Weekend Moves and Grooves {MIMM #25}

Today? School? What the heck is school?

Yes, yes. The time has finally come to go back to the grind after a seemingly endless string of snow days and then winter break. As much as I’ll miss my days of chillaxin’, I’d say it’s about time to get back into a routine. Spring is upon us, and I need to buckle down for all the events coming up!

This last weekend before turning my brain back on included a ton of moves & grooves (naturally), and a lot of delicious eats. All marvelous things!


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This was technically my last day to myself since dance started back up on Saturday, so I definitely soaked up the time. My morning started off with my favorite breakfast— overnight oats. After reading blogs and doing some religious education prep, I went to my happy place and baked some banana nut muffins (using this recipe + walnuts). Does anyone else feel that baking is therapeutic? Or maybe I just think it’s therapeutic because I know I’ll have a sweet end product. 😉



I headed to the gym for a bodyweight leg workout. After a 5 minute warmup on the arc trainer, I completed 3 rounds of each set of these bodyweight exercises:

  • 10 modified pistol squats (each leg) + 20 Bulgarian split squats (each leg)
  • 60 sec. wall sit (I did hold a weight for this one) + 20 lunge pulses each leg
  • 20 hamstring ball curls + 20 single leg bridge lifts (each leg)

Short and sweet! I ended with a quick 8 minute ab tabata that included 2 rounds of: toe touches, Russian twists, Spiderman planks, reverse crunches, side plank hip raises right and left, cross knee tuck planks, and ankle touches.

Then my mom came home with sashimi. She’s the best. ❤


I also made a valiant effort to finally continue reading Catching Fire on Friday. Yeah, I’ve prolonged reading that book for about two years now. I still only read about 5 more pages…I’m not dedicated enough. But I wanna watch the dang movie, so that’s my motivation.

I was probably distracted by the awesomeness of this dinner:


Sesame soba noodles (made by Mom), bell peppers, coconut oil roasted brussels sprouts, cashews, and a soft-boiled egg.

Everything was already prepped thanks to Mom, so this dinner came together in about 2 minutes, and it ROCKED. And if I may… #eattherainbow.


I woke up thinking, “Wow. I actually have to do stuff today.” That stuff included dance from 11 AM -4 PM and then Mass at 5:30 PM. In the evening, we went out for a Groupon dinner (surprised?) at one of our favorite Persian restaurants. I totally spoiled my appetite by eating a snack at 4:30 after dance and then eating way too much of the appetizer. It was a delicious eggplant dip with house-made naan.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

I had only a few bites of my entree because I was already so full. Amazing falafel salad! I was sad that I couldn’t eat more of it.

photo 4 photo 5

Lucky for me though, the waitress took quite a while before taking our dessert order and bringing them out, so I had time to digest and make room for the good stuff 🙂 Persian saffron ice cream and THE BEST saffron pistachio cake. I think it’s my favorite cake ever!


Compared to others’ Sundays, mine are usually pretty long and full. It kinda goes against Sunday as a day of rest, but teaching Sunday school and dancing aren’t really considered work. It’s a joy to spread God’s teachings and dance with my girls!

My friend in dance company, Rachel, baked blueberry muffins for our brunch yesterday, and it hit the spot. I am a HUGE sucker for blueberry muffins. Hers had cinnamon and so many plump blueberries! Thank you for making my day, Rachel. 🙂

photo 2

Dance rehearsal was especially tiring yesterday, so I was more than ready to relax at home with my parents to watch the Harding-Kerrigan-20-year-later special (<—did anyone else watch that? the tension is real.) and the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I smiled at Russia’s sense of humor as they mocked their own opening ceremonies.



I’m sad that they’re over! Sochi bear’s tears almost made me cryI guess it’s a good thing though, because I would be staying up until the wee hours of school nights to watch them. My family always gets really into the games…as you can tell from our hockey-watching drama. We’re already looking forward to Rio! Oh, and the World Cup is this year too, right? So we’ll turn into soccer fans for a little while just for that. 

photo 1


So this is goodbye to the Olympics and my perpetual winter break. Unless it snows again. If it does, I can kiss my spring break goodbye.

It was a wonderful weekend though, and I hope the same is true for all of you! Have a great Monday, friends!

So tell me:

Do you find baking/cooking therapeutic?

What is the best cake you’ve ever had?

Three things you did this weekend!


29 thoughts on “Weekend Moves and Grooves {MIMM #25}

  1. As a half Persian, I scoff that you ate Felafel…fail, Persian restaurant. BUT- you made up with the dessert. I’ll tell you a secret- what makes Persian desserts so amazing is Rose Water.

    And you actually go to school? Wow. Mind Blown. I feel like DM+G was a holiday blog 😉 Baking = my therapy. Except with recipe fails. The anger emerges.

    • Ohhh…I AM such a fail. That falafel was damn tasty though. And I have had rose water ice cream at a Turkish/Greek restaurant before. That stuff was AMAZING.
      I have yet to develop my own recipes when it comes to baking, but I’m sure the recipe fails would bring me to anger as well. Then I’ll need to GO to therapy. 😉

  2. I’m kinda sad that I’m one of those few people on earth who does NOT find baking the least bit therapeutic! I was just going on about it the other day.. On the contrary I find it stressful and sticky. But I do it anyway..for the end result of course :). Oh naan is so good! I am a big fan of the garlic kind. No-wayyy, pistachio cake!? That looks epic. I haven’t had anything so exotic! Ferrero rocher chocolate cupcakes for me 🙂

  3. I’ve never had falafel in my life and now I am craving them thanks to your amazing action shot. Seriously, what are those little beauties?! I think baking and cooking is one of the best forms of therapy around. Especially for us foodies who are in love with nut butters and oats!

    Please invite me to dinner the next time you go to a Persian restaurant? Just give me a 6 months notice so I can book a plane ticket. Cool? Cool. 😀

    This weekend I took a final (scored an 88%), did yoga at the park, and watched a lot of trashy reality TV. Pure bliss.

    • Ahh you MUST try falafel! It’s mashed chickpeas and spices rolled into nuggets and deep-fried 😀 You could bake them perhaps, but that’s no fun. 😉
      You should just book your plane ticket now, because there’s a high chance that we’ll be back in the next six months! Congrats on your final! Your weekend definitely sounds like bliss.

  4. I just asked Andrew what “pistol squats” were! Will have to try out your circuit!! Lately I have been loving circuits so much more than running. Also, that muffin recipe looks like a winner. I made the world most dense muffins this weekend…they were okay, but not very muffin-y. Could go for a little more fluffiness.

  5. O no!!!! I wanted to watch the Nancy Kerrigan story and the closing ceremonies -and even made a mental note -but completely forgot!!!🙈 instead I ended up watching those dang Kardashians and I could actually feel my brain cells wasting away!!! Lol next time I have to make a real written note!!!
    I love baking too!! Definitely therapeutic! I think the best cake I’ve ever had was either this Brooklyn blackout cake I had at serendipity or my grandmas sour cream cinnamon streusel pound cake. And meanwhile I swore to myself I hated sour cream and only like chocolate cake! One bite of that and I was eating my words😉
    Have a great Monday friend!😘💗

  6. I definitely find baking to be therapeutic, and that’s actually what I spent a good chunk of my weekend doing as well. It was FREEZING here this weekend (helloooooo -25C), so I holed up in the kitchen and made muffins and travel snacks for when I can escape this cold next week and head to Hawaii. WOO! I’m kind of sad that the Olympics are over as well, but at least this means that I won’t have to wake up at 5 AM to watch anymore hockey games 😉

  7. How about your mom comes and cooks for me 😉 SO much good food going on this weekend! i’m the same on Sunday’s – mine are always busy! So much for day of rest, lol! Hope you’re having a great day!

  8. Omagoodness, now I gotta find me a Persian restaurant around here! I love to try new dishes and I think Persian is next up on my list. And it’s so awesome you teach Sunday school and dance! So, is it bodyworship type dance? Or just regular? I’m so interested to know! 🙂

    • I highly recommend Persian cuisine— they pack in a ton of flavor into their dishes!
      Haha, my Sunday school teaching and dancing don’t have anything to do with each other. I’m a part of a pre-professional dance company that focuses mostly on modern choreography, but we take ballet, modern, and jazz classes throughout the week! 🙂

  9. SO much good food – my eyes hurt! Those falafels look fantastic, it’s been so long since I’ve had some! I find cooking therapeutic as it allows me to just go with my taste buds and create something delicious. Baking, not so much! I’m not good with measuring out every little thing! Looks like you had a fab weekend xxx

  10. I feel ya on the chillaxin’ days away from school. I just had a four way weekend and spring break is coming up in about 3 weeks. Holla! 😀

    Baking is therapeutic.. maybe a little too much, because once I start baking, it’s hard to stop! Haha. Mmm banana muffins and blueberries are my favorite.

    I’d love to have your eats from the weekend, Definitely topped mine!

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