WIAW: Food Collage Style

Guess what? There is a high possibility of yet another snow day tomorrow. Winter break is startin’ early, kiddos! I mean, we’ll still have Friday, but that’s Friday and Valentine’s Day, so sweets will be involved and concentration on school will NOT be involved. 😀

Speaking of which, I’m glad some of you enjoyed the letter to my future husband yesterday. My dad told me it was a change of pace for the blog, but I like giving you guys some insight into the deep, mysterious recesses of my heart….Ha. 😉

Other times (most of the time), I just love sharing my eats with you all. This is where WIAW comes in!


Head over to Jenn’s blog to check out more delicious eats from other bloggers!

It’s nosh-collage week!


breakfast wiaw 2:12

Clockwise from left corner:

• banana oats with pepita sunseed butter layered over Greek yogurt

• cinnamon raisin toast + Greek yogurt with banana, chia, hemp, and pepita sunseed butter

• Greek yogurt with banana, corn muffin, chia, hemp, and pepita

overnight oats!

• last of the Greek yogurt tub with banana, chia, hemp, PB Puffins, and peanut butter


lunch wiaw 2:12

• Dance lunch on the go: spinach with turkey meatballs + clementine + blueberry oatmeal bar + apple chips

• School lunch: turkey, cheese, spinach, mustard sandwich on wheat roll

• Home lunch: kale and brussels with salmon + buttered parmesan potato toast


wiaw snacks 2:12

• Banana muffin made by my dance friend, Rachel

• Apple

• Annie’s White Cheddar Bunnies! (One was trying to escape. Not on my watch.)

• Raw kale with roasted garlic Sabra hummus

• Fage Greek yogurt

• Taste of Nature fruit and nut bar


wiaw dinner 2:12

• Turkey meatball salad (I ate other things with this!)

• Salmon + farro + brussels

• Cheese, spinach, salsa omelette with avocado toast (ketchup added later!)

• Quinoa + marinara sauce + roasted red pepper spinach sausage + sautéd spinach

• Simple salmon salad

• Quinoa + grilled chicken + avocado + spinach

• Ground turkey salad + avocado toast 

• Farro + kale and egg scramble with sriracha

And desserts every night have either been dried figs with Greek yogurt or my favorite little froyo cups 🙂


frozen yogurt 1

[these two are recycled photos]

Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!

So tell me:

What have you been eating lately?

Favorite meal this week?

Is a snow day coming for your area as well? 


17 thoughts on “WIAW: Food Collage Style

  1. Great collages of meals. I still need to try your marinara sauce w/ quinoa, veggies & sausage. I did write it down for one of our meals in the near future – just need to make sure I remember since next week will be busy w/ my parents arriving on Sunday… or so I hope. All I know is my Dad better be able to get back to PA on Friday (hes working in Mexico right now) & that their flight still leaves on Saturday outta Dulles. Dumb weather 😦

  2. Your breakfasts are perfection..for real! Is farro sort of like quinoa? I’m all about the ice-cream and chocolate muffins the past few days 🙂

  3. BUNNIES! Omigoodness I’m obsessed with those suckers. It’s more so the [chocolate] graham ones for me, but gah! No control — NONE. And even though it’s been snowing here for the past couple of days, no snow day for us. That’s what I get for being Canadian — we’re just too well adapted to dealing with the crazy winter weather.

  4. No more snow😭😭😭ahhh! we are supposed to get a good couple of inches tomorrow too! I tell ya? I’m not made for this weather!
    Anyways, love the collages! Everything looks super yummy and nutritious 👍👍
    I’ve been loving overnight oats and marinara sauce (not together!!) maybe I have a lycopene deficiency because I can’t get enough!
    And I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one who puts ketchup on eggs!whew!
    Have a good one Alison! Stay warm and safe!

    • There is seriously no more room for snow. I hope it gets warm soon— the stuff needs to MELT.
      Marinara sauce goes well with so many things! Also, ketchup and eggs were meant for each other. 😉
      I do have a snow day tomorrow actually— the school already called it. Stay safe and warm, Katie!

  5. Everything you make looks completely spectacular, as usual (those breakfasts…..). I should just bookmark one of your WIAW pages and make everything on it!! Haha! And we are in the midst of a snow day, unfortunately. 😦
    PS. What kind of camera do you use? Your pics are always gorgeous! 🙂

  6. I actually legit don’t even know where to start. So much salmon perfection with dinner. I ate it twice this week (because a box of 2 frozen portions were on sale….winning!)

    Snow days. I swear you’ve had more time OFF school than in school. But if that means eating amazing foods like this…I think it’s a winner.

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