Weekend in Charlottesville

The second stop of my final college tour is Charlottesville, and this town has been treating us quite wonderfully so far!



We took the 2.5 hour drive down to Cville from Maryland on Saturday morning. UVA con #1: Distance. It’s a total of 7+ hours away from my NY home, and the road from College Park, MD to Charlottesville is basically a two-lane highway with traffic lights. At least the farm lands on the way were pretty??

After we checked into our hotel, Mom and I searched for food around the UVA campus, naturally. We found a place called Marco and Luca Dumplings, and it had a tiny menu that highlighted their specialty fried pork + scallion dumplings.


Dumplings to share, my order of the sesame peanut noodles, and mom’s order of the sweet and spicy noodles


A pork bun to share as well

The noodles were my favorite! They were cold and refreshing for the hot day, and they had the perfect texture. Also, peanut sauce=’nough said.

Next up was lots and lots o’ walking around the UVA campus. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here— 80s and sunny! (Today it’s supposed to be rainy and blah though.) However, the heat is literally a warm welcome to BUGS. The bumble bees here are the size of baby birds. I kid you not.

DSC_7857 DSC_7858 DSC_7872 DSC_7877

After soaking up all the preppy-ness and loveliness of the campus and the Cville-ians, we headed over to the UVA Catholic center/church.

DSC_7882 DSC_7886

We ended up hanging out there for a while and then attending the evening Mass for Palm Sunday there.

After walking back to our car, we drove to downtown Charlottesville for dinner at Revolutionary Soup. Kath has recommended it on her blog before, so I was excited to try it!

DSC_7888 DSC_7889

To share: asparagus shiitake soup, half size local tofu wrap (local tofu, arugula, tomato, red onion, and fig dijon dressing), half Athens spinach salad (spinach, feta, artichokes, roasted peppers)

It was super tasty! My favorite thing on the tray was the salad. Love me some artichokes and cheeeeese.

Then we walked some more around the Downtown Mall.

DSC_7890 DSC_7891

Hm. K.

Stopped for dessert of course. More gelato 😀

DSC_7892 DSC_7894

Mine on the left: cookies and cream and ‘chi0 (pistachio). Mom’s on the right: coconut and mango.

I nearly licked my cup clean and then I helped mom finish hers. No gelato left behind. I also love how the spoons were like baby paddles, because that means the gelato disappears less quickly 😉 It’s also safe to say that cookies and cream is my favorite ice cream flavor. I always forget how good it is!

As we were walking back to our car, I spotted a cute crepe shop called The Flat… And we got sucked in.


We only had about half, don’t worry. 😉


Mom wanted to try a savory crepe, and I told her she would be mostly on her own since I was stuffed with gelato. We ordered the “Greene Eggs” crepe with eggs, feta, and veggies. I had a few bites and it was fantastic! Mom only had a few bites too, so we took the rest back to the hotel for me to have for breakfast yesterday morning 🙂 (We have a fridge and microwave in our hotel room.)

Yeah, I was full that night.

Moves for Saturday: walking and walking and walking. My feet were hurtin’ for sure. I need to whip ’em into shape just to walk around campus. Can someone give me a foot massage first though?


Moves for Sunday: this Travel WOD-ish. I say “ish” because I did the whole thing, but I didn’t do the rounds and exercises immediately one after another. I would do a round, take a break, do some burpees, take a break…It was just something to get moving! Plus a little bit of walking to and fro.

Lunch yesterday was at a place called Fig Bistro and Bar.

DSC_7906 DSC_7907

My order: Blackened crab cake with a poached egg and cheddar grits


Mom’s order: Eggs in avocado

We shared half and half with each other, and it was decent. Our items sounded really delicious when we read them on the menu, but the actual taste and texture of everything was meh.

After chilling out in the hotel room and putting a tiny dent into my homework, I left to meet up with two of my favorite bloggers!



photo 2 copy 2


I may or may not have been fan-girling on the inside. We met at Kath’s soccer game to chat for a little bit, and it was lovely. These two ladies have been so inspirational to me in my blogging journey, and they are just as sweet and cool in person as they are on their blogs.

