WIAW: Friday During Lent


As you are reading this, I am either sleeping in or meandering around Little Italy, hopefully eating some gelato or pasta. My Italian class has a field trip there today, and we don’t have to go into school since we’re just meeting at the train station at 9 AM. Booyahhhh!

Well Lent is coming to a close in a little over a week, but before the Hallelujah’s emerge and the lambs start leaping, there are still a couple of Fridays that involve abstinence from meat. I’ve mentioned this before, but going meatless is not much of a sacrifice for me since I love fish and eggs and Greek yogurt so much (maybe too much). Thus, I’ve made it a personal thing to also give up nut butter on Fridays, because THAT is a sacrifice for me. As you may know. So for this WIAW, I’m showing you all what I ate last Friday!


Jenn‘s blog is where the party’s at!



Fantastic green smoothie with milk, ½ frozen banana, ~1 c. frozen tropical fruit, ¼ c. oats, a big handful of spinach, chia seeds, half a scoop of vanilla protein powder, and coconut oil! Greek yogurt for spoon dipping. 

I got the idea of adding coconut oil to my smoothie from Robyn, and I thought it would be a great way to add some healthy fats in place of my usual nut butter. MAN was it delicious. The hint of coconut aroma and added creaminess…Just do it.


IMG_3928 IMG_3929

‘Chios (pistachios).

Kristi and I decided to write messages and draw dinosaurs on the shells because business calc is all about food, right?



Hodgepodge: white cheddar popcorn, soft boiled egg, veggies and hummus


Cashews a couple hours later

I’m actually a fan of this snacky lunch! A little bit o’ this, a little bit o’ that. Badda bing, badda boom. Fuggedaboudit.

I’m in Little Italy— just let me say that this one time.


Apparently, I’m not civilized enough to put things into bowls or cups…


Greek yogurt with pineapple, banana, and cereal


Pineapple juice. Keepin’ it classy with a straw straight into the container. 😀



Avocado toast with a soft boiled egg, s+p, and sriracha. I had to eat this on the go to pick up my friends for Legally Blonde!


dried figs and greek yogurt

You definitely guessed it. 3 dried figs with Greek yogurt. {recycled photo}

And even though I didn’t eat these on Friday, can we just admire the dark, sweet juiciness of these strawberries my mom bought from Sam’s Club a couple days ago?


Like a jewel. 

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

So tell me:

What do you eat on meatless days? 

Which food do you usually eat every day without fail?

Have you ever added coconut oil to your smoothies?

What is the best in-season fruit you’ve eaten so far?




22 thoughts on “WIAW: Friday During Lent

  1. If you fail business calc, your parents have proof right through this blog. I thought you were SMART.

    I have tried coconut oil in smoothies but….try coconut BUTTER on top of a smoothie. It’s magic shell. but better. My gelato > little Italy.

  2. I can’t even look at that strawberry without breaking out into hives lol. I’m depressed! Also coconut oil in smoothies is unreal! I’m too cheap for coconut butter so one day I was like “hey I wonder if coconut oil would work?” Lo and behold it was AWESOME.

  3. Hahaah you always get me giggling; a major feat I must say 🙂 .Wait, so Little Italy is not Italy? I didn’t know there was a “little” Italy. Or I’m just very confused! But don’t matter, because gelato and pasta – yip!
    Nut butter is something I don’t go a day without, admittedly. Coconut oil has a way of turning everything it touches to silver. Nut butter turns things gold, righ ;)?
    HoneyCrisp apples are in season and I’m quite in love.

  4. I’m dying over those little pistachio dinosaurs. I used to make characters out of popcorn when I was little. Good times 😀 And girllll coconut in smoothies is amazing — so creamy. I’m going to go ahead and ask if you’ve ever tried adding avocado, because THAT is good [too]. But then you kind of need to pair it with chocolate, which I know you’re not a huge fan of, but I’m trying to convert you 😛

  5. Ahh, you’re so lucky that you get to go to Little Italy! I love the food there. 🙂
    My smoothies always end up overflowing the cup. Oops.
    Haha, love the drawings on the pistachio nut shells!
    Cashews are da bomb.
    I have been adding cereal to my oatmeal and greek yogurt lately. So so so good.
    Oatmeal everyday. No surprise, huh? 😉

  6. Greek yogurt every.single.day!!!👍👍
    And for Lent I go meatless on Fridays too so there’s been lots of fish, eggs, soup, and pizza in my house!
    Love the straw in the pinnapple container! Lol
    Have a great day in the city!😘

  7. “Fuggedaboudit” haha, and this is why I love ya! I really want your toast masterpiece you ate on the way to Legally Blonde. And why didn’t you scoop me up on the way..?! 😉 You know what, I am kinda in love with your “nosh plate” of a lunch. I have been doing soups for the past month and I think it’s time for a switcheroo. Hmm….I am thinking of stealing your lunch platter idea for next week.

    OHP. We are twinning with our cashew bags, I have a 50/50 mix of cashews and almonds. So buttery and nutty. NOM.

  8. Oooh, I like the idea of adding coconut oil to my smoothie! I just tried coconut oil for the first (!) time last week and I can’t believe I’ve went so long without it. That’s awesome how you’re not eating nut butters on Friday’s! I’ve been eating lots of eggs, black beans, and nut butter to make up for my absence of meat!

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