Boston University is Making Things Complicated

Good morning!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a beautiful Easter if you celebrated! We spent our weekend in Boston for some last college visits, so we also got to spend time with Ben for Easter! There was a ton of sunshine, family time, and food…of course.


Thanks for hosting all the marvelousness, Katie!


We got to Boston pretty late on Friday night, so we went to a hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant that I found via Yelp. Even though it was a tiny restaurant, the food hit. the. spot. It was called Clay Pot Cafe, and I ordered their specialty Yellow Eel Clay Pot since eel is actually one of my favorite proteins EVER.

DSC_7966 DSC_7968

Obligatory to get the crispy burnt rice at the bottom.

After our hot, filling meals, we checked into the hotel and crashed for the night. Apparently, traveling and eating is pretty darn draining.


This day called for another early wake-up call for breakfast and the Boston University open house!


It’s a lot easier to wake up when this is your view though.

photo 1

The hotel included an awesome breakfast, so I helped myself to some scrambled eggs with salsa, potatoes with peppers and onions, and PB&J oats. I ♥ breakfastttttt.

The BU open house I attended was actually specifically for Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences since I want to go into physical therapy. This was the only college that offered such a specific open house for one school within the university.

photo 2

photo 3

The PT/AT lab in the Sargent school is very impressive!

photo 4

A super entertaining and informative nutrition lecture by Joan Salge Blake, MS, RD, LDN. This definitely piqued my interest!

photo 5

The campus food at BU rocks (or at least for the open house it rocked). The quinoa dish with organic tempeh on the top left was fancy fresh.

photo 1

“Sargent Choice” cookies. Sargent’s choice is some sort of nutrition program run by Sargent college to promote healthier foods throughout the campus.

photo 2 photo 3

Heart of BU.

I have concluded that if I say “never” to something, it is sure to happen. Example #1: I never thought visiting Boston University would make the slightest impact on my final college decision, but lo and behold, it sorta blew me away. I actually told my dad on Friday: “I REALLY don’t think Boston University is going to make a difference in my decision at this point. I think UMD is going to be the one.”

Well, University of Maryland has some major competition now, and I have 9 days to decide where I want to go. I might just flip a coin.

Why BU is making me go insane:

  • Hands down— best BS/DPT program (I would be able to get my doctorate of physical therapy in 6 years instead of 7 years, and the PT program is highly accredited at BU)
  • 6 years instead of 7 would mean a better financial deal over all
  • great food with tons of healthy choices
  • close to the bro, who’s at Northeastern (easier for the parents to visit us as well)
  • Boston is a pretty hoppin’ town
  • Diversity
  • Dance minor (in case I want to do that)

Just like Maryland, I can’t seem to find any outstanding cons, but I’m still very stuck between the two. I think it’s partially because I’m so stunned that BU came into the picture when I thought I was set on UMD. Pray for me, friends.

Moves on Saturday: Walking around Boston, a one mile run on the treadmill, and some lower body exercises in the hotel room. Guess what! I got my first unassisted pistol squats this weekend! The only thing that I still need to do is wear my sneakers since the slight elevation in the heel helps out my super short achilles tendons.

Then it was out to eat. Again. Ben joined us for another delicious Asian dinner at a Thai restaurant called Bangkok City.


I ordered the steamed catfish with veggies and garlic ginger sauce. Yum!

After dinner, Victoria and Wendy took the T (subway) to Harvard Square while our family went to Easter Vigil Mass at the Northeastern Catholic Center’s church. It was an absolutely beautiful and glorious Mass—a joyful way to start off the Easter celebration indeed!

photo 4

Ben was a reader!

Easter Sunday!

Jesus Christ is risen today, Aaaaaaalleluia!

photo 5

Hotel breakfast day two: scrambled eggs with salsa + oatmeal with honey, sliced banana, and peanut butter

After breakfast, we drove home to beat the Boston traffic. Four hours later, Victoria and I ate a light lunch at home while watching funny videos from Ellen Degeneres. That woman never fails to crack me up.


Spinach/kale salad with balsamic + avocado smoked salmon toast


And a white chocolate egg, courtesy of Wendy and Victoria 🙂

Moves: After digesting for a bit, Victoria and I headed outdoors for a run/walk since we were tight from sitting in the car all morning and the weather was just gorgeous yesterday. We had such a great time chatting and taking in the fresh air on Easter day. It was definitely the highlight of my whole spring break!

photo 1 photo 2

The only problem during our run was the presence of millions of gnats. We suspect that some flew into our mouths because we kept squealing and swatting them away like freaks.

