Behind the Scenes #17: Just…Food.


Reflecting on food with my fellow food lover, Amanda!

1. We’re finally home! After visiting several cities for the admitted students’ days at University of Maryland and University of Virginia, I’m so happy to be chillin’ out back at our house. Except for the fact that there were patches of snow on the ground when we arrived…Excuse me?

2. Remember how I said I despise driving in DC? Well, I meant it. I meant it with a deep burning passion, because getting out of that city was a pain yesterday. It’s a good thing I had this brunch at Busboys & Poets beforehand, which made things a whole lot more bearable 😉

photo 5 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

photo 1

Mom and I shared the Oaxaca omelette that had black beans, pico, cheese, and GUACAMOLE. Served with the best home fries and whole wheat toast. So, so delicious.

 photo 3

I had to take a picture of the men’s restroom sign. Had to.

3. After this amazing breakfast and almost a week without my usual breakfasts at home, I had some sort of enlightenment: I might be okay with savory breakfasts. I’m as shocked as you are, but I think I’ll start introducing some eggy, toasty-type breakfasts into my rotation! Sweet breakfasts will always have a special place in my belly heart though 🙂

4. I drove the whole 4.5 hours back home from DC yesterday, which has resulted in major tightness in my neck today. Luckily, we made a stop for Naked Juice and Cinnabons by the highway, so it’s all good.

5. After I attended altar server rehearsal at church for the Holy Thursday and Good Friday Masses last night, I met my parents and Victoria and her mom for dinner at a fancy tapas restaurant called 42. We had to wait a little while for a table to open up, but it was definitely worth it. We shared everything, and everything was divine. (A lot of these are small plates! Others aren’t 😉 )


Crispy calamari, shrimp, and jalapeño with lemon tartar sauce


Spring salad with arugula, grapefruit, asparagus, radish, pecans, and house balsamic vinaigrette


Beef and pork pastry with burrata cheese and egg-yolk sauce


Macau pepper steak with soft egg, burnt scallion chimichurri and brioche


My dish: Halibut with mango pepper sauce, pickled mushrooms, zucchini, squash, and mint


Mom’s dish (my FAVORITE of the night): whole wheat tortellini with black truffle, ricotta, parmesan, and herbs


Victoria’s dish: Vegetable paella


Dad’s dish: Branzino with lemon jam and roasted peanut potato


Wendy’s (Victoria’s mom) dish: Kale caesar salad

6. Yeah, I’m not done yet. You didn’t think we wouldn’t leave room for dessert, did you??


Cutest little plate of milk and cookies ever. Coconut macaroon, double chocolate chunk, snickerdoodle, and peanut butter cookies!


Creme brûlée doughnuts. YOU READ THAT FLIPPIN’ RIGHT.


“The Bar”: Ovaltine mousse, peanut butter crunch, dulce de leche, vanilla ice cream

I don’t know where all this food went, because looking at all these pictures, it looks like it was meant for 20 people. We didn’t finish the desserts, but we cleaned up our plates pretty darn well!

photo 5

This was before the food came. If we took a picture afterwards, we would have been slouching with our eyes closed…but still smiling 😀

7. I did have some MUCH needed house-made food for lunch yesterday though:


Salad with homemade honey mustard dressing and a soft-boiled egg

Plus some fruit and snap peas with hummus. The freshness of this simple meal made my belly so happy…before I filled it with all those tapas, which also made my belly very happy. Tooooo happy.

8. Surprisingly, I was hungry for breakfast this morning. I was also craving oats and nut butter, so I had some cookie dough cereal and it hit the spot! Since we don’t have any ripe bananas currently, I ate it with kiwis, but I ended up eating those separately. Kiwis + nut butter is not my combo of choice.


9. Of course, my hospitable mom set up a huge bed+breakfast spread for our guests:


Because we obviously don’t have enough food in our lives.

10. I had a dream last night that I had a super cute piglet as a pet!!! I want him back.

Happy Holy Thursday! May we remember to serve others as the Lord has served us. 🙂

So tell me: 

When was the last time you really craved light, fresh food?

Sweet or savory breakfast?

Would you want a pet piglet?


17 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #17: Just…Food.

  1. I’ve gone the savoury breakfast route a few times, and while I guess I -could- do it if I had to, I’m not sure I’d be able to make it a regular thing — I love my sweet breakfasts too much! I could do things like eggs for lunch or dinner though 😉 Nothing wrong with breakfast all day, am.I.right? 😀 And I’ve kind of always wanted a pet pig. I seriously think they’re the cutest things ever, and apparently they’re pretty smart. I would imagine that I’d get some weird looks if I ever tried to walk it though…

  2. that breakfast place is adorable! i’m just obsessed with breakfast in general and actually gravitate more towards savory breakfasts (eggs are probably one of my favorite foods). there’s nothing better than an omelet, homefries, and fruit! i’m so excited to move into my apartment this summer and actually be able to cook for myself.. soooo close!

    all the rest of your eats look delicious as well! especially those desserts. mmm.
    and speaking of light food, i’m dying for a salad right now and am off to grab lunch and make a monster salad 🙂

  3. Omg I think I know why you dreamed you had a piglet!! Yesterday’s blog post you wrote “salutations!” (Charlottes web!!-Wilber-piglet-it all makes sense!!!) I swear I should be a dream analyzer …only not!! Lol
    I do want a piglet too! One that stays little forever!:)
    Always sweet breakfast for me unless I sick or nauseous or any combo of the two!😖
    Hope you have a great day
    Ps really appreciate how you speak to/about your faith in your posts:)

  4. YOUR MOM IS AWESOME. I want to meet this woman hahaha 🙂 so much good food!! Like, wow. So jealous. I do know what you mean about craving healthy food though! Take today for lunch as an example: normally I eat a sandwich but today I had a biiig salad!

  5. Savoury MIGHT? MIGHT? How about both hey 😉 That’s how I roll.

    And that breakfast spread looks like a hotel. When I visit, i’m staying at Maison De la DMAG. I wouldn’t mind a pet piglet. I’d raise them to a fat pig then roast them.

  6. My eyes flew straight to the dessert menu at Busboys & Poets..ummm yeah, I would have been the one ordering off the dessert menu in the AM 😉 .
    Surprisingly enough there have been instances where I’ve had a savoury breakfast – alongside a sweet iced coffee of course!
    Oh cinnabon! On my last trip I had a huge chocolate one for supper :p

  7. Savory breakfasts are such a nice treat! I usually go for something sweet because I have a major sweet tooth but I love when I have something savory because its totally different than my usual.

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