WIAW: Blogger-Inspired Meals

Yesterday was a solid day of eats. You know that feeling you get when you just finished a great workout? I felt like that except with my meals. I know you like that analogy.

Once upon a WIAW, I showed you some blogger-inspired breakfasts that I was loving, but yesterday’s meals were all inspired by some recent foods I’ve seen from other blogs lately. I’m kind of obsessed with looking at everyone else’s delicious food ideas on blogs and, of course, Instagram. To be honest, I’d say more than half of the photos I see on my Insta feed at any given time are of food. I post food pictures, I look at food pictures. Then I eat!

If you love food pictures too, Jenn‘s blog is the place to be!

Today I’m actually playing by the rules and showing what I ate in just one day! Reminder: I’m on winter break, so all my meals were eaten at home. I’m not playing hooky until 4th quarter 😉 (Kidding.)


My leisurely morning started with a comforting, satisfying breakfast inspired by Amanda‘s classic oatmeal with Greek yogurt.


Greek yogurt with banana oatmeal and peanut butter layered on top


After finishing some biology homework, I needed a pick-me-up before {finally} doing some exercise. My legs wanted to MOVE after two straight days of road trips. Homemade granola bars from Amanda, Julie, and Jen inspired this one!

DSC_7667 DSC_7668

A couple honey crisp apple slices + homemade granola bar (a whole one plus another nugget of one)


After moving and grooving a bit (I did this workout from Lori and Michelle), I was hungry for lunch. More specifically, I wanted eggs. When I crave eggs, I will go “hangry” for them. I used to not know how to cook eggs, but luckily those sad days are over. Jen’s fabulous-looking omelet inspired this beauty.


Two-egg omelet with dried basil, dried thyme, Mexican cheese blend, spinach, and ground turkey + ketchup on top + coconut oil brussels sprouts (made by mom this time!) + sesame seed toast

This hit the spot like no other. Like I said on Instagram, if college doesn’t have good food, I’ll just live off of eggs (and yogurt, oats, banana, and pb of course).


The best bites were the ones with toast + omelet.


My afternoon consisted of blog-reading, AP calc homework, Food Network-watching, and Instagram-stalking. So a whole lot of nothing much. By the late afternoon though, I was feeling snacky. This one isn’t really inspired by anyone in particular, but almost every HL blogger eats veggies with hummus, right?



This one doesn’t look like anything new, but I added a little something extra thanks to Davida’s Thai Salmon Salad recipe yesterday.


Quinoa + brussels + salmon + Thai basil + sriracha

The Thai basil added an Asian flare to an otherwise normal schnormal dish for me. I was about to add a peanut dressing of sorts, but I got lazy. Sriracha to the rescue!

I also had a handful of pistachios (my favorite nut) and a vanilla frozen Greek yogurt cup for a sweet end to my night.

frozen yogurt 1

{recycled photo}

Before I say goodbye for today, I’ll update you on my Blend Retreat decision dilemma. My friend Veronica texted me yesterday that I should totally go ahead and buy the tickets since we probably won’t even have finals the following week (most final exams should be done before then). After deliberating and realizing that she was probably right, I got super excited that I might just be able to register for the retreat! However, after talking with my mom about it a little more, she sorta convinced me that the weekend might still end up being stressful for me. Friday, June 6th (the start of the retreat) is my last official day of high school, and I would miss that if I went to the retreat. Even though there are still several other senior events in the following weeks, I wouldn’t be able to spend that last day of school with my friends and teachers. Also, it’s not a short trip to and from Utah, so I’d probably be jet-lagged on the Monday we get back. If I do end up having a final early that morning, I’d be a zombie.

MOREOVER, I don’t think I’ll be going this year. I really hope to go next year though! My mom and I would probably want to stay and enjoy Utah even after the retreat ends too. It’s so gorgeous over there, and we want to be able to enjoy our time without the worries of school in the back of my mind.

Anddd that is all.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Have a good one!

So tell me:

What is the last thing you ate that was inspired by another blogger/Instagrammer?

What do you love in your omelets? 


27 thoughts on “WIAW: Blogger-Inspired Meals

  1. Awwr that’s too bad that I won’t be able to give you a hug at Blend, but I do think you made the right choice to stay at home. Some of my favourite memories are from the end of high school, so I’m gonna go ahead and say that’s something you don’t want to miss… especially since it only happens once, and there will be plenty of blogging retreats in the future.

    Also… I’m loving your breakfast and morning snack 😉

  2. This morning’s breakfast looked very similar to yours..oats layered with yogurt, applesauce and cinnamon, topped with nut-butter 🙂 . Amanda inspired too!
    Heyy maybe we both go next year hmm 😉

  3. Come visit me in the mountains when you’re done school. 😀

    I’ve been making lots of Amanda’s recipes lately – her protein granola bars are awesome. Same with her greek yogurt banana pancakes. I made a double batch of bars to take with me when I move next week. I’m going to be living out of a hotel room for a month and that makes me a little sad. Pray for me??

    I always need cheese and avocado in my omelettes. I haven’t had one in ages though!

  4. I do adore eggs, but not so much in omelet form…is that weird? I guess Im more of an over easy so I can dunk my bread or just a nice scramble that I can scoop on bread. Are you seeing a trend here? 😉

  5. Haha I love the name of that leg workout – it definitely looks rather torturous (esp. the squat to backward lunges – holy thigh burn!).
    Psh I already live off of eggs/oats/peanut butter/ yogurt, so I think I’m good for college. 😉 By the way, YOUR blog is the one that inspired me to try brussel sprouts! Thanks chica!!
    Have a greeeaattt day!

  6. Aww after I just tweeted you I read this, but I totally understand, and 100% agree with your decision. The last day of high school is an important milestone, you won’t want to miss it. I remember a lot of tears and I haven’t seen 1/2 of those people since! Besides, you will see us all next year 😉 I am sad I won’t get to meet you but at least we can be goo-goo eyed over each others food still right?! 😀

  7. I tried figs!!! After seeing you dipping them in Greek yogurt and having a massive craving for fig newtons I decided to give it a shot!!! And I love them!
    Sounds like you made a wise decision!! Maybe next year we can go together since we both will be coming from the New York City area!!
    Have a great day Alison!

  8. Good idea on not going to blend this year. Senior year is supposed to have lots of fun things going on and you might miss out on them! A lot of my meals now a days stem from bloggers; everything just looks so delicious! One of the biggest things is probably oats with melted banana. Seriously what was i doing before!?

  9. I got pretty much all of my meals now from reading blogs! Seriously… what did I eat before blogging?! I think you made the right decision to not go to Blend. There will be plenty more retreats… only one last day of high school!

  10. I’m with ya on getting excited/loving to look at pictures of food by other people. I just love seeing new creations and getting all new ideas. Like when I look at your eats. All are Ah-maz-ing. Seriously.

    I’ve never tried adding greek yogurt into my yogurt, only cottage cheese. When I run out one day, I’ll have to try it. 😉

    Eggs are so good fried, scrambled, in an omelet, etc. Just yum.
    Salmon is so good. I wish it didn’t cost so much though.

    I’m going to Blend next year as well. 😀

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