Behind the Scenes #16: Little Italy to Maryland

Hello hello!

I did not mean to abandon you yesterday without notice, but on Wednesday night, I had jazz class, ate dinner, had a deep, teary (but good!) conversation with my dad for no particular reason, and then I went to bed. Thus, I’m here now to tell you what’s been up the past couple of days!

I’ll do this Thinking Out Loud style, even though I missed the linkup yesterday. Meep.

1. As I mentioned on Wednesday, my Italian class went on a field trip to Little Italy, and it was great! We went to the Italian American museum, we ate, and then…..we ate some more. It was also a gorgeous day for walking around. Who could complain about that?

photo 1 photo 1

This isn’t even close to showing all the food. Heh heh.

photo 2 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Hey, Arman, I can get my hands on some awesome gelato too! Salted caramel and pistachio. So dreamy.

2. I have officially kicked off my final search for the place I will be for the next four years. AKA college. I am currently typing up this post from College Park, Maryland since UMD is the first stop of the trip. Mom and I drove down here yesterday so we could attend the accepted students’ day today.


 This is my third time visiting UMD, so we’ll see if I love it as much as I did the other two times! I’m just excited to be visiting my top three colleges this spring break so that I can make a decision. Eee!

3. This hotel has great lotion. I appreciate some nice-smelling, quality lotion, ya know?

4. Dinner last night was the bomb. We went to a restaurant super close to campus called Pho D’Lite, and I ordered the pork vermicelli bowl. The flavor of the pork was fantastic, and the crushed peanuts added such a great texture! The appetizer was lame though. “Asian Poppers” were more like greasy mystery meat nuggets.





5. My butt hurts from sitting in the car all day. Just thought I’d throw that out there. My school friends would understand that completely.

6. We may or may not have brought peanut butter for breakfasts during our trip…


Which means there is a possibility I’ll have some this morning since I need to eat up those English muffins and bananas we also brought along. So much for my personal nut-butter-less Fridays during Lent rule.

7. We’re headed for Virginia tomorrow so that I can check out UVA’s accepted students’ day on Monday, which they call “Days on the Lawn.” That kinda makes me want to dress up and have a tea party there. Do you think they would like me if I tried to organize that?

8. I’m gonna hit the hay now (typing this at night)— it’s been a long day! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


So tell me:

What is your favorite gelato flavor?

Do you ever bring nut butter with you on vacation?

What are you doing this weekend?




19 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #16: Little Italy to Maryland

  1. Its kinda freaky how in sync our teary moments are!..I shed some ‘good’ tears this week too :p .
    Your day at Little Italy (now that I know what it is!) looks fab..chio gelato – very you. Gelato flavors to grace my taste buds have been limited; but my favorite would have to be hazelnut ferrero.
    I always carry peanut butter on travels, because while I enjoy breakfasting out, PB can be quite the lifesaver.
    I hope you decide on your college soon! Gosh you are doing quite a bit of tripping!

  2. 😆 Girl you don’t even wanna know how much food I pack with me when I travel. Nut butter, cinnamon, bananas, instant oats, honey, yogurt if I can manage it… Gotta be prepared for those hotel room breakfasts! And speaking of hotel room breakfasts… I’ll be eating them when I head up to the mountains this weekend. Woooop 😀

    Oh, and the linkup is still open if you wanted to add your link 🙂

  3. Always bring pb and oats and bars with me whenever I travel!! Gotta be prepared! I’m not me when I’m hangry😳😩😜
    Favorite gelato flavor is stracciatella or dark chocolate! Mmmm I could go for some now!
    Have a great weekend! I’ll be praying for a safe trip and some good vibes from your future college😊💗

  4. LOL. Asian poppers. How ironic an Asian restaurant uses that in the title.

    And that gelato? That’s like vanilla of MY gelato place. :p Bet it was poppin though 😉

    I actually cannot wait to follow your college journey. It’s bloody exciting.

  5. Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! I’ll admit – I’ve eaten meat on more than one occasion.. God still loves us haha! I always bring preportioned oats and peanut butter when I travel. My fave gelato flavor is sea salt caramel! or peanut butter.. ugh, I love them all!

    This weekend I’m taking the ACT!! Wish me luck! And have a great spring break:)

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