I Have Awesome Friends

It’s official.

I, Alison, can live off of Greek yogurt. I had it in every meal and snack (except lunch) yesterday, and I wasn’t even trying.



Finishing off one container with bananas, chia, hemp, cinnamon, nutmeg, apple banana muffin, and pb



With bananas, cinnamon, nutmeg, stevia, and almond butter

Dinner was another one of these awesome tacos, which I topped with Greek yogurt again. Dessert was dried figs and Greek yogurt (duh).

If I am what I eat, I should be turning into a bowl of white, tangy, high-protein yogurt any day now. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was wearing bananas and nut butter too.


Yesterday’s moves consisted of a ten minute incline walk (hello, burning shins and calves) followed by some lower body exercises. The usual:

  • 12-10-10 pistol squats each leg (those 12….oof) + 20 Bulgarian split squats each leg
  • 20 hamstring ball roll ins + 20 light and slow KB swings
  • wall sit
  • 20 lunge pulses each leg

Then Julie’s 8-minute ab workout— that thing never fails to make my core burn.

Moving on to the reason for the title of this post…

My friend, Veronica, said yesterday, “I have awesome friends.” Of course, I’ve always felt the same way about all my friends from school, dance, blogging, and family connections. But her simple statement, and the sincerity with which she said it, was enough to make me think about how grateful I am for such awesome friends all day yesterday.

True story: When I was in kindergarten, my family moved from California to Kansas in the middle of the school year, and I had to make new friends in this place that people back in LA thought was in the middle of nowhere (let’s face it— everyone thinks Kansas is in the middle of nowhere). 5-year-old me wanted to do what every other girl did, so I would follow this “popular” group of girls and copy what they did. But then they told me to stop following and copying them, so I went to the swings by myself. Womp womp.

Then came elementary school, where life was full of drama over boys, note-passing, and who’s-friends-with-who. I would still try to please different groups of friends and act a certain way. The same sorta happened in middle school, except in 8th grade, I thought I was hot stuff because we got to go on a field trip to Washington DC for three days. Ooooooo. (It was actually so fun though.)

High school is when I started to shift friend groups and really learn to embrace originality. This year especially, I have learned to not care about what others think of me, whether I go to a party or not, whether I talk about food on a daily basis on the internet (hi!), or whether I’m considered a nerd/goody-goody/try-hard.

Part of the reason I think I feel so comfortable in my skin is because I have such loving, considerate, and understanding friends.

They don’t judge me. (eh, sometimes they do, but only jokingly…I think) 😉

They make me laugh until I cry, which I had never experienced until this year.

We can all have civilized conversations about our very different opinions on social issues and religion.

They are always waiting for me at the end of class, since I’m a snail when it comes to packing up my stuff.

They are polite, but not too polite, because that would be boring.

They brighten my mornings.

My friends are the peanut butter to my jelly. <— That’s saying A LOT.



It is such a blessing to have a family outside of my blood-relatives, because I know how hard it can be to find the “right” people.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

So tell me:

Which food could you probably live off of?

Finish the sentence: My friends are the _______ to my ________.




18 thoughts on “I Have Awesome Friends

  1. That is an impressive amount of greek yogurt- Guess what I threw out the other day….chobani 2% that was 3 days old…I was SO Tempted to eat it!

    The moment you feel uncomfortable amongst your friends, it’s a tell tale sign that the definition of friendship is distorted. Glad you have a good crew, yo!

  2. You’re kidding me right?..those ‘popular’ girls clearly had no idea how to handle your coolness 😉 . But seriously, I’m super pleased that through all that you found ‘you’. And any day now you’ll probably transform into a yogurt eating peanut butter covered banana monster 🙂 . You know me; a bowl of oatmeal with all the works makes me one happy human.

  3. I was nodding reading this entire post. In middle school I was always following around different groups and trying to get them to like me which inevitably made me feel like a loser and like I couldn’t be myself. I was always pretending and yessing everyone. Fast forward through a hell of a battle with anorexia (and lots of therapy)I’m still learning that this is me and you can either like it or lump it. One of the reasons I love you bloggers is because it’s like alleluia people who are like me!!!🙏🙌 I don’t have to pretend! Having friends who accept you for you is so important. Eventhough family is great and they are forced (😉) to love us unconditonally, friends who love us and don’t have to are just as great or even better!
    Didn’t mean to write a novel but I completely completely relate to what you wrote!
    O and if I could live off one food it would be Greek yogurt or quest bars!

  4. Eat all the greek yogurt! It is just that dang good. 😀
    I could probably live off of oatmeal with fruit and nut butter. YES.
    I’m happy to hear that you’re embracing originality and you’ve found that good group of friends! 🙂
    My friends are the nut butter to my oatmeal. 😉

  5. Ahhhh friends will come and go, but the ones who stick around are so worth the effort. Having moved quite a bit I don’t always keep in touch with all of my friends but the ones who really matter to me I talk to almost daily! Thank god for skype…

  6. Okay so I love this so much!! It would be crazy to move states – I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life! Heck, I’ve went to the same school my whole life! I also went to DC in 8th grade.. although that was only last year 😉 but this year especially I’ve became comfortable with who I am too! I’ve really branched out with my friendships and it’s awesome! 🙂

    • That’s so fun that you’ve been able to grow up with the same people throughout your life! And it’s awesome that you’re really settling into your friend niche. It’s so important to find a solid support group for high school years, which are challenging and trying to say the least. 😉

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