Fantastic Fats

Good morning!

Just as last week flew by, this weekend was over *snap* like that. But that just means that it was filled with fun, right?


Katie‘s roundin’ up the marvelousness!

You know what it was also filled with? FATS! Definitely the best macro, in my opinion. Fats=fun. I definitely used to fear fats, thinking that I would become as squishy as a jellyfish:

But after a while, I realized how BORING eating is without fats! I mean, have you seen the copious amounts of peanut butter, avocado, eggs and cheese I consume? And they don’t necessarily turn me into Squishy. Arman also hosted a fun fats fiesta on his blog a little while back, but I didn’t get the chance to join it then. You should check out his post, but be careful not to drown in butter when you get there.

Let’s take a look at the fantastic fats {and activities while we’re at it} of this weekend, shall we?


First off, I ate peanut butter in my breakfast and snack:

DSC_8013 DSC_8014

On the way to the Coffee House performance, I was so glamorously scarfing down a piece of avocado toast with smoked salmon and this yogurt sauce. I also got yogurt sauce on my purse AND on my chorus teacher, because I’m Alison, and I paint my world with Greek yogurt.


My dad took me as his guest to a lovely Pro-Life breakfast event, so I went sweet and savory with a corn muffin, fruit, French toast, and some scrambled eggs.


I also went home and ate a spoonful of almond butter because breakfast is incomplete without nut butter.

Dance company had a short and sweet lecture/demonstration at a nursing home, which went well! But one sweet, elderly lady was telling me that she thinks Japanese people are more graceful dancers than others and that white girls are confused. I think she was trying to compliment me…but I’m not even Japanese. I’m probably more white than I am Asian, come to think of it. (➔ Maybe not. I just commented “yum!” on my mom’s picture of cooked tendons from a Chinese restaurant.)

For late lunch, I had seafood salad for some omega-3 fatty acids (right?) + a side of avocado oil-roasted brussels sprouts a la mother:


After Saturday evening Mass, I came home hungry for some rice, broccoli, and coconut curry chicken of which I failed to take a picture because a) it wasn’t that interesting and b) I was hungry.


I got to sleep in a wee bit before heading to teach Sunday school, but I also had time to make a breakfast that I hadn’t had in a solid two weeks: Hot banana oats with Greek yogurt and pepita sunseed butter!


I ate this while watching The Pioneer Woman on Food Network (TV is back after Lent!), and the perfect Sunday morning was fulfilled.

Fast forward through teaching third graders about the canonization of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII (WOOHOO!) and I’m at the gym since my dad offered to drop me off on his way to the gym (we go to separate gyms— logistical reasons for when he goes to work). I hadn’t been in weeks! I’m actually going to cancel my membership soon because I’m going to college this fall, I enjoy working out at home/outdoors, and I need to slow down workouts anyhow.


5 min arc trainer warmup, then 3 rounds of each:

  • 15-20 TRX rows + 10 pike pushups
  • 10 TRX bicep curls + 20 tricep dips
  • 10 pushups (of different variations) + 20 supermans

Then an 8 minute ab tabata, which was two rounds of weighted Russian twists, toe touches, cross knee planks, ankle touches, plank toe touches, leg lifts, spiderman plank, and plank.

I also walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes while waiting for my dad to come pick me up!

I was “hangry” when I got home, and I had something awesome in mind for lunch (I was fantasizing about it while on the treadmill): AVOCADO GRILLED CHEESE with sriracha chicken + unpictured brussels sprouts with hummus.


When I dipped the grilled cheese into that sriracha sauce➔ HOLY MOLY.

An hour or so later, I ate a banana with sunflower seed butter, and then another spoonful of almond butter 🙂

After a couple of hours of research and blog business (did you notice something different about the domain??), I was hungry for dinnah! I was feeling breakfast for dinner, so I whipped up a fat-tastic meal, which was an omelette with spinach and feta + avocado toast.


The ketchup came out in squirts, so it looks like a massacre, I know. It was delicious though!

Well, I’m off to go eat some dried figs + Greek yogurt while finishing up some more homework. I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead!

So tell me:

What did you do this weekend?

What are your favorite sources of fat?

Have you ever tried avocado grilled cheese? If not, please do. It’s good for the soul.



28 thoughts on “Fantastic Fats

  1. Someone has their own domain hey hey hey.
    I now know why Australia has an avocado shortage. This post is a case in point. Glad you embraced the fats- eggs, avocado, sriracha…damn I don’t even know where to begin here. It’s like Christmas…just kidding. It’s like WIAW on a Monday…with Wednesday still to come.

  2. Oh you too!? Fats was my insane source of intense fear (even more than carbs) and now I’d say they’re my absolute favorite micro 😀 . So good to see the love you’re giving ’em; yum! I’m not sure why but I’ve started categorizing nut butter under my “protein eye”, along with cheese and eggs I’m kinda majorly head over heels for chocolate, avocado and butter among others 🙂 .
    Yesterday I went on thee most beautiful coastal hike ever..gahh I’m still conjuring up daydreams about it <3.

  3. Hah! What a great way to incorporate fats into your diet. Fats are important and it scares me that some people try to avoid all fats. You need them!
    And, I have to try the avocado and grilled cheese sandwich. Sounds amazing!

  4. I probably get most if my fats through dairy and peanut butter. I don’t eat meat so that is definitely not a source. I always seem to get enough of my macros though!

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  6. You’re so funny☺️😜 and I’m cracking up at the comments that lady many about being Japanese! And meanwhile you’re mt even Japanese! Lol gosh I hope I’m not like that when I get older. But I would bet anything I’ll be even nuttier🙈
    Which brings me to my next thought (nutty-nuts….I’ve got my thinking cap on today👍👍😊)
    …..My factorite fat is nut butter! Almond, peanut, sunflower, I don’t discriminate! I also love cashews, eggs, and cheese!
    Like you fats were a humongo fear for me (still someting that’s a work in progress) but since adding more in I find I’m less cranky and much more satisfied after meals! Now meals without fat are blah and I end up hungry 20 min later!
    Whoa I’m in quite a talkative mood today! Anywho, hope you have a fatabulous Monday Alison!

  7. Gahhhh so much good food. It just kept getting better. WOOHOOOO your own domain! Now you’ve just got to become self-hosted 🙂 Fats are so important. How can people even survive without them?! I mean, if I couldn’t eat nut butter or avocados or eggs I basically wouldn’t eat anything haha!

  8. I did absolutely nothing this weekend and it was perfection 😀 Okay that’s not -entirely- true. I squeezed in a few naps, some time in the kitchen, and a dinner with the family, but other than that? Just lot’s of r&r. And please give me ALL the fats. Well, maybe not peanut butter, but I could seriously eat my weight in almond butter, avocado, cheese, and coconut and be perfectly content.

  9. Good morning lovely lady! I’ll have to say, I’ve missed our little random shenanigans, I am happy to see you’ve been eating some incredible food lately. Again, can I convince you to boycott Boston and come be my roomie? ASU has it’s perks ya kno? Sparky, sunshine, ME! haha 😉

    My favorite sources of fat (daily) almond/peanut butter, roasted walnuts, eggs, avocado, and CHEESE.

    Oh yes, always cheese.

  10. This past weekend, I had a sleepover with my friend and finally went shopping! I haven’t been shopping in over a year. It was so nice to get some new dresses. 😀 This girl is going girlie (when outside of the gym). Gah, I’m on the same boat as you with my nut butter and avocado lovin’. Fats for daaaaaaays. 😉

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