I ♥ The Olympics {MIMM #23}

Who else has been obsessed with the Olympics?? I don’t know what it is about the Games, but I just get excited for everyone and every sport and every cheesy-as-heck commercial. I’ve been loving watching figure skating especially since I used to be a competitive skater myself, back when I was a nugget (<— click to see proof!).


Joining Katie‘s Marvelous Monday linkup!

Favorite athlete right now? Yulia Lipnitskaya. She’s a 15-year-old Russian figure skater, and she is ridiculous. Not only her flexibility…



OW…But her jumps are powerful, and her artistry is mature. If you haven’t watched her yet, I highly recommend you do! [Watch here and make sure to watch the 4 minute mark.]

Saturday night included an incredible sushi dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant ever. My parents and I calculated that this was my seventh time going to this restaurant, and it has only been open for less than a year. The waiters and waitresses recognize us pretty darn well now!

photo-8 photo-7

My mom ordered the wagyu beef special as an appetizer, which was melt-in-your mouth amazing. Of course, my personal favorite was the sushi. Mom and I shared a roll combo (eel avocado, tuna, and yellowtail rolls) and the Amazing Tuna Roll special (seared pepper tuna and avocado inside and fatty tuna belly on the outside). Dad also ordered a spider roll (fried soft shell crab) and a Dragon Roll (eel and cucumber inside with avocado outside). GAH. No words.

I was famished when I walked in, and floating on sushi cloud nine when I walked out.

In other news, my dance pal Allison (fraternal name twin 😉 ) tried overnight oats for the first time upon my (and Lilly’s!) suggestion. The verdict:

photo 1


Besides that, it has been a normal-schnormal weekend for us here. Dance, Mass, Sunday school teaching, homework. Before signing off though, I want to share the delicious dinner I ate last night after a long day of dance:


Quinoa, marinara sauce, sautéd spinach, and roasted red pepper-spinach chicken sausage. 

Simple, yummy, and super satisfying. 

Well this definitely was not my most thrilling post ever, but consider this our Monday morning catch-up 🙂 I hope you all have a great week!

Get me up to speed with YOUR weekend:

Favorite Olympic highlights so far? Favorite athlete?

What did you have for dinner last night?

Highlights of the weekend?


27 thoughts on “I ♥ The Olympics {MIMM #23}

  1. I think I mentioned in your previous post about my love for the 15 yr old skater from Russian. She’s just unbelievable & wow am I jealous of her flexibility.

    I don’t blame you for showing us your quinoa dinner plate. It looks incredible. I’m thinking I’ll have to make something similiar myself.

  2. I didn’t watch anything of the Olympics..booh 😦 . But ohmygoose, Julia is amazing! To be honest I had never seen figure skating of such a high level, so my jaw was literally hanging through the entire video :). And you used to do it!..go you! Hahaa seven times in less than year..they must be epic.

  3. Haha I loved this “floating on sushi cloud nine when I walked out.” That’s the only way to do it! 😉 I am loving the Olympics right now, I only watched the female snowboarding portion yesterday but it was awesome. GO TEAM USA!!

  4. Pretty boring weeekend here on my end!! I’ve been enjoying watching figure skating too and I have to agree with you, that Yulia girl is very talented! I also like Sarah Wagner (go USA! 😉)
    And dinner last night was pasta…like every other Sunday night!
    Have a great day Alison!😘💗

  5. Snowboarding is my JAM. I don’t have cable so I’ve only managed to catch it when I’m over at my parents’/friends’, but I’ve been taking in as much snowboarding action as I can. And the ski jumping always gets me going too — I can’t even imagine how freaky that must be.

  6. I LOVE the Olympics!!!!!! I feel so incredibly inspired every time I watch!!! My favorite events are the snowboarding, figure-skating, and ice dancing. 🙂 Hehe. Sean White looks good with his haircut, no? 😉
    I wish I could get some of my fam/friends to eat overnight oats!! I haven’t entirely convinced them yet…..also, your quinoa bowl looks freaking amazing. I might have to steal that idea.
    Have a great day!!

  7. I have been obsessing over the Olympics as well! I absolutely LOVE the figure skating. It’s so beautiful and majestic. ❤

    I'd love to figure skate one day, but ehhh, I always fall on my booty.

    Woah, that food looks… unbelievable! I have never had sushi before, sadly..

  8. I know I say this all the time, but… will you guys PLEASE adopt me so I can join in on all of your amazing family meals?

    I’m a terrible person.. I haven’t watched anything Olympic related yet, but I love snowboarding best. Obviously. I have to – it’s a Canadian thing.

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