Behind the Scenes #13: Greek Yogurt Everywhere


I ♥ Thinking Out Loud and I ♥ Amanda for hosting it!

1. Well, the warm weather has fled. I’m disappointed. At least it didn’t snow though, because we’ve finally been able to revel in the fact that icebergs aren’t taking up half the road anymore. It definitely could be worse, but the snow just passed us, and only rain has fallen. Out goes the snow, in come the potholes!

2. On a similar note, I get slightly stressed when the street lights reflect off wet roads, obstructing my view of the road markings. I have to drive much more slowly, and you would think that others do as well, but I almost feel like drivers are more aggressive when it’s dark and rainy. I say a prayer every time I drive in such weather.

3. I decided to drive in these conditions last night just to get to Trader Joe’s. I could have gone to a closer store to pick up the groceries, but I kinda wanted to get almond butter and sunflower seed butter. Cuz, uh, dad likes almond butter. 😉

4. I’ve been hearing singing birds! I don’t like seeing the birds up close (they’re pretty scary, let’s be honest), but their chirps are a true blessing.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.15.44 PM

5. Is it sad that my right forearm is sore from playing badminton in physical education? My forearms and wrists are WEAK.

6. I had to buy school lunch yesterday since I forgot to pack my sandwich. It reminded me why I haven’t bought school lunch all year.

photo 1

Green bean, bottom left➔ nightmares

The turkey was  salty, and there was some highly questionable yellow coloring throughout. The mashed sweet potatoes were alright, and I did eat those green beans because I was desperate for veggies. I could have bought a made-to-order Boar’s Head deli sandwich, but I was feelin’ cheap. (I made up for it at Trader Joe’s though…)

7. I’m finding Greek yogurt stains throughout the kitchen, which means two things: 1- I’m obsessed (to state the obvious).  2-I’m a messy person. Which was evident in this post when I showed you how my laptop likes to eat my food.

8. I had this delicious bowl of Greek yogurt, banana slices, chia, hemp, banana applesauce muffin, and sunflower seed butter yesterday morning:


But I didn’t finish it at home before I had to drop off dad at the train station, so I brought it with me in the car. Call me crazy. It’s definitely not as portable as overnight oats in a jar, but I made sure it was snug behind my backpack in the back seat so there was a lower chance of projectile motion if {God forbid} anything were to happen. #makeitwork

Hm, maybe this is why I find Greek yogurt stains everywhere.

9. I’ve been working on modified pistol squats to a low box (which is still KILLER), so I’m hoping to get them without any assistance one of these days! Unless my short achilles decide otherwise.

10. Here’s a real behind the scenes look at me blogging at school:

photo 2

Photo creds to my girl, Kristi!

Hope you all have a great Thursday! Thursdays are the new Fridays it seems, right??

So tell me:

Which store do you make a “sacrifice” to go to?

Do you find remnants from a certain food seemingly everywhere?

What are you thinking about today?


29 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #13: Greek Yogurt Everywhere

  1. So you didn’t go to trader joes yesterday but you went today? Fail whale. But at least you had more than 20 minutes ha? And you poor thing forgetting your lunch. You can just TELL by those green beans that…just no.

    Blogging at school? Sneaky. I did that during my statistics lectures last year. Blogging > Statistics.

    • It was either fail whale with too little time or fail whale with bad weather…lose lose situation. But the fact that it’s TJs makes it a win anyway.
      They should call them GRAY beans.
      I try to only blog when the lesson is over or when I have a study hall, so it took me the whole day just to finish that one post!

  2. Aww! So nice of you to go buy almond butter for your dad 😉 And girl, you wanna talk weak forearms? I washed my car yesterday with one of those high pressure washer wand things, and my right arm is sore this morning 😆 Oh sad times… And Greek yogurt stains… yes… I find them in odd places 😯

  3. Girl, I hope you stay careful! The conditions sound pretty sketchy, so just play it safe. 🙂
    I sacrifice to get greek yogurt and peanut butter. 😉
    I feel ya on the greek yogurt addiction.. Already on the second tub in like 4 days. Whoops.
    I love the sound of chirping birds.
    School lunches are questionable. o.o

  4. Driving in bad weather conditions totally freak me out..and I’m talking about when I’m a passenger! Its like everyone is in more of a hurry to arrive at their destination, and its like, “hel-lo wouldn’t you rather get there slowly than not at all?”
    I don’t know myself to be a messy eater, BUT most of my pj’s carry the aroma of PB no matter how many atimes they’ve been through the wash!

  5. I’ve been hearing birds chirping tooo!!! They must be as confused as me about this weather!!
    Chocolate stains everywhere. Which is kinda off bc I don’t eat THAT much but I guess chocolate powder travels far!!
    And Greek yogurt stains on the cinnamon shaker and fridge. Geesh. Gotta be more careful to cover my tracks 😉
    I’m thinking I have a drs appointment and I always get so anxious before hand no matter what kind of dr or appointment it is. Oy:(
    Anyways hope you have a great Thursday!!

  6. Hah! Sneaky with the blogging at school. And I love going to Trader Joe’s. I don’t go there often though. That’s nice of you to buy almond butter for you dad (you get some too, right? 😉 )

  7. Your school lunch looks great compared to what was offered in my high school! Which is why I also always packed my lunch. And I feel ya about Trader Joes!

  8. I haven’t had the school lunch at my high school yet this year. It’s not that it’s that bad, I’m just too cheap lol! And there are SO many food stains on my counter. I set a knife down and bam! It’s a messy counter! Sometimes I lick it off hehe 😉

  9. I have just recently been able to reconnect with my extreme love of yogurt, and am finding it everywhere myself. If there was a Trader Joe’s within any reasonable distance to me, I would totally be taking a risk driving to it.
    Did you have super summery weather and then the depths of winter this week too? Geez it was terrible!
    Also. If I had had a blog while in school, it may have been all I did. 🙂

  10. The weather here has been bizarre as well–it was 50 degrees on Sunday, 20-ish degrees and very snowy on Tuesday night/Wednesday, and now 50 degrees and sunny again today. The potholes here have been rather dreadful as well, but they are quickly being fixed up, which is good. I always wince when I run over a pothole, fearing that I might have damaged the tires of our car. I had to laugh when you said that birds were somewhat scary when seen close up–have you ever watched the Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds?? That was a strange and slightly creepy movie about a mob of killer birds. You should definitely watch it if you haven’t yet 😉 Your school lunch does look rather unappealing, and I can see why you’d rather pack lunch! I hope you have a great day!

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