All of my oatmeal? Inspiration from Kath.

My motivation to cut down on exercise and recover from my ED? Inspiration from Clare.

Thanks so much for meeting with me, Kath and Clare!

Following the blogger meet-up, I drove back to the hotel to procrastinate for an hour or so and then actually do homework for a bit. Mom and I weren’t very hungry by 7:30, but we decided to just take the 20 minute walk to the Downtown Mall for dinner. Bizou looked pretty good, so we grabbed a table al fresco. We ordered the two specials of the evening and shared half and half again.


Mom’s: Panko-crusted trout with cauliflower au gratin and arugula salad


Mine: Crab cakes (that’s right— I had crab cakes twice yesterday) with cheesy polenta and arugula salad

{I smell like fish right now}

Everything was tasty, but these crab cakes weren’t the best either. Too salty and mayonnaise-y. I’m a picky crab cake eater. My favorite things were the salad and the cheesy polenta! Cheeeeeese.

As fun as eating out can be, I miss my oats, avocado toast, and Greek yogurt. I have had a perpetual food baby on this trip.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 10.42.00 PM


Wow, Charlottesville. I haven’t even gone to the admitted students’ day yet (it’s today), but we’re getting along pretty darn well. I can’t wait to see how I feel about UVA after Days on the Lawn today!

So tell me:

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

Have you ever met bloggers in person?

What’s on your agenda this Monday?



24 thoughts on “Weekend in Charlottesville

  1. Geeze Alison did you go there to just pose around the campus? And then go on a food tour?

    Oh wait your not 18 yet I can’t be my real self. I mean I can’t be mean.

    Looks like a beautiful city- wish I checked it out while I was there!

    Check out the Fall TV schedule for Davida and Arman take Uganda. and by Uganda we mean her apartment and maybe downtown Toronto.

  2. All my favourite bloggers live in America, and I in Russia… It is a pity that ours the meeting is almost impossible 😉 By the way, when we go with mother to cafe, we too halve dishes! It does food more tasty, besides it is possible to try more 😀

  3. From the first mention of “Charlottsville” I wondered whether you met any bloggers..and that I saw that gelato and..gahhh! Good thing I’m heading tomorrow to the mall in our area that has pretty good gelato 😀 . I’ve been subjected to enough torture from you and Arman!
    Looks like a rocking good time girl. Best thing I ate..hmm..vanilla ice cream with Peanut butter/honey chickpeas!

  4. sounds like an amazing weekend! also this probably will sound crazy but the idea that it takes a two lane road to get somewhere sounds so appealing to me. i love the country and living in a city definitely makes me miss that. not to mention i’m just DYING for some fresh air in the mountains. in desperate need of a getaway, haha!

    all the eats from the weekend look delicious – especially that gelato. baby spoons are the best.

  5. Whoa I’d be fan girling as well! I went to the HLS a few years back in chicaaaago and I met a bunch of them! Getting Caitlin to sign my “operation beautiful” book was definitely the highlight. I was so awkward though🙈
    Hope you have a great day at UVA today!

  6. Gahhh so much good food!! I’m SO jealous you met Kath and Clare! I’ve never met a blogger in real life but it’s like my life’s dream hahaha 😉 hope the tour goes well today!

  7. Wow. It looks like you had a great weekend!
    I also went college visiting too, with my sister. We went to visit UC Irvine. The campus is so beautiful. I didn’t like the 7 hour long car ride there though. lol.

  8. First off, you are so freakin gorgeous. Serious girl crush, no shame. 🙂 I am so jealous that you got to visit Charlottesville, AND MEET KATH. Like, WHAT??!!! I would totally fan-girl!!!!!!! Heck, I’m fan-girling now!
    Anyways, your eats, just, gah. Yum. I really need to try gelato asap.
    Looks like you had an awesome weekend! (PS the UVA campus is beautiful!)
    Have an amazing day, chica!

  9. Yet again, you make me have cravings up the wazoo with the delicious food you post!
    I’m jealous of all your good eats.. Seriously.
    It sounds like you had a good time there and you got to do a little blend meet-up. Exciting! 😀

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