Behind the Scenes #19: Food Ratio Problems


with the lovely Amanda!

1. It looked like a Steven Spielberg movie outside this morning. Foggy, muggy, warm, and just gross. So I wore red pants to bring some color into the world, and I’m pretty sure that’s the reason for it being sunny and gorgeous out right now. 😉


2. It also happened to be college gear day at school today! Check out all these ladies on the path to success. Being me, I bought apparel from every college I visited except the one I’m attending, so I just wore Boston University colors with a lanyard that they gave me at orientation. Guatever works.

3. I ate so much nut butter yesterday (hooray for fats!), and I am MORE than okay with that.

photo 1

Cookie dough cereal taken on the go to AP Calc review

photo 2

PB & J for lunch


Apple banana oatmeal muffin with sunflower seed butter for a snack

It’s a lifestyle, really.

4. I am currently listening to my brother making business phone calls, and my mind is boggled. He sounds so dang grown-up! Is this the same person who would dance to weird Pokemon songs with me in front of the video camera?


No, that’s not a wig on my head (I’m on the left, just to clarify).

5. I’m all about getting my food ratios just so when I’m eating something with multiple components. For example, I just ate a delicious yogurt bowl with berries, sunflower seed butter, and banana slices (added after this picture was taken).


When I was getting to the end of the bowl, I had a lot of nut butter and banana left, but not enough Greek yogurt, so I put an extra huge dollop into my bowl. But then I realized I had too much Greek yogurt, so I had to add a little bit of cereal to the plain yogurt…I could make a science out of this stuff! It’s also a good thing I’m not worried about calories. 🙂

6. AP Calculus exam is next Wednesday. I’m so thankful to have parents who are math majors, because sometimes I can be so daft when it comes to math. My dad told me last night as he was helping me with a problem: “Well, it seems pretty obvious that your career isn’t going to be centered around math!”

…..It’s so true that I’m not even the slightest bit offended.

7. I have a roommate for college! I decided not to participate in the honors college at BU since the PT program will put a ton on my plate already, so that meant I could say yes to dorming with my original roommate! She’s so cool. We’ve been texting each other, and we even video chatted a couple weeks ago. I HAVE A COLLEGE FRIEND.

8. My mom and brother went to eat at the Culinary Institute of America when they were driving back from Canada (they were visiting my grandparents and relatives). I’m jealous. Just look at this dessert (which was one of many amazing dishes they ate):


I don’t know what it is, but I want it.

9. Since I’ve been eating more fats (and just more in general) recently, I think my hair has become thicker and smoother. This probably just goes to show that even though I was previously eating just enough, I need to be eating more than I think. It’s a long road of recovery for sure.

10. Now I’m in the mood for ice cream.

Hope you all are having an awesome Thursday!

So tell me:

Do you like to have your food in certain ratios?

Did anyone else ever have a bowl haircut when they were younger?

What is one thing you’ve been eating a lot of recently?


22 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #19: Food Ratio Problems

  1. There are days where I will literally eat almond butter at every meal. It’s so good — what’s the point in denying ourselves? 😉 And on that note… the thing about recovery being a long road? I can definitely relate. There have been so many times where I thought I was doing good, and then things only kept improving. But hey… no complaints about that, right? 😉

  2. I very much approve of your nut butter intake. You’re right, it is a lifestyle, other people just don’t understand these things (; I am loving the red jeans! They really suit you! And I like the science of food ratios – I tend to be a ‘throw everything in a bowl and hope for the best’ type of person, which is why I am a dud when it comes to baking! Ahh your blog makes me happy 😀 (cue creepy stalker alert).

  3. Alison that is officially the cutest baby picture u have ever seen!!!! Omg I can’t even🙈🙈🙈🙈 that bowl cut!🙌🙌🙌🙌
    My hair was just plain curls so if I had had a bowl cut it would look more like a fro😳💂
    And yes! I must have the perfect ratios! Especially with yogurt bowls! Gotta be a lot of good stuff packed in there!
    Love the bit about recovery being a long road. Just when you think you got this, there’s another curve in the road or mountain to climb but it brings us that much further and happier and stronger and free!!!! Weeeeeee😊 lol Don’t ask it’s been a long day!
    Love ya girlie😘

  4. I haven’t had the bowl cut personally, but I’ve seen plenty of cousins with them!! I’ve recently been downing kale like crazy because I finally found a place that sold it nearby and I cleared them out! haha

  5. I was going to inquire if you were wearing a mushroom hat there!..that’s like an extreme version of the “mushroom bob” (which Big Sis decided I should sport until I could have a say in my hair style). Geez even as a wee one, you stayed on top of trends 😉 .
    I need to steal the dressing-for-the-weather-you-want when it starts off a scorcher – I’ll wear a trench coat and boots!
    Especially at our kinda age girl; we thrive on a more food. Well more than I could ever believe possible 😀 ! Oh Sunflower seed butter! store -just- started stocking it. I hovered over it for 5(!) min. before backing out and going with my two jars of PB = the cost of a jar of sunflower seed butter! Is the taste worth it?

    • I can thank my mother for following that trend. If that’s a trend to be thankful for… 😉
      I think the taste is worth it! Trader Joe’s is the only brand of just plain sunflower seed butter that I’ve tried though, so I can’t vouch for any other brand. Maybe just try one jar and see how you like it!

  6. Aaaw! You guys were such cute babies 😀 I didn’t have a bowl-hair cut, I had a balled head! 😆 my dad shaved all my hair off when I was a tittor-totter so that it would grow back thick 😀 hehehe! Nuts ‘n raisins-too much of a delish combo! 😀 teehee

  7. LOL. We probably had the same hairdresser.

    And geneseo- That was my other option for studying abroad! Glad you decided to take a step back and assess the roomie situation- you gotta enjoy th first year like a BOSS.

  8. Baby Alison!!! omg too cute!

    And food ratios? Story of my life. It sucks so bad when I’m eating my oats at school and I don’t have enough nut butter… I should probably just keep a jar in my lunch box lol! Your parents are math majors?! That is so cool! I think I would get along with them very well 🙂

  9. The more fat I eat, the thicker my hair and the stronger my nails. I see some pretty good results from it, so of course I have a logical reason to keep going back to the nut butter jar. 😉

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