That Time I Forgot to Bring My Shoes to the Gym

Good morning!

The first day back at school didn’t make me cringe yesterday, which I consider a huge win. (I actually don’t mind school all that much. I feel like it sounds like I dread it, but that’s not always the case.) I was also happy to see my friends again since I was basically antisocial (besides social media) during winter break. 

Lunch at school means that sandwiches are back in style, and they really are stylish this week! Check out this marbled rye/pumpernickel bread. (Thanks for making them, Ma 🙂 )

photo 1


Rye is saltier than normal bread, so it’s not my favorite, but I’ve always wanted to say, “I’m having chicken, cheese, and lettuce on rye.” It just seems so…classic sitcom deli scene.

Anyway, moving onto story time. School was dandy, and I already had my gym bag in the car so I could head to the gym directly from school as I normally do. Admittedly, I was even wearing my workout shirt under my sweater (from Binghamton last week!) so I wouldn’t have to change when I got to the gym. Lazy butt I am.


I just wanted it for the style. Look at the button + collar! It also looks like I’m about to wink at you…but don’t flatter yourself. 😉 <— there’s your wink.

I drove all the way to the gym, excited to get movin’ and groovin’, and I even sat in the parking lot for a few minutes to quickly chow on a granola bar before going inside. Then I started getting out of the car when I realized…aw sugar nuts. I forgot my gym shoes.

Do I go back home and get them? I’m already here…

*Sigh* I’m gonna go inside anyway. Then we’ll see where it goes from there.

So I went inside, changed, and stared at my locker for a good 5 minutes. My mind went back and forth between staying and just going home, but I knew that I wanted to just do some TRX and upper body exercises anyway— nothing that involved machinery or weights or anything that could put my little piggies in peril.

I also had some thick, black socks on, so I just decided to go for it. I worked out at the gym without shoes. I completely understand that it’s not the safest thing to do, but I steered clear of any cardio machines (except the rower for 5 minutes), and I just did my thing on the turf area of the gym.

photo 2

I was definitely afraid that people would give me judgy stares, but no one seemed to notice or care. I wasn’t running on the treadmill with my socks or anything. When I looked in the mirror for a quick second, it didn’t even look like I wasn’t wearing shoes since my socks contrasted my workout clothes so drastically. I even thought that my socks could pass for those flat, toe-sock-looking running shoes. Maybe a few people had a double take when looking at my feet, but I just did my thang (with caution of course).

I kinda felt like a rebel though. Working out with JUST socks. Obviously, my life is riveting! 😉

As for my actual moves, I did supersets of upper body exercises, using the TRX for some of them. Then I finished with another ab tabata that included v-ups, leg lifts, side crunches, Spiderman planks, and knee cross tuck planks. My core was burnin’! I love that the tabata format makes for a great workout in a short period of time (usually only 8-10 minutes).

After my shoe-less workout, I had a delicious pair to refuel: apples and almond butter. I’m really starting to like almond butter now! I used to look down upon it as the inferior cousin to peanut butter, but I’ve learned to be more open-minded to it, and I’m finding it tastier and tastier every day. Amanda, the almond butter lover, would be thrilled to hear that 🙂


Well, hopefully I won’t have a brain fart and forget to take my gym shoes with me again. At least I know that it is indeed possible to work out at the gym sans shoes without getting death stares. But seriously, I probably won’t do that again if I do forget my shoes in the future. It’s just a little uncomfortable (mentally, not physically).

Hope you all have a terrific day!

So tell me:

Have you ever worked out at the gym without an essential item before?

Do you like rye bread?

Almond butter or peanut butter?




20 thoughts on “That Time I Forgot to Bring My Shoes to the Gym

  1. Sock gyming actually doesn’t sound at all weird to me..I mean as long as you aren’t on the treadmill or something. And of course if you have terribly smelly feet it would be a problem 😉 ..but I’d say you rocked that shoe-less workout!
    The only reason I choose peanut butter over Almond butter is because I don’t get the dark roasted kind over here..only the one where the almonds have been blanched prior to roasting, and while it is quite’s not as good!

  2. Before I even read your post I smiled just by reading the title haha! I’ve never had rye/pumpernickel bread and it looks SO good 😯

    “aw sugar nuts” haha, I am dying and I want that hoodie just for the stylish button. ASU campus attire is so…meh

    Also, I own those freaky toe sock looking shoes and get judgey stares. I only wear them on leg day since they connect your feet with the ground = more stability and utilization of leg muscles. Otherwise I feel like a life size Kermit the frog 😯 lol!

  3. I normally don’t forget to take things TO the gym, but I am known for forgetting essential items to pack in my bag for work… (I get ready at the gym.) I forget my work shoes (so I end up wearing a dress and sneakers), I’ve fogotten socks, underwear bras… (not all on the same day!) One time I forgot my PANTS. I had to go home and was late for work but they understood. 😉

  4. I must admit I have never worked out on in the gym without sneakers but I have gone out in slippers! 🙈 whatever floats your boat ya know? Different strokes for different folks😉
    Love rye bread! And love almond butter as well! 2 for 2👍👍😊
    Have a great day!

  5. That BREAD. Holy yum!! That sucks you forgot your shoes! And I wouldn’t worry too much about what people think. Who cares? I work out at home all the times without shoes. At least you made it work!

    I’m not the biggest fan of almond butter either. It’s good, but I prefer peanut butter!

  6. Sometimes you gotta make do w/o what you got. Ha! We have a gym in our apt. building that is hardly ever used. Since it’s usually just me by myself, I’ll bypass throwing a pair of sneakers on if I know I’m just doing a strength workout. May not be safe, but I don’t care for shoes really @ all. LOL

    I like them both equally – esp. w/ baby carrots.

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