Example #2 of why I should never say never (like Justin Bieber): I never thought I would like running, but I think I could get used to it. I’ve only been running one mile at most, but I feel like I could definitely go further if I wasn’t trying to keep it easy with my workouts. Seeing the hundreds of runners in Boston—especially on the weekend before marathon Monday— also gave me a little itch to get out there.

Dinner was courtesy of Groupon at an Indian restaurant called Chana Masala. The Groupon came with SO MUCH food, so we brought home enough leftovers for another hefty meal or two. It was all incredible though.

DSC_7993 DSC_7995 DSC_7996 DSC_7997 DSC_7998 DSC_7999 DSC_8000 DSC_8001

Once we got home and got comfy, I made the famous peanut butter banana soft serve for Victoria and myself. We ate it while watching that 7th grader movie, The Clique, just because we wanted to make fun of it.

photo 3

She was a fan 🙂 I made her some overnight oats for this morning too, so we’ll see how she likes those!

It was an absolutely marvelous weekend for sure. Victoria is leaving us today… *tear* And I have school today… *sob* I’m actually a little behind on work, so I’m gonna have to kick my butt in gear. Have a great week, everyone!

So tell me:

What did you do for Easter weekend?

What have you done that you never thought you would do?

Do you like to run?

Do you like Indian food?



31 thoughts on “Boston University is Making Things Complicated

  1. Wow BU looked and sounded great! Good luck on your decision but I have a feeling you’ll end up loving whichever one you choose!

  2. Wow, another spanner in the works for you! Lucky (or unlucky) Australia only have a handful of universities in each city making it an easy(Er) choice.

    Claypot is SO good and EEL- YES! How damn good is it. And the burnt rice- shedding tears of Asian pride.

  3. I adore running! It is enormous emission of endorphins. Approximately to the second mile I feel that I can conquer the world. In the senior classes I hated running and it is my thing “never say never”. Now I run nearly an every day and I prepare for the first race… My physical education teacher would be struck 😀

  4. Ohmygoose girl, you’ve got a lot of contemplating to do! The look of the PT lab actually scares that means its great 🙂 . I would say BU looks like its coming on top..all excellent pointers there.
    Oh my Mum cooks thee best lentil curries and makes fabulous indian tortillas (rotis) to go along – my favorite kind of Indian food. The naan looks so good and doughy at Chana Masala!
    I used to enjoy running (I don’t know if I still do) but I couldn’t go longer than 6 k’s.

    • I think I’m gonna have to agree with you on BU 🙂
      Mmm can your mom make some roti and lentil curries for me?! I adore Indian spices and flavors, so it’s such a treat to eat Indian food when we get the chance!
      Girl, I haven’t done anything over a mile in God knows how long…6K rocks 🙂

  5. Too many choices!!! I can’t even imagine having to decide between schools. I chose mcgill and didn’t bother looking at the 3 other schools I applied to lol. We don’t have many choices here and especially ones in a big city where I knew I needed to be! Good luck hun! In the end you will definitely make the right decision!

  6. What a great weekend!!! I’ll praying that God gives your some clarity (or just yells down to ya;) on the whole college situation. Two great choices either way!
    I hate hate to run! If I’m running you better start to run too because something’s coming😳😜
    And you are a great hostess! Can I come stay with you?! Lol I wish!
    Anyways have a great Monday Alison!

  7. Boston is such an amazing town. I absolutely loved it when I visited UMass Boston there. I totally feel about the stress of college. It seems like May 1 is so far away, but its right around the corner. Good Luck with your decision!

  8. yumm all the eats look delicious! and wherever you end up for school, i know you’re going to love it! i would definitely take the time to think about the program that you want to do; i didn’t do much research into potential careers before going to college and kinda wish i did! that PT program sounds great (especially since i’m considering PT myself and will be doing the extra 3 years of school if i decide to go that route).

  9. You’ll make the right choice, Alison. =)
    And eel clay pot rice is my favorite! Did you know that Taishan (in the Guangzhou area in China) claims it as their dish? I tried it when I was there and it was amazing. =)

  10. Whew BU looks fantastic! I have to say, healthy food options will definitely be a need for me while looking at colleges. The programs look great, too! I am so praying for you and guidance!!!!!!
    Look like you had a great Easter weekend – I definitely understand the itching of wanting to get out and run. 🙂 But rest is worth it! Have a great day chica!

  11. I’m thinking BU… it looks pretty awesome!

    Seriously, you eat more Asian food in a weekend than I’ve eaten in my life! haha. And YAY running!!! Let me know if you ever want some pointers or tips 🙂

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