got made skills yo😉
    Post test celebrating always involves food of some sort bc that much brain power needs some replenishing ASAP! It’s funny in the pic you guys are all squinting like you haven’t seen the sun in ages 😂 fluorescent high school lighting will do that to ya😜
    And hello my name is Katie and I’m a ripe banana hoarder🙈
    Happy Thursday friend!!😘💖

  4. I immediatly went home and devoured two apples with some PB2 while watching TV. After that test it felt so nice to just be able to relax!

  5. I have like 6 days left of calc. But I don’t have an exam! 😛 haha! I know what you mean about not being hungry for dinner. That’s been me the past few nights. What’s up with this?!

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