Two Truths and a Lie

Good morning!

‘Tis April Fools’ Day, and I was thinking of playing a joke on you guys, but I knew it just wouldn’t fly. I was considering a few posts that would catch people’s eyes, but it’s inevitable that no one would believe me. Some of my ideas? Telling you that I got a tattoo, that I wanted to quit blogging, or that I was pregnant. Kidding about the last one. I was also thinking of telling my parents I got a new boyfriend, but I can’t keep a straight face for MY LIFE, so I did not attempt that.

I guess I was still feeling the effects of an exhausting Benefit week yesterday, so I decided to go home for a little nap after school instead of going to the gym. I was aiming for a short half-hour cat nap but…

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.20.08 PM

Oops. I did not regret it a single bit though. It was glooooorious. I believe I could have slept a lot longer, but I didn’t want to mess up my sleep patterns too much.

In other news, Mother Nature was just as fickle and weird as me yesterday. She spit some sleet and snow on us in the morning, but then she gifted us with absolutely gorgeous sunny weather in the afternoon. I wish I could have exercised outside, but that nap was too sweet to pass up. Thus, my moves just consisted of the 100 challenge (except I doubled the squats to 200) and some planking.

Anyway, rather than joking around on this April Fools’ Day, I want to play a little “Two Truths and A Lie” with you all. If you’ve never done this before, I basically give you three statements about myself. Two are true and one is a lie, and you have to guess which one is the lie! My life isn’t that exciting, so this might be easy for you, but I think it’s a fun way to know some more fun facts about me (if you even care).

Answers at the end of the post!

First set:

a) My uncle is a priest.

b) I’ve shaken hands with three different popes.

c) I’ve climbed up a water fall.

Second set:

a) I used to do kung fu.

b) I used to do gymnastics.

c) I used to play the piano.

Third set:

a) I’ve been to every continent besides Antarctica and Oceania.

b) I’ve moved three times in my life.

c) I’ve been to Hawaii at least 5 times.

Fourth set:

a) My favorite color was once white.

b) I used to want to be a meteorologist.

c) I’ve never had pets.

Fifth set:

a) I have a crooked pinky.

b) I can do a back handspring.

c) I hate somersaults.

The Lies:

First set: B. I’ve seen Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict in person, but I’ve never shaken hands with any pope.

Second set: A. I wish I did kung fu though! I would be like a flying monkey.

Third set: A. I’m going to visit Arman Down Under one day. One day.

Fourth set: C. We used to have fish, but my mom killed them all accidentally when she cleaned their tanks with soap. One day they were happy, and the next day they were all floating belly-up. *Sigh*

Fifth set: B. Again, I wish I knew how to do a back handspring! And I hate somersaults because I have a very prominent first vertebra, so it hurts pretty badly to roll over it.

There ya have it! Perhaps you learned something new about me. Hope you all have a great Tuesday! Don’t trust anyone today. 😉

So tell me:

Two truths and a lie— I’ll guess which one is the lie!

How’s the weather?

Have you ever pranked anyone on April Fools’ Day? Have YOU ever been pranked?




28 thoughts on “Two Truths and a Lie


  2. This is so cool! I was right with the Second set only..I kinda thought you have been everywhere in the world, being as well-traveled as you are. And I would totally believe you if you said you could do a back handspring! Your favorite color was white. Say what?
    Its chilly over here :D..and I’m wearing knits and leather (yay!) and sipping coffee (yay!).

    • I sorta made myself think that white was my favorite color because I wanted to be simple, but that’s just plain boring. And odd.
      Oh yeah! You’re in the other hemisphere, I keep forgetting. 😉 I do love it when things start to get cozy, but now I’m ready for warm weather and sunshine!

  3. I think I only got one right 😉 love this idea for a post! I always have big plans to do an April Fool’s prank but it just sneaks up on me so fast. I didn’t realize it actually was today until I read your post, lol! I used to be in gymnastics also, and I can still do a backhandspring! In fact, yesterday I did a back tuck at track practice 🙂 So jealous of all your traveling! I’ve never left the US!

  4. Hah! I love these kinds of posts, Alison! I would have never guessed which ones were a lie. Happy April Fool’s Day! And to celebrate, Mother Nature decided to rain on us. =(
    Here are mine:

    1. I used to do ballet when I was a child.
    2. I can do a cartwheel.
    3. I have traveled to 3 other countries.

    Guess which one is a lie, please! =)

  5. This is so fun! And I totally got half of them wrong!!🙈🙈ok here goes: I once worked in Disney world
    I have severe allergy to all perfumes
    I’ve never eaten raw sushi

    Have a great day!!

  6. I haven’t had an afternoon nap in ages! Oh how I wish it were like the good ol’ days when I could sleep more. o.o
    1. B (Wooo!)
    2. A (Wooo!)
    3. A (Wooo!)
    4. B (Aww, shoot.)
    5. C (aww, shoot.)

    3 out of 5 is still a majority. 😉
    The weather is HOT here.

    1. I’ve broken my ankle 4 times.
    2. I used to have blue hair.
    3. I used to be a girl scout for 4 years.

  7. What a fun post! Happy April Fools! I talked with my high school cousin today and apparently she convinced all her friends at school that she is moving to Arizona! (We live in California.) I was amazed. Like you, I am horrible at keeping a straight face and could never pull off an April Fools prank!

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