Behind the Scenes #10: I Could Be at the Olympics

Good morning! I’m feelin’ some more behind the scenes action this Thursday.


Head over to Amanda‘s blog for more thoughts from some great noggins

1. Ladies figure skating last night?! Naturally, the ladies single competition is my favorite event of the winter Olympics. All I have to say about last night is: Yuna Kim is a goddess, Gracie Gold is a sweetheart (go USA!), and I felt so sad for Mao Asada and Yulia Lipnitskaya. Oh and Adelina Sotnikova literally came outta nowhere!



If you didn’t watch skating last night, I apologize for possibly making you feel out of the loop. Or maybe you don’t even care. I’m moving on now.

2. Actually, I’m still talking about skating, BUT it’s a fun fact that doesn’t have to do with last night’s competition. When I was still competitively figure skating, my dad told me that I should work towards making it to the 2014 Olympics. That seemed like an insanely long ways away at the time he told me that, but here we are in the midst of the 2014 Olympics. And here I am, sitting on my couch…not there. Guatever, I’m still a superstar.

3. BREAKFAST YESTERDAY. *Jumping up and down* My mom and I picked up some Thomas’ Banana Bread English muffins from Wegmans at Binghamton over the weekend, and I tried them out yesterday morning.

DSC_7677 DSC_7679

‘Twas as scrumdiddlyumptious as it looks. I topped one half with almond butter and the other half with sunflower seed butter. Plus a small bowl of Greek yogurt and sliced bananas, cinnamon, and nutmeg as an accompaniment. Three words: I want more. Although the English muffin isn’t quite like the real stuff, I love the hint of banana bread goodness in it. The texture is doughy too, which I love!

4. I really feel like I’ve been doing absolutely nothing this winter break. I stayed home yesterday and Tuesday, and both days involved the same things. I did homework, exercised (the only time I left home was to the gym yesterday), cleaned, read blogs, blogged, watched the Olympics, and ate. I’m totally not complaining though. I know I’ll be craving this down time once spring comes— I was updating my calendar yesterday…I’m a little scared.



Kinda true.

5. Thanks to those who reassured me that I’m making the right decision about not going to the Blend Retreat this year. I want to be able to enjoy my time with my school friends and blends, but I know that my time with each will be better spent if I’m not trying to rush from one place to another. I guess my last days of high school are kinda important too. I’m definitely hoping to go to Blend next year though!

6. New addiction alert: pistachios. Luckily, we have the unshelled ones so it takes longer to shove pop them into my mouth.

7. I’ve been loving this Coffitivity app on both my iPhone and Macbook. I saw that Emily was using it a while back, and I loved the concept of it. You know how some people get the most work done at a coffee shop? The gentle murmur and bustle acts as a nice background noise, right? Well, Coffitivity provides that background noise for you on demand! So even though my AP Calc homework took, like, half a day to do, at least I was able to imagine myself in a cute coffee shop while I was at it.

8. It RAINED yesterday. Hallelujah! I would have crawled into a hole if it snowed more. Then again, the snow is practically burying us alive, so I wouldn’t even have to do that. (I’m so melodramatic.) The downside to the rain is that everything is slushy and nasty outside now.

9. Do you ever have a lyric/line/phrase stuck in your head that always pops up in every situation? Well, for me right now, that would be #lololololololololol. I don’t even say it out loud, but it’s always just ringing in my head when something funny happens. Speaking of that hashtag video, there’s a new one now. It’s not as good as the original with JT.

10. My brain was absolute mush yesterday. I just felt like my brain was working super slowly, and it just took a wee bit longer to process everything. I slept and ate well, so I dunno what was going on. Hopefully my brain is a little sharper today!

Alright, the noggin has {mostly} been emptied out. I hope you all have a joyful Thursday!

So tell me:

Figure skating last night?

Which food can you not keep your hands off right now?

What kind of background noise (if any) do you prefer when you’re working/studying?

Ever have a lyric/line/phrase stuck in your head? 


28 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #10: I Could Be at the Olympics

  1. I’m sorry but..that lolololo is quite hilarious to imagine hahaa! I didn’t even know the figure skating was on last night! Argh and I wanted to see it too..errr yeaaah you are a super star (of the couch but still a star) 😉
    Scrumdiddlyumptious <- my mind goes straight to Roald it!..and that breakfast!
    Ooh I forgot pistachios existed 😦 . I love the Lindt pistachio chocolate bar.

  2. I’ve totally fallen out of the loop with all things Olympics related. I was so excited about them at first, but now? Ehhh. That might come down to the fact that I don’t have cable so I can’t watch them, though 😆 And even though I’m sitting here enjoying my bowl of oats, I have to say that your english muffin and yogurt concoction is looking mighty tempting. I may have to whip up something like that for lunch… even though I’m pretty sure they don’t sell banana bread english muffins in Canada 😦

  3. Hooray, another upstate NY blogger ! I wish we had a Wegmans in Hudson Valley area because I hear Wegman’s is the bee knees. Those banana bread muffins look absolutely superb. As far as making useful time during your break, maybe you could get organized, start a new book, or start a creative project?!
    as for Background noise, I prefer is the TV or the radio. Keep your fingers crossed for rain coming this way too:)

    • I’m actually not from upstate NY— we were just visiting Wegmans at Binghamton! But yes, we also wish there was a Wegman’s down here too.
      I’m definitely thinking of finally finishing Catching Fire since I’m dying to see the movie! My closet could use some organizing too I guess… 😉


    Right, just had to get that out. I feel like I haven’t been doing anything, either! I’ve actually been doing the exact same things as you, haha! I am ready for a schedule and some brain stimulation.

    My obsession right now is….almond butter and chocolate. Sometimes together. Mmm….

    Have an awesome day!

  5. Banana bread english muffins!? Canada is late on the game with this one! As for studying I cannot of anything on. Well other than my own voice. Which sounds weird but I like to read out loud whatever Im studying and forces me to concentrate on that!

  6. Again, another reason why I should have gone on your grocery shopping trip. I wanted your outfit (we still have a deal about trading states right?! 😉 ) AND you picked up banana flavored english muffins that just blew my mind. BLEW MY MIND. I can’t believe those exists, thus, I shall be taking my toosh to the grocery store after work to find them.

    Is it just me or do great minds think alike? We both have Willy Wonka references on our blogs today 😀 ❤

  7. I totally feel you on the brain mush part. I felt like I was in a fog all day yesterday. I attribute it to the gloomy cold weather and being snowed in so many days last week!! Ahhhhhh and o man I have never been so happy for rain. God help me if it would’ve snowed😭😭
    Those English muffins look delicious!! I’m all about banana bread and doughy bread so I’m going to have I hunt these down!
    And I have the line from mrs doubtfire stuck in my head “hellooooo there” (when he/she is in the kitchen and sticks his/her face in the cake) you know the part? No? Ah Don’t mind me lol 🙈🙈🙈
    So anyways, now whenever I see someone I yell out “helloooo there”
    Ok wow this was random and rambly! Have a great day girlie!👍😘

  8. I need to get those english muffins!!! They look SO yummy! I’m kind of mad… I totally forgot about figure skating last night! And don’t worry about sitting at home all day. Enjoy it!! You’ve got a lot coming up!!

  9. I loved watching the figure skating. Seriously, so beautiful.
    Girl, I would’ve been cheering you on if you went! (from home of course. 😉 )
    Banana bread.. ooo mouthwatering. Top it with peanut butter? Perfection.
    I may or may not of just downloaded that app. 😉

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