Letter to My Future Husband

If you’ve been reading my blog for a couple months, you might know that I’m a huge fan of Tori Kelly and her song Dear No One especially.

It’s basically about not having a significant other at the moment, but knowing that, in time, that perfect someone will walk into your life. My favorite line from the song:

But I’d love to have a soulmate, and God will give him to me someday, and I know it’ll be worth the wait.

Believe it or not, I have a hopeless romantic side.am a normal seventeen-year-old. I currently do not have a boyfriend (Mom and Dad are happy about that), and the reasons are that a) I’m going to college soon, b) I’m way too busy, and c) I personally think high school is early for dating. I just believe in very meaningful, committed relationships, which I really don’t think I can find right now  in my lil’ high school. No offense, dudes. However, I do have many friends that have boyfriends now, and sometimes things do work out splendidly. Prime example: Kylie and her husband who met in their high school calculus class.

The point of all this? In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up this Friday and all them single ladies out there (holla!), I wanted to write some sort of “Dear No One” letter to my future husband. Maybe I’ll even get to show this to him one day 😉

Dear Future Husband,

How ya doin’?

I don’t really know our age difference, but I’m guessing you’re in high school or college working hard, praying hard, and playing *outside* hard. (Don’t worry, I’ll try not to be chopper wife.) If you’re procrastinating a bit, that’s understandable. I struggle with that too. And a bunch of other things such as crying over Facebook story videos, so I hope you’re ready.

Let’s ponder the possibilities of how we will meet, shall we? Perhaps I will admire you from afar as you walk through the university cafeteria day after day, getting the same sub sandwich. I may or may not memorize your order down to the last slice of havarti cheese. I’ll probably tell you that I love havarti cheese also, and then we’ll bond over our appreciation for some really delicious dairy products.

Perhaps we’ll be at some student club potluck dinner, but this time YOU will be trying to get my attention by loudly overemphasizing how much you love the mac and cheese dish I brought. Because I added havarti of course. I’ll try to play hard-to-get and pretend I don’t notice your compliments, but that won’t last long and I’ll go over to you to share the recipe.

Or maybe we will always sit next to each other at Mass on Sundays, never fully realizing that God destines us to be together.

Whatever happens, I’ll be thrilled to have found you! No more solo Super Bowl Sundays. 😀

I’ve never had a boyfriend throughout high school because who has time for those anyway? I also want to leave a lot of room in my heart for you— I am one of those people that believes that true love waits. I pray that you’re a respectful gentleman, treating us ladies with dignity, loving us not just for our looks but for our inner beauty primarily. If you have a girlfriend right now, that’s cool beans. But guard her like you would guard your wife (me!), because she will be someone else’s wife one day too.*

You may or may not be a man of faith right now, but by the time I start dating you, you will be 😉 If there is one thing I could ask my future husband to do, it would be to pray every day. Your relationship with God will help you find where you need to be in order to serve Him and serve others. And…I dunno…maybe He can help you find your soulmate. Just thrown’ that out there.

I’m curious as to what your interests are. Music? Sports? Computers? Gardening? Whatever you do, I hope you love it! If you like fitness, that’s AWESOME. We can be that cute couple doing mud runs together, having burpee contests, hiking up beautiful mountains, and giving each other stinky, sweaty hugs. If you like healthy food, that’s a double bonus! But if not, that’s alright. I have a bunch of blogger friends that can help ME help YOU love healthy food.

Lastly, our families. I’m sure they’ll get along quite well. My mom will want to take pictures with all your folks and post them on Instagram, my dad will want to have nice long chats with them, and my brother might be a little protective…But you’re my future husband, so they obviously love you. 🙂

Well, I guess Ill sign off now! I thoroughly enjoyed writing to you, future husband. I can’t wait to meet you.


Alison, your future wife.

P.S. If you don’t exist and I become a nun, I’ll be Jesus’ bride, so that’s okay too.

Notes: My second and third scenarios for how I might meet my future husband are based off of what really happened to my aunts and uncles when they met 🙂

*More on this idea starting at 2:52 of this video

So tell me:

Anything sweet and awesome about YOUR significant other…

…OR Something you want to tell your future loved one!


29 thoughts on “Letter to My Future Husband

  1. Kwahahaa I love this! Dang I’m giggling so hard! Hollaa I am a single lady..have always been. Mr.Right has not dropped in front of me yet and like you I have no mental space for a significant other right now 🙂 . I also have this veiw that relationships should be respected and concrete. I absolutely am not on board with the whole; snag a boyfriend..go all gaga in-love..get your heart broken. That seems to be how the cycle goes. But I don’t know really..when the time is right!

  2. You are a God fearing woman and I love it! This was so so sweet and I love that you put our Alpha and Omega first. God will introduce you to your soul mate when your ready. I love that you know what you want, never settle sweetie!


  3. Omg I loved this!!!!! You’re so gosh darn creative!☺️ I think you hit on all the same things id want to tell/ask my future hubby👍
    Now all we have to do is find them!! Lol this could be tricky 🙈

  4. haha this post made me laugh and smile! 🙂 i’m looking forward to valentines day because a) it’s one of the days of the year when i will not be judged for the massive amounts of chocolate i consume, b) i have a date with my roomie to see a sappy movie, c) my mom always gets me the cutest valentines present, and d) see a. but let’s be real i eat plenty o’ dark chocolate every day anyway. this time i just have an excuse 😉

    hope you have a wonderful week!<3

  5. The letter is so sweet, Alison! I am currently single too. There’s no rush into finding a relationship at this point in life. School’s important (and it keeps you busy!).
    My Valentine’s day will be a regular day, with tons of chocolate. haha.

  6. Oh my goodness, this was… beautiful. :’)
    Girl, I am a romantic like you! I love the honesty. Got got your heart set on for a good, respectable man. Good for you.

    I believe in that saying as well. God has it all planned out. ❤

  7. So where will you two go for XMAS & Thanksgiving 😉

    What a cute little letter. Man, I am right there with you – I know my soul mate is out there, but everything happens for a reason, when the time is right, and you and I are both just too busy for that right now! So this Valentine’s Day…. We can just SMILE and hug OURSELVES for being the hard workers that we are! BOOM – hopefully our future husbands like determined workers!

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  10. “I just believe in very meaningful, committed relationships, which I really don’t think I can find right now in my lil’ high school.” I would love if all of my high school students had this level of maturity and this outlook! It’s something I stress to all of my female students who I overhear obsessing about boys/boyfriends and I try to stress it to them, but they just don’t understand. I’m 23, in grad school, and still haven’t found someone, but I’m not actively looking, either. I have my high standards and am content being alone. That is something that a lot of women are not ready for, but it seems like if you’re content with being alone now, you won’t ever be dependent on a man for happiness and your soul mate will simply increase your happiness 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your time in HS!

  11. This is my 26th Valentine’s Day alone. Heck, I had very few relationships if I can call them that… and they lasted a max of 6 months. So I’m ready for something a little more serious, but I’m not really trying. I’m interested in getting to know someone, share a life because I deny it, but I’m a hopeless romantic too.

  12. This is beyond amazing. Girl, I wish I had my head screwed on straight like you when I was 17! But I didn’t even FIND Jesus until I was 17! But that’s what I love about us believers… we all have such different but such triumphant stories. What an awesome thing to look back on someday when you DO find the man God has created for you 🙂

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