WIAW: Day In the Life of a High School Student


I hope your week has been going well so far. The busyness of the weekend has definitely spilled into this week, but it’s all good!

I’ve been seeing a few bloggers do a day in the life post (which is actually one of my favorite posts to read), so I felt like posting one this week as well. Maybe I’m just super nosy, but there’s something fun about knowing what others do on a regular day. Daily life happens, so why not talk about it and share the similarities and differences with one another? I feel like a day in the life post is also a way to reflect on all the little things that brightened our day 🙂

Some of you adults may not want to re-live the high school days, but that’s what I’m bringin’ for ya on this WIAW. Here is a typical day of eats and activities for this high school senior!


Hooray for Jenn, the host of the wonderful WIAW party!

6:34 AM — Internal alarm wakes me up one minute before the phone alarm rings. Turn off alarms and decide that I can actually roll out of bed right away. Freshen up in the bathroom.

6:45 AM — Morning prayer + change + makeup.

7:00 AM — Open the fridge excitedly to get my favorite breakfast waiting for me!


Overnight oats!

Enjoyed while reading and commenting on blogs per usual.

7:35 AM — Kiss mom goodbye and drive off to school.

7:40 AM — Traffic on one of the busier roads + stuck behind a truck stopped in the middle of the road and taking up a whole lane.

7:45 AM — Realize the senior parking lot is full. Go to park at the other lot that’s a little farther away. A little morning walk in the frigid air never hurt anyone…just keep your face down from the burning cold wind.

8:00 AM — School starts.

9:30 AM — Snack in Italian class. Discreetly open the wrapper…


{Photo taken at home before school} Taste of Nature Polynesian Coconut Breeze bar that my parents brought from Canada. This tasted like a lemony coconut macaroon! So delicious.

10:30 AM — Snag some Cheerios from Kristi in Business Calculus (see my Cheerio algebra here). 😉

photo 2 copy 2

We obviously had an extremely productive class taking statistics of what each student preferred at Chipotle.

photo 3 copy 3

I also learned that I would be in deep trouble if I actually bought stocks in the real world. I’m losing over $3,000 right now. WHOLE FOODS IS LETTING ME DOWN.

photo 1 copy 3

11:50 AM — Lunch tiiiiime!

photo 4

Turkey, cheese, spinach, mustard sandwich {recycled photo}


Clementine {photo taken at home because I forgot to take one at school}

2:45 PM — Drive my friend home because it’s too flippin’ freezing outside for her to walk home.

3:00 PM — Afternoon snack while reading some blogs and catching up on emails.


Fage strawberry yogurt


Popcorn (this handful times, like, 7)

3:30 PM — Conjure up the courage to be somewhat political. I call NY Representative Nita Lowey’s office in DC to tell her that I want her to vote for a certain bill. A young guy at her office answered, jotted down the request, and it was over. I feel like such a citizen! 😉

3:35 PM —  Do homework and study for Italian midterms. I never leave the space heater during this time. I pace back and forth and even do squats in front of it to evenly heat my body, all while trying to memorize Italian phrases.

5:00 PM — Discreetly smile and jump up and down when I find out I got into the University of Maryland and their Honors College! My mom is in the kitchen with me, but I don’t want to tell her about it quite yet. She’s cooking and I’m finishing studying.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 5.12.07 PM

5:10 PM — Give mom a big hug and quickly say, “I got into the Honors College at Maryland.” Her immediate response is to take a picture of the letter on her iPhone and text it to Dad and Ben (she’s obsessed with technological communication, I swear).

A celebratory/pre-ballet snack:


Homemade granola bar

6:00 PM — Ballet and pointe!

7:30 PM — Eat a few pita chips on the little break transitioning from ballet to pointe.

8:15 PM — I am hungry for dinner! Ballet is the dance class that always leaves me super hungry.


Farro, leftover Chinese food (fish/tofu), blanched Chinese greens.

Write up this blog post while eating.

9:40 PM — “Dessert” and some more college discerning.


Dried figs and Greek yogurt

10:15 PM — Shower and get ready to hit the sack. But I actually go to bed within an hour or so.

That’s a wrap! I hope my day was at least a little bit interesting or relatable to you. 🙂 Have a lovely Wednesday!

So tell me:

Do you enjoy day in the life posts? 

What have you been eating recently?

What is your favorite snack/granola bar?

Tell me something that you did yesterday!


38 thoughts on “WIAW: Day In the Life of a High School Student

  1. First and foremost – CONGRATULATIONS… yet again! Seriously girl, how in the world are you ever going to choose? It’s so great to see (well hear) that all your hard work is paying off for you. You totally deserve it.

    I loved reading your twist on WIAW. It was fun getting an idea on how your day goes about.

  2. Ooh I loved this! Since I left school early and I am working already, I do sometimes pine for a student’s life. You should consider making a “day in the life” a regular thing when you can..in that way I can live through you 🙂 . Ohmygoose girl you must have quite the brains on you to be accepted in yet another college! So are you close to deciding on which one is thee one for you? I am with you on waking up excited to dig into the fabulousness that is overnight oats 😀

  3. Smiled many times while reading about your day and your food choices. You are much healthier than I was in high school! Let me also say, I am impressed that you blog ALONG WITH all the other activities you have going on in your life! You have great “voice” in your writing. And CONGRATS on your college acceptance!!

  4. I’ve been wanting to do one of these as well – I had fun reading yours!! All of your eats look lovely – I loovee waking up on school mornings to overnight oats, I feel like it gives me so much extra time to get ready! Do you have a recipe on the blog for the homemade granola bar? I’m obsessed with bars (in case you couldn’t tell ;)) and that one looks amazing. Have a wonderful day!

  5. GOSH! Darn that tasty turkey sandwich! You are making me miss eating meat! I’ve been going strong as a pescatarian since November. CONGRATS ON YOUR ACCEPTANCE LETTER! I am imagining it was my excitement when I was accepted into my university x20! Major accomplishment lovely lady!

    Now seriously…about that sandwich…! haha 😉

  6. First off!! Congrats!!! I remember your post when you went to go visit and you seemed to really like it! So proud of you girl👍😊
    Next!…. I love these posts too!
    I’m loving the new Kind granola squares out now!!
    And lastly yesterday my only goal was to stay warm and avoid the outdoors as much as possible😉🙈
    Have a great day Alison!!

  7. First of all, congratulations on being accepted in the University of Maryland and its honors college!! That is fantastic news, and I am not surprised that you were accepted:) Is that one of your top college choices? It sounds as though you have quite the busy schedule, and I do enjoy reading these day-in-a-life posts. That coconut granola bar looks delicious–I used to despise coconut-flavored foods, but now I love them. It sounds as though you had a blast in your Business Calculus class and were indeed very productive;) I think it’s awesome that you are taking Italian–I am taking Spanish right now at my community college, and I love the challenge of learning another language. I agree that ballet class truly helps build up an appetite, as I have experienced that many times before! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. Congrats buddy- you are KILLING it with these acceptances- and much deserved. As usual, a great day of eats, and nothing beats Chinese leftovers….they taste better that way! I was telling my dad ages ago that it was weird that how we would order Chinese food when we could make it better ourselves and more traditional haha- and how everyone in our culture did that too. Friends coming over? Go to a Chinese restaurant. Family lunch? Chinese restaurant.

    Is it strange that I didn’t know you had your licence? Damn Australian laws and 18 year old legal driving age!

    • Thanks, buddy!
      It’s true— my mom can dish out some amazing Chinese and Thai food that many restaurants just cannot beat. Some restaurants DO serve delicious authentic food though (like Toronto’s dim sum…BEST). And yes, Chinese food is so the default cuisine of choice when it comes to family dinners!
      Yep, this little squirt is on the roads! 😉

  9. OMG – CONGRATS!!!! Is that where you’re going/want to go to college?

    I loved reading this day in the life post! You’re so sweet & I like your life. Lets trade sometime. I’ll go to ballet and speak Italian while you do snow angels and tend to the igloo.

  10. I also enjoy seeing what other people eat and compare. It gives me ideas for new meal, combos, and snacks to try out. 🙂
    I liked this post! I’m very interested when learning about other people. Makes me feel closer to them. Your eats look so good!

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