Behind the Scenes #12: No Shame


I missed you all yesterday! I don’t think I’ve ever not posted on a Wednesday before yesterday. :-0 I guess there’s a first time for everything! It was just a busy evening, plain and simple. But today I’m comin’ at ya with some random thoughts because…


With the amazing Amanda, who is probably sun-kissed in Hawaii right now! I’m kinda hoping she sends me some fresh poke and pineapples.

1. It’s like my stomach is trained to have food within 30 minutes of waking up. Yesterday, I woke up a little earlier than usual to go to 7AM Ash Wednesday Mass, and although I didn’t want to eat a full breakfast beforehand, I still needed to have a few clementine slices to keep me from being miserable at Mass. Like, if I didn’t have the clementine, I may not have said “peace be with you” to anyone. Kidding. But still, my stomach was growling LOUDLY and I think it may have freaked out some people.

2. I walked into class a couple minutes late, but the ashes explained the reason for my tardiness. My calculus teacher had actually already gotten her ashes at Mass too! I used to be afraid of people staring at my forehead, but now, I couldn’t be more proud of donning that thick cross on my forehead. 🙂 People don’t make a big deal out of it anyway.


Breakfast was eaten at school:


Greek yogurt, banana slices, chia, hemp, banana nut muffin, and pepita sunseed butter

I ate it while doing calculus, and I succeeded in keeping my calculator free of Greek yogurt. This time.

3. I ordered my prom dress already! Our prom isn’t until June, but I found a dress that I loved in my size, so I just went for it. My school has a prom dress Facebook page where all the girls post photos of their dresses so there are no doubles (’cause we all know that that is in the top ten list of high school no-nos), and I was the first one to post in that group. I felt slightly aggressive, considering I bought the dress on the day the group was created, butttttt, if the shoe fits…!

Actually, I don’t even know if it fits. I’m hoping it’ll work out for this girl’s pear-shaped body!

4. I opted to take an active rest day yesterday since I had to study for a bio test that I have today. My “active rest” moves consisted of speed walking to school from my car in the morning, physical education class (planks and step ups in the weight room…let’s just count it), and active study breaks. I set my alarm to ring every 15 minutes while I was studying so I could get off my butt (and get my mind off of Darwinian evolution) to do 40 prisoner squats, 10 burpees, and 20 butterfly sit-ups.

5. I realized I already broke one of my Ash Wednesday commitments yesterday when I complained in Italian class to my friends: “I’m SICK of translating these long paragraphs!” (5 seconds later) Darn it, Alison. 

6. I eat roasted brussels sprouts with my fingers sometimes. Really just whenever I’m feelin’ snacky and too lazy to make them a part of an actual meal. I do not have one bit of shame.


i ♥ b.s.


7. Thus, my brussels snackage before dinner led to a veggie-less meal:


Seared tuna steak with mustard (which I mixed with Greek yogurt and honey post-pic) + avocado toast

Oh and this was my Mardi Gras/National Pancake Day dinner:


Quinoa/rice blend, shrimp, roasted brussels, and avocado

No sign of either Mardi Gras nor pancakes. *sigh* Except maybe the shrimp, which is reminiscent of jambalaya from New Orleans, where Mardi Gras is huge. Is that a stretch?

8. I set off the smoke alarm in our house while searing said tuna.



9. When I take my daily {adult} gummy vitamins, I always try to eat the orange ones (least favorite flavor) first, saving most of the berry and peach ones (best) for last. From a Darwinian natural selection perspective: the berry and peach vitamins have a favorable flavor, so they out-compete the orange ones, leaving a population that is dominated by berry and peach vitamins. Until Alison dominates them all, causing extinction of all the vitamins.

Look at that! I’m studying while blogging! Darwin would be proud….

10. …and I’m a freak.

Yet I’m still unashamed. 😉

Hope you all have an awesome Thursday!

So tell me:

Do you have to eat something as soon as you get up in the morning?

Do you ever eat roasted veggies with your fingers?

What do you do on active rest days?

Do you like to save the best for last when eating things?


17 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #12: No Shame

  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I eat all my roasted veggies with my fingers 😯 I’m like an animal. For some reason I think of roasted veggies like french fries (that’s how crispy I make them haha). I used a fork the other night while each roasted kabocha and it felt abnormally improper. It’s probably a good thing that I am not married or dating anyone I want to impress with my veggie eating “etiquette” haha 😉

    On active rest days I take the stairs at work, dance for 20-30 minutes, or walk on the treadmill with 10% incline for 30 minutes 😀

  2. My appetite in the morning seems to vary greatly depending on the day–sometimes I’ll be starving by 7 or 8, and other days I won’t be hungry until 10 or 11. Therefore, I always seem to eat breakfast at different times. I know you are “supposed” to eat breakfast within an hour or so of waking up, but I am not always hungry then. I think your commitment to give up complaining is a very commendable one, but difficult as well, so don’t worry if you can’t succeed every single day! As long as you are doing your best to be aware of it and not do it quite as often, that’s the important part. Our smoke alarm is very sensitive to heat as well as smoke, so sometimes it will go off if someone has been in the shower for too long and opens the door to the bathroom. Then we have to open all the doors and fan wildly at the alarm with a towel until it shuts up. Or sometimes, if we are cooking multiple things in the kitchen, it will also be triggered by the overwhelming heat wave drifting in from the kitchen. Of course, sometimes it actually IS triggered by smoke, such as when food particles get stuck to the bottom of the oven, or when I turn on the oven without realizing that there is something in there from last night…My bad. I love your comparison of gummy vitamins to Darwinian natural selection–it is fantastic 😉 Oh, and I absolutely DO eat roasted vegetables with my fingers on a regular basis, as well as many other foods. I guess I would have fit in well in the medieval ages, when they used their fingers to eat just about everything. Heck, who needs forks when you have your fingers, right? I hope you have a great day!

  3. Girl you crack me up. My stomach is trained too – I can’t NOT eat something, even if I’m not terribly hungry. My body just knows I guess! (PS your breakfast….jealous….)
    I think that you’re okay with “donning your ashes” (lol so weird to type) is pretty fantastic – you go girl!
    Oh, and eating brussel sprouts with your fingers is totally the way to go. I get even weirder and dip mine in ketchup sometimes…but being weird is being awesome.
    Have and amazing day!!

  4. You crack me up☺️☺️☺️
    Ok so in the same way in the morning! If I don’t eat something within 30 mintutes,regardless of what time I get up, I’m a mess!!! No bueno😫👎
    I eat 90%of my food with my fingers so that answers that question!! (In public I try to be more civilized though😉)
    And I do the same thing with my vitamins and food in general. Like usually on my dinner plate I’ll save the carb for last because well…carbs!!! Lol and I eat all the yellow and orange gummy vitamins first leaving cherry for last!
    Wow ok I’m going stop now before I freak any of your readers out🙈
    Happy Thursday Alison! Missed ya yesterday but totally understand!😘

  5. Omg it feels SO weird not posting on some days. I’ve enjoyed taking time off while I’m in Hawaii, but seriously? Too much time away and I start going a little bonkers. Not a horrible thing, though… Just something that I adore 🙂

    And girl, I eat TONNES of food with my fingers. Some of it is from laziness, and some of it is from the fact that I -swear- food tastes better without metal forks and spoons. I seriously need to try to learn with chopsticks. Omg that’ll be a sight to see… I think I’ll starve before I manage to get a few bites in my mouth 😆

    • We can’t wait to have ya back, but just relax and enjoy your time soaking up the sun in Hawaii! Gahhh the thought of that as I type with cold fingers is just torture. 😉
      Haha! Chopsticks are great. Until you have to pick up really tiny foods with them.

  6. I used to be crazy hungry right when I woke up, but now anymore 😦 I think it’s because I wake up earlier now! And you are SO right on waiting to eat the best thing last. I always do that. All of your meals look so yummy. I can’t get over it! I still haven’t tried brussel sprouts!!

  7. Well, my concept: life is short, at first eat a dessert! Therefore I at first eat a cheese crust in pizza, and then only a crust 😉 And yes, several times I too ate Brussels sprout with hands. And broccoli. And carrots. There is no shame, huh? 😀

  8. My tummy goes on a rampage when I wake up. It’s like “FEED ME.” So, I have to give it. 😉 Plus, I think I’d get some pretty weird looks if I was eating my oatmeal in class..
    That Facebook page for prom dresses is a smart idea! I bet you’ll look amazing in your dress!
    I have grown quite fond of brussel sprouts. 🙂

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