Fascinating Friday{ish} Links #33

Eep! I’m super duper late again! Punctuality is one of my weaknesses.

I did not foresee the busyness that consumed this week, but it went by in a flash, which is always a good thing (6 more weeks for the high school seniors…almost there…). I actually just came back from my school’s annual Coffee House performance, where my friend Daliza and I performed Strings by the Young the Giant. We were the emcees for the night too, which was fun! And the talent was really legit last night, let me tell ya.


For breakfast yesterday morning, I had a smoothie that looked like it would be a winner when I was throwing the ingredients into the blender, but when I tasted it, it was just meh. I should just stick to Amanda’s cookie dough smoothie forever.

Into the blender went 4 strawberries, 1 small banana, ½ c. milk, ¼ c. oats, 1 huge tbsp. peanut butter, ½ scoop of vanilla protein powder, ½ tsp. chia seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, a lot o’ spinach, and a little bit of ice.


With a side of Greek yogurt for spoon dippin’

It was actually tasty, but it just wasn’t as thick or peanut buttery as I prefer. Maybe I’ll do less milk next time.

I made up for breakfast’s lack of peanut buttery satisfaction with this classic after school snack:


Moves Thursday: I did end up going outside for a bit because it was just too gorgeous to not do so! In my backyard:

  • 50 jumping jacks
  • super duper quick jog around the cul de sac (<— I had to look up how to spell that. I didn’t know it’s three words!)
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 [unassisted!] pistol squats each leg + 20 split squats each leg + pistols + 20 side lunges each leg + pistols + 20 single leg bridge pulses each leg

And then I had modern dance class later in the evening!

Moves yesterday: Just some random moving and grooving throughout the day. Little jog in gym, a few jumping pull-ups on our door bar thing, some pushups, dancing to Beyonce, and one round of this.

Alright, now I’ll leave you with this week’s Fascinating Friday (ahem, now Saturday) Links! Enjoy 🙂

fascinating friday links

Health and Fitness

[Don’t let cardio take over] 3 Reasons to Cute Back and Cardio and What You Should Do Instead via Your Trainer Paige

[Cons of the raw diet] 3 Reasons No One Should Be On a Raw Foods Diet via Mind Body Green

[Diet experimentation can help you] Never Underestimate Diet Experimentation via The Big Man’s World

[Don’t be deceived!] How to Choose a Healthy Granola Bar via Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

[If you wanna get guns out for when the sun’s out] Increasing Strength and Arm Definition via Fitnessista

[Sweat it out] Bodyweight Interval Core Workout via PurelyTwins + Dumbbell Chipper via Nutrition Nut on the Run + Fast-Paced Sweaty Leg Workout via Peanut Butter Fingers

Food For Thought

[Hmm…thinking about it] Why You Should Be a Part of the Running Community via Olive to Run

[We do it for eating, so why not for exercise?] Intuitive Exercise via The Real Life RD

[You are beautiful, mamas] My Love-Hate Relationship with My Pregnant Body via The Tiny Blue Lines

[Do what you enjoy] There is No ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’ Workout via Perfection Isn’t Happy

[Try these things] 6 Easy-to-Steal Rituals of Extremely Successful People via Marc and Angel Hack Life

Food For Belly

[So many colors and flavors!] Stacked Side Salmon via Spoon Fork Bacon + Hippie Bowl via Clementine Daily

[Of course I want this] Oatmeal Cookie Dough Breakfast Bake via Running with Spoons

[So classic, but so good] French Onion Soup with Mini Gruyere Toasties via Top with Cinnamon

[Wait, what?] Crepe Cake with Salted Caramel + Mascarpone + Cinnamon Pear Puree via Kitchy Kitchen

[Ooo!] Avocado Cup Salads Two Ways via Smitten Kitchen

[I can dig the savory oats] Spring Egg and Vegetable Savory Skillet Baked Oatmeal via Oatgasm

[I mean…Yeah] Healthy Peanut Butter Rice Pudding via Chocolate Covered Katie

Miscellaneous Fun

[Make your weekly menu more convenient] Tips for Prep Day via Kath Eats Real Food

[For bloggers] 11 Helpful WordPress Plugins via Running with Spoons

[Now I want to see the movie Frozen just because of this] Navy Baseball Players Lip Synch to Frozen via The Berry

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

So tell me:

Do you prefer to exercise outside if it’s nice out?

What do you love in a smoothie? 

Which links did you find fascinating?