Being Humble Hurts

Good morning and Happy Fat Tuesday!

“Joyeux Mardi Gras!” sounds a lot classier, doesn’t it? French is just glamorous like that.

Before I get into Lent and deep-ish talk, I’ll catch you up on what happened in my life yesterday. First and foremost, I had a nut-butter-happy breakfast of banana bread English muffins with almond butter + peanut butter + banana slices!


I also finished the last bit of Greek yogurt with a few more banana slices. My mom knows me so well and bought FOUR big containers of Greek yogurt for me since she’ll be leaving for Florida soon. Those might last me 2 weeks. 😉

School was swell, and then I headed to the gym in the afternoon. I didn’t forget my gym shoes this time! I did, however, nap in the car at the gym parking lot for about half an hour again. You would think I would be a little more self-conscious, but sleep trumps image at this point in my high school career (or any point in my life). I just park in the corner of the lot and snooze for a lil’ bit. I doubt anyone even noticed. A cat nap can go a long way, folks!

After my mini-siesta (I still think we should have those)…


5 min. rowing warmup

Supersets of:

  • TRX rows + TRX pike to pushup
  • TRX tricep extensions + TRX bicep curls

Then I did some proper pushups (so hard!), staggered pushups, and 6 minutes on the rope climbing contraption. I finished with an 8-minute ab tabata.

Dinner was absolutely delicious, and it was a cinch to put together thanks to Mom’s prep work.


Quinoa/rice blend + seared tuna steak + avocado + blanched broccoli + ponzu

Mom had already prepared the quinoa/rice blend in the rice cooker, and she had also blanched the broccoli earlier in the day. She’s da best.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love me some whole grains. Brown rice, quinoa, wild rice, farro… I could totally eat grains by themselves. I adore their hearty aromas and slightly chewy textures. This organic quinoa/rice blend that my mom got from Costco (I think) was fantastic!


Guess what I had for “dessert”? You win a virtual high-five if you guessed dried figs and Greek yogurt!

Being Humble Hurts

So tomorrow marks the beginning of Lent, which is the 40-day period leading up to Easter for us Christians. A lot of people like to give up certain pleasures or do extra good deeds to grow closer to God during this time as a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

I’m not going to talk all about Lent too much, but I’ll tell y’all what I’m going to try my very hardest to give up:

  • TV
  • listening to the radio in the car
  • complaining

And I will try do more of this:

  • Meditate/read devotional

I was considering giving up nut/seed butters, but then I thought about how we have, like, 5 jars in the fridge. Someone’s gotta eat them… 😀 But in all seriousness, these four things are going to be tough for me already. I won’t be able to live vicariously through Giada or Ina on Food Network, I won’t be able to groove to jams in the car, and I won’t be able to open my BIG mouth at times.

will be able to learn humility.

We all have several humbling experiences in our lives, but I don’t think it ever gets an easier to put our pride aside. At least, for me it never does.

Last night, I was in an argument— more like a petty bicker— where voices were raised and tensions amounted. I knew I did not start the argument, but my emotions got the better of me, and I let myself raise my voice several times to try to defend myself. (This was all over something so trivial too, but for some reason it turned into a big mess).

After breathing for a few moments and letting things simmer down, I wanted to apologize to the other person, even though I did not feel like I needed to do so. Nevertheless, I practically owe this particular person my life, no matter what the situation is. Thus, I said, “I’m sorry for raising my voice at you.”

The response I received was not as forgiving as I had expected (for privacy reasons, I won’t say what the exact response was). In fact, it stung so much that I literally stopped what I was doing and stared straight forward for a good 10 seconds. I slowly grabbed my laptop and went up to my room as tears welled up. And then I just talked out loud to myself and to God.

I was angry and upset. All that went through my head was: I didn’t even start this! That wasn’t fair to say! I apologized, and that’s what I got? WHAT THE HECK?! 

In the past, I probably would have gone downstairs and made a fit again. I definitely wear my emotions on my sleeve. But God was telling me to be humble. Not to be submissive or stepped on, but to just accept things as they were at that point. Trying to defend myself even further would have been solely for my pride. It wouldn’t have actually made anything better.

I tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 10.46.28 PM

Because it does hurt. But then I think about our great Lord and His incredible humility, and there’s nothing I can do but bow to Him. And then zip my big mouth.

Again, this doesn’t mean I’m an advocate of being submissive, but in some instances, pride is only fuel for the fire.

“…he leads me beside still waters/he restores my soul…” -Psalm 23

OKAY. That got a little deeper than I initially anticipated. Fat Tuesday!!

Have a great day, everyone 🙂

So tell me:

How do you handle moments like these when your pride is roaring?

If you observe Lent, what are you giving up/doing?

What is your favorite grain?



19 thoughts on “Being Humble Hurts

  1. I read somewhere that today is Pancake Day? can I just call it Fat Pancake day!?
    Aah you handled that situation so admirably girl *fist bump*! I always let my pride take over and turn into a regular lioness in most situations..obviously with certain people in my life I HAVE to hold back and control my instincts. I’ve noticed that -with me- I react in anger when sometimes I’m just hurting..which is sort of a way to protect myself..confusing, but yeah.
    Favorite grain would be good ol’ oats! My tastebuds hasn’t had exposure to a diverse variety of grains as yet 🙂

  2. Awh, Alison 😦 As I grow into an adult I’ve had similar complications with elders in my family (unnamed). I think it’s easy for them to still view us a children when we speak rationally for ourselves and voice our opinions. Granted, raising voices and taking an aggressive tone doesn’t help, sometimes it’s natural. It’s hard to bite your tongue when it comes to taking a stance and still respecting your elders or whomever. You did the bigger thing by apologizing, now you won’t go to bed with a heavy heart, despite the sting of the feedback. Just know that God planed that for you last night, and for a reason. Who knows what it was, but I am sure if something similar happened again it won’t hurt as bad and you might walk away feeling less frustrated and upset ❤

  3. This is so true and a great reminder. Sometimes being humble is better than being right! Like you I wear my emotions on my sleeve so I probably would’ve gone back down to have the last word. Don’t take my lead!! But I’m working on this and I find distancing myself from the situation, praying for patience, and finding a distraction seems to help. I also try to put myself in the other persons shoes and sometimes that sheds more perceptive on the situation or why they are acting the way they are!
    Kudos for you for giving up TV!!! I’m trying I limit my Internet/Instagram usage. Wish me luck. I figure God wants me to spend more time bettering myself or others.
    And favorite grain is rice!!!! I could just eat a bowl of rice and be happy. So nutritious I know 😉
    Another great post that really got me thinking! Thanks Alison and hope you have a phat Fat Tuesday …yo😎

    • That’s a great thing to do— to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Except sometimes I’m cynical and I think about how the person is judging me. 😉 But seriously, that does help.
      I hope you’re having a fun Fat Tuesday, girl! Best of luck on your internet and Instagram cutbacks!

  4. I think Jo should give up complaining for lent.

    In all seriousness- something I learnt the hard way was saying sorry when it wasn’t my fault- you become the customised ‘doormat’ which everyone walks all over. Sometimes you NEED to raise your voice or put yourself out there to tell others…I’m not this submissive twat you can step over all the time.

    • I am all for a healthy amount of voice-raising, and believe me—I make sure to exercise that! I get upset when I hear about people that don’t stand up for themselves when there is CLEAR injustice.
      In this case though, it was best to just take a chill pill and let it go.
      Jo and I can form a support group for giving up complaining. Just her and me.

  5. You have SO much maturity going on here!! I’m sorry that you had that argument 😦 that really sucks. At my church retreat this past weekend, I decided to make some changes to my attitude. I get mad over really simple things, and I decided to not let that get the best of me. I’ve already noticed a difference in how much happier I feel! Not quite sure why I just shared that… anyway, you are going hardcore for Lent! You go girl! You’ll see what I’m giving up in tomorrow’s post! 😉

  6. It’s so nice to look back and see how much we’ve grown at people. You really think to yourself, wow.. I really have changed (but in a good way, of course 😉 ). I know it may be hard to take a step back from technology, but a stronger relationship with God is well worth it. My relationship with him has been growing stronger lately. I have really been feeling weight being lifted off my shoulders and so much more happier. I’m really proud of you. 🙂

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