WIAW: Full Day of Dance

Hey there!

It’s another crazy week around here, and yesterday I was so domestic that I barely did any homework (I didn’t have much yesterday anyway). I did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, baked muffins, and cooked this rockin’ sriracha chicken all before ballet, and I felt like SUPERMOM. Minus the mom part, so, just super.

I’ll save any rants and thoughts for tomorrow’s Behind the Scenes. Today, I’m joining the WIAW party to show you all what I ate on Sunday, the day of my last dance company rehearsal ever. EVER. It still hasn’t hit me yet, so I won’t talk about it too much. I could burst out in tears at any second at this point.

Anyway, our last rehearsal before a show always involves running our dances multiple times, so it was a long, tiring day. Here’s what fueled me through teaching religious education and 4.5 hours of groovin’!


Jenn‘s got the linkup for some fabulous eats!



Fuel for proclaiming God’s word, shushing third graders, and picking up paper and pencils off the floor: 

Amanda’s oatmeal cookie dough smoothie (plus spinach, minus chia seeds) + side of Greek yogurt. Dipped like so.


photo 2

Fuel for jumping, running, and turning…all at the same time (aka dancing): 

PB & J. Holy moly I hadn’t had one of these babies in such a long time and it hit the spot like no other.


photo 3

Fuel for more dancing: Carrots and hummus


Post-dance fuel: Greek yogurt, sliced banana, crapton of cinnamon and nutmeg, stevia


Plus nuts



Fuel for finishing homework, blogging, cleaning, and chatting with Dad:

Lime-cilantro salmon on spinach + sriracha + avocado toast

The salmon turned out well! It’s always a celebration when I don’t under-season meat. For this one salmon filet, I put on some fresh lime juice (from half a lime), about 2 tsp. honey, sea salt, pepper, and cilantro. Baked at 400*F for 8 minutes (in our small toaster oven).



Fuel for baking: Half of this juicy navel orange

DSC_7779 DSC_7781

Fuel for sleeping 😉

Sample of homemade apricot-orange Irish soda bread

There ya have it! A busy day’s worth of delicious eats. The PB&J was the highlight, without a doubt. Those will be returning to my life with a vengeance; I bought some new strawberry jam a couple days ago just for the cause. 😀

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

So tell me:

Do you like PB&J/AB&J’s?

What has been fueling you through long days?

Have you tried a great new recipe recently?


33 thoughts on “WIAW: Full Day of Dance

  1. Wow what an incredible journey ending but don’t see it as something sad…but as superior memories and what’s to come.. COLLEGE!

    You’ve just sparked a PB+J craving…actually seen that combo floating around blog world recently. That or just toast and butter.

  2. I could do with a PB&J about now..I’m running errands with the big Sis and as off now waiting for her kids outside their school :p . You fueled yourself really well..long, busy days for me means extra snackage 🙂 .
    I tend to be wary of trying new recipes..I have to be 100% sure I’m going to love it. And then if I do I’ll most likely repeatedly make it!

  3. Awesome day of eats, girl! Your Greek yogurt, bananas, nut butters, and avocado toast make me happy inside.
    I love feeling like “supermom,” haha (but not full time, obviously ;)). If there are any chores to be done/things to be cooked or baked/homework to be helped with…that’s me!!
    I hope that you have an AMAZING last rehearsal. I totally understand the sadness – but it’s just a new season in your life beginning!!
    Have a fantastic day!

  4. Aahhhhh, PB&J’s. Classic combination 🙂 I’ve been relying on waffles with nut butter and banana, or quick spoonfuls of leftovers, to get me through the day lately. And plenty of coffee, of course!

  5. I know exactly how you feel about dance company ending. I was a cheerleader in high school for 4 years with the same girls. We were a family closer than most real family’s. I think my heart broke at our last practice and even more when we had our last annual team dinner. You’ll be sad for a few weeks, especially when you see other dance teams in the future, but now it’s time to make more sisters in college! Do you think you’ll rush for a sorority?

    For some reason your banana & greek yogurt bowl is calling my name abnormally loud. It’s basically screaming at me! Time for a snack 😉

    • Amen to that. We’re sisters, and it’ll be rough at our very last big show next Saturday. There’s always bawling. ALWAYS!
      Not sure if I’d want to join a sorority! We shall see 🙂
      I’m having banana and Greek yogurt with sunflower seed butter RIGHT NOW. 😀

  6. What a yummy Sunday!!!
    And now I’m making myself a pbj for lunch! Thank you!😉👍👍
    I remember when i graduated high school and started to have all my “lasts” (dance recital, exam, day of school!) it was bittersweet (well not the exam part. That was straight up thrilling😜) but there are so many great new “firsts” awaiting you in college!
    Have a great day Alison!

  7. It’s been a while since I’ve had an ABJ — that needs to change. I’ve had ABJ oats, though, if that counts 😀 But with blueberry jam…. Always with blueberry jam. As for what gets me through busy days, usually lots of bananas and almond butter. I could probably live off that combo and be perfectly content. Although I’d probably have to get some protein in there at some point… which is where Greek yogurt would come in 😉

  8. I am sure it must have been hard to get through that rehearsal knowing that it was your final one with your dance company. However, like Arman pointed out, you have a fantastic journey still ahead of you! I’ve been meaning to try out Amanda’s cookie dough smoothie, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. That seems to happen a lot with me–so many recipes, so little time. That Irish soda bread looks tasty; I don’t know if I’ve ever tried soda bread before, but I’ll have to give it a shot sometime. I hope you have a great day!

    • Same— I have hundreds of bookmarked recipes that I want to try, but there’s just no time (or budget) to make them all! I’m chipping away at them veryyyyy slowly 😉
      Definitely try soda bread when you get the chance! Hope you’re having a wonderful day too, Kendra!

  9. PB&J’s have come back since I went vegetarian and I’m not going back. I forgot how good they are! I use my grandma’s homemade jam ❤ I've been filling them with sliced banana too. YUM. That salmon sounds fantastic! And I love the idea to cook it in the toaster oven!

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