Feelin’ Like Wonder Woman


I feel so accomplished. I actually buckled down and got some serious work done this weekend, and I’m proud of myself. Now all I have to do is get into the mindset of studying like this every weekend….College is laughing at my face right now.

Even though it was a nicely packed weekend, it was nothing short of marvelous (and full of sunshine)!


Katie‘s got the marvelousness all in one spot!


Once I got home from the gym, I was ready for a hefty snack— one that involved all my favorite things:


Greek yogurt, apple banana muffin, half a banana, chia, hemp, and peanut butter. Are you tired of seeing this?? I’m not. 😀

Fast forward to 8:30 PM at a restaurant called Bistro Z, for which my mom had a Groupon. Expected. This time, we weren’t just going for our sheer foodie selves! Ben was home for a couple of days, so we wanted to have a farewell dinner with him before he left back to work in Boston for the summer.

Dinner was fantastic and super filling, as all Groupon dinner deals are. I could have been completely content going straight from appetizer to dessert!


I started with crab cakes because they’re my all time fave. These were awesome!


I also had a bite of mom’s brie with lingonberry jam on seedy baguette. Fruit and cheese is a match made in heaven.


For my entree: Griddled polenta tofu cake with black bean ragou and jicama + anaheim chili slaw

When I asked the waiter if he would recommend this, he said: “I’ve never tried it. I only eat real food.” He was half joking, half serious, but I say that this is all “real food”, thankyouverymuch. And it was flippin’ delicious (even though I could only fit a little bit of this in my stomach➔ leftovers for the next day)!


Apple tart with vanilla ice cream. Just…YES.


Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream. Just…meh. Although, chocolate lovers would LOVE this.

Thanks for coming home, Ben. 😉


Wake up. Type out to-do list on my Reminders app. GO.

Oh wait, we gotta take a half hour or so for breakfast and Saturday morning Food Network.


Greek yogurt + hot banana berry oatmeal + a luscious pool of sunflower seed butter

THEN I got started on my homework! I knocked off a bunch of things from my to-do list before noon, which made me feel like Wonder Woman. Is that sad?

Moves: I set my phone alarm to ring every 15-20 minutes so that I could chip away at the 100 challenge (100 squats, 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups) throughout the day! I also added 10 burpees of different variations every time I took my study break. I love doing this when I have a lot of homework to do because it’s a great way to stay moving (and have an excuse to step away from the work).

After some more AP Calc studying and evening Mass, I came home and had a home-cooked meal thanks to Mom.


Malaysian chicken, coconut oil sautéed asparagus, and quinoa/wild rice

Mom, can you come to college with me? (<— I might regret that statement later.)

I was thinking of having my usual dried figs with Greek yogurt for dessert, but then my dad pulled out our long lost tub of vanilla bean ice cream from the fridge…


…and that sounded absolutely fabulous with some fresh fruit. Yumyumyum.


This Sunday was my last day of teaching religious education for probably a very long time (since I’m going to college next year). It’s another bittersweet end-of-the-year event for sure. Bitter because I absolutely love sharing my faith with the little munchkins, and sweet because, let’s be honest, third graders wear me out. But it was definitely more of a bitter goodbye with notes like these from my students:


*sniff* It’s incredibly humbling to get such sweet notes from them because, in the grand scheme of things, I’m also still an inexperienced child learning more and more every day just like them. I give them whatever I have, and I can only pray that they’re walking away with something from the class.

Alright, moving on from the sappy stuff. Let’s take a look at this phantasmagoria of fruit that my mom assembled:


Yup, I just said phantasmagoria. Look it up and add it to your daily vocabulary to see how many weird looks you get 😉

I had a 3-hour practice AP Calc exam on the agenda yesterday, but I wanted to let out some energy before I sat down for the torture...wait yes, torture.

The weather was gorgeous, so I knew I had to take my moves outdoors! I warmed up with 50 squat jumps, mountain climbers, and side lunge jumps, and then completed this KILLER 18-minute plank workout from Purely Twins. I just don’t get how Lori and Michelle do it with such ease. If you don’t think planks can’t make you huff and puff, I dare you to try this workout. It will actually make you feel like Wonder Woman/Superman.

After getting some exercise and fresh air, I ate lunch, showered, and hit the books. The practice exam was alright I guess. I sorta failed on the short answer part (my utter weakness), but I’m just glad I did it so that I know what to study and how to pace myself for the real exam on WEDNESDAY!!!

And there’s my weekend for ya! If I only I had the willpower and self-discipline to feel like Wonder Woman every weekend. But even superheroes need a break, right?

I hope you all have a marvelous Cinco de Mayo!

So tell me:

Best thing you ate this weekend?

What/Who do you feel like when you accomplish a lot?

Do you use a fancy word in your daily vocabulary? 


29 thoughts on “Feelin’ Like Wonder Woman

  1. YUM on the amazing eats from dinner out! The tofu thing looked to die for, as did the desserts! I am so glad your weekend was great!

    Also, YES! Cinco De Mayo, we are celebrating with some chipotle tonight! ❤

  2. I am definitely feeling you on the exam front. I just finished my last one, a 3 hour 45 minute Victorian English Literature course. I feel like my arm is going to fall off … or my head. Your mum’s food looks soooo good, especially the CHICKEN. Best thing I ate – sweet corn on the cob. I love your blog!!!

  3. oh. AP exams! Good luck! I hated those exams in high school.
    And, it looks like you were productive this weekend. I think mine was productive too.
    My uncle brought a coconut pie yesterday and I’ve never eaten coconut pie before. I tried it and it was so good!

  4. I’m taking the AP Calc exam this year to! I’ve been studying non stop for it! I love your idea to set your alarm every 20 minutes or so! I sometimes get so caught up with studying that I don’t move for a few hours. My body doesn’t like that

  5. Wowsers girl you were productive!👏👏👏There’s no better feeling then crossing things off a do to list👍👍
    Hmm best thing I ate was some turkey tacos last night!
    And I make up words all the time. Like Wowsers, wowee, and fantabulouso …that are now making me cringe as I write this🙈🙈🙈
    Lol happy Monday Alison! 😘

  6. Phantasmagoria – sounds like a contagious disease :straight face:
    I am appalled..that you can playdown a chocolate soufflé. Maybe I’m just slightly bitter because I have never had chocolate soufflé..brownie yes. Never soufflé. I’ll agree on apple tart and ice cream being an ancient brilliant masterpiece. Papaya + vanilla ice cream = fave thing this weekend! We were in sync Wonder Woman 😉 .

  7. Your weekends always seem magical. ❤ And your breakfasts are right up my alley! And that apple tart, oh my! Be still my, apple pie-loving heart…
    My sis has her AP Calc exam this Wednesday – you're gonna kick butt!!!
    Love you chica!

  8. You mom though >>> haha! I wish mine was as much of a foodie as yours! Anyway, you seriously had a weekend full of good food! I love it when I get a ton during a weekend 🙂 and dang, 3 hour PRACTICE exam? Yucka!

  9. Alison, can I just say that I love your blog?? Your posts always fill me with joy and energy. I’m sure you’re going to ROCK your exam on Wednesday! Go get ’em, Wonder Woman!

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