Behind the Scenes #14: Sweets and Pistol Squats


Thinking out loud with the amazing Amanda today!

1. While I was being super domestic on Monday, I started listening to “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft Punk on repeat for some reason. I hadn’t listened to it in maybe 3+ years, but I forgot how much I actually love that song (probably the only techno song I like). It definitely helped me work harder at scrubbing my bathtub while simultaneously twerking grooving.

2. Speaking of domesticity, here are the fruits of my labor from Tuesday:



More of these delicious applesauce banana muffins + sriracha chicken


Tuesday’s dinner: sriricha chicken with spinach and cabbage and avocado on top. So good!

I highly recommend the muffins and the chicken! Not together.

3. I’ve been eating lots of fun treats at school this week! On Tuesday, my friend, Apaula, let me try one of her homemade macarons that had a Nutella filling. I almost turned it down when she offered me one, but then I thought…Hello? YES I want one.

photo 4

And since Italians like to have a big celebration for St. Joseph’s Day (yesterday), our Italian teacher let us order some sfince di San Giuseppe pastries (we paid her, and she picked them up from the bakery) to enjoy in class for the special occasion. The sfince is basically a donut-shaped cannoli. It’s as fabulous as you think it is.

photo 1 photo 2

My friend, Kristi,  forced me to take this selfie. Nah she didn’t force me, but I did it anyway. Ew, it’s so creepy.

This pastry was gargantuan. It was 10 AM and I wasn’t feelin’ the huge sugar bomb, so I had about a quarter of it before sharing it with jealous friends who are not in my Italian class. 😉

4. I practiced some more pistol squats at the gym yesterday, but this time, I used the lowest box available to assist me.

photo 3

(No, I didn’t hoard all that equipment for myself. It was just there. I’m not being sarcastic this time!)

I did 3 rounds of 10 on each leg, supersetted with some bodyweight side lunges, and it was tough. I think that’s about as low as I’ll ever get with my short achilles, but I’m pretty proud of even getting to that point. Now I have to work on not looking like my head is about to explode when I do pistol squats.

5. For the first time yesterday, I tried a dried fig with Greek yogurt AND some sunflower seed butter.


Why haven’t I done this earlier?! It’s my favorite sweet snack on steroids.

6. Mom is coming home today!!! I’ve missed her (and her cooking) so dearly. She won’t be staying for long though… she’s turnin’ right around to go to Europe in a few days! What a world traveler. This just means that my domesticity will increase exponentially. At least I’ll be prepared for college, right?

7. I’ve calculated that I’ve gone through six 32-oz. tubs of Greek yogurt in the two weeks that my mom has been in Florida. I’ve used some of it for cooking, but otherwise, it’s just me + spoon. No, it’s not a problem— I can stop whenever I want. Which just happens to be never. 😉

8. This message from my friend, Anushka, made my night:


I mean, she’s the one inspiring me, if anything. I’ve never had carrots and sunflower seed butter together before! I’ll try that combo, Nush. 😉

9. I’ve definitely broken my “no complaining” sacrifice for Lent too many times. When I’m more prudent, I do my best to hold back, but I guess I’m just outspoken, and I speak before I think most of the time. *sigh* It’s never too late to keep trying though!

10. Next week starts one of the busiest, but most exciting weeks of the year! It’s the week leading up to my dance school’s Benefit Concert (since it’s a not-for-profit organization), which is our biggest show of the year. It’s called “Benefit week,” but it’s equivalent to “hell week” in theater. I’ll be at the theater rehearsing or performing from 3/4PM until 8/9PM every day. Just a heads up— I probably will not be able to blog very much at all next week because of this. It pains me, but Benefit week will be a huge whirlwind, and I don’t want to miss some of my last moments performing with company!

Happy Thursday, friends! I hope you have a lovely day 🙂

So tell me:

What have you been cooking lately?

Best sweet treat you’ve eaten recently?

Have you ever tried carrots with nut butter before?

Random thoughts?


19 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #14: Sweets and Pistol Squats

  1. Please tell me how you can do TEN pistol squats…I tried doing ONE and almost broke my leg.

    Italian desserts at 10am is completely normal…When I was in Italy I ate gelato at 6.30am…when in Rome, do as the Romans do. (they didn’t do that. They weren’t twats).

  2. Yes, yes, YES to dried figs and nut butter! I’ve never tried them with sunflower seed, but I do love them with AB. And the crunch of the seeds just makes everything so much better. Oh, and carrots with AB are pretty epic as well.

    Speaking of epic… That pastry — holy wow that’s huge. I recently had something similar from a local bakery, but I think they called it something else… something French. Then there was the lemon meringue… And the chocolate cake. I swoon.

  3. I can’t for the life of me figure out why you haven’t added nut butter to your favorite snack before either!?
    PB and carrots are bomb!
    Next week sounds crazy good. Ohhh your Mum must be so proud at how you’re handling things! That said, I can only imagine how much you must miss her. The only thing I’ve been cooking lately (over the stovetop) is oatmeal and eggs..ohhey you should try those applesauce muffins and sriracha chicken together one day 😉

  4. if by domesticity in college you mean walking to the cafeteria, then yes you better start practicing 😉 Kidding, I feel like you’ll be teaching cooking classes to all your new friends lol.

    I laughed at the equipment hoarding because yesterday a guy at the gym told me it wasn’t okay for me to use 6 sets of weights at once. While I know he’s right, it’s a pain in the ass to put them back after each set so I ignored him #sorryimnotsorry

  5. I love carrots with nut butter and cinnamon!! Definitely recommend!👍👍
    Sadly not a lot of cooking going on since this week has been hectic (unless you count oatmeal and sandwiches) 😉 so feel free to come to my house and spread your domesticity over here!
    Random thought but this whole missing maylasian plane story is mind boggling! I really hope they can find some answers soon for the families sake.

  6. Carrots and sunflower seed butter? Oh my goodness, I’m going to have to try that! And I know exactly how tough the week before opening night can be–I used to dance ballet, and the week before Nutcracker was always insane. Seven hours at the theatre every day! Hang in there, though, it sounds like it will be a tough week but a very fulfilling one 🙂